35 Male Actors With Beards

35 Male Actors With Beards

A well-groomed beard, truly, is an extension of your face in many ways. And some of our favorite actors rock...

A well-groomed beard, truly, is an extension of your face in many ways. And some of our favorite actors rock...

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A well-groomed beard, truly, is an extension of your face in many ways. And some of our favorite actors rock the bearded look to the T.

Adding a dimension to your face, beards add maturity to some, attitude to some, and add rugged charm to others! Whether it’s a stubble, a goatee, a French beard, a Balbo, or a full beard, actors have experimented plenty in this department.

While making them look desirable for movies or otherwise, actors with beards have set high beard goals for men, while swooning their fans with their immaculately curated looks! Read on to find out which actors with beards have killed it with their bearded image.

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Male Actors With Beards:

Jason Momoa

We appreciate this handsome hunk of actor Jason Momoa who attracts a huge fan following with his raw masculinity and a magnificent unruly beard. Whether it was Khal Drogo from the Game of Thrones series or his Aquaman’s portrayal, his beard has been a great addition to his personality and fan attention. 

Bradley Cooper

Over his career of over 20 years, an amazing actor who has mesmerized his fans with his bearded looks is Bradley Cooper. From romcoms to musicals, he has experimented with his on-screen image and beard styles with such a flair that we are all fans of him and his beard. 

Leonardo DiCaprio

Another fine actor who outgrew a clean-shaven chocolate boy look into a more mature appearance over time is Leonardo DiCaprio. Through his performances over time, he has created some memorable bearded characters; A fully groomed beard of Calvin Candy from Django Unchained, an unkempt, bearded look of Hugh Glass from The Revenant, or a goatee as Danny Archer from Blood Diamond.

Ryan Reynolds

For an actor who doesn’t seem to have aged in 20 years, a gain of a beard has added the right amount of maturity to Ryan Reynolds’ personality. Gifted with a sculpted face and an enviable jawline, a short stubbly beard complements his face perfectly. If you have a face structure similar to him, you could benefit from growing a fuller beard with shorter edges or stubble.

Ben Affleck

The Batman actor has been seen sporting a beard on and off for years now. In recent years he has rocked the salt and pepper style of beard with great panache. Whether it’s a casual beard in Argo or a pointy beard in real life, Ben Affleck looks classy in every beard look.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Maneuvering seamlessly between on-screen and off-screen looks, Jake Gyllenhaal’s beard grooming is one of the best out there. His generous beard complements his face structure beautifully, making him one of the most desirable men. Whether on the cover page of magazines or on red carpets, his intensely smoldering looks have managed to sweep us off our feet.

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John Krasinski

Winning our hearts with a clean-shaved, disheveled hair look as Jim in The Office, John Krasinski pulls off the bearded look brilliantly in his thriller series of Jack Ryan or his movie series of The Quiet Place. Mostly seen with a full beard, his every public appearance leaves us wanting for more.

Tom Hardy

With a short stubble or with a well-groomed full beard, Tom Hardy has cracked the trick to get the perfect facial hairdo. This English actor who enthralled us with his performances in Mad Max Fury, Inception, and the Venom series, does not fail to amaze us with his cool beard and novel hairdos.

Samuel L. Jackson

As Nick Fury, we have seen Samuel L. Jackson sporting his signature beard style that we all recognize and love. Also, anyone who’s been a diehard fan of the cult classic movie Pulp Fiction would have tried to replicate the Winnfield look, at least once. More recently, he has been seen with a salt and pepper style beard, which complements his personality.

Keanu Reeves

One of the timeless stars, known for his impeccable action timings in movies like The Matrix, Speed, John Wick, and melting our hearts with drool-worthy looks, is Keanu Reeves. His beard is unique when compared to the actors mentioned above in that it is patchy, thus imparting a boyish charm to his personality.

Justin Theroux

We have seen him with a beard, and we have seen him without one. But unequivocally, he looks dashing with a beard on. Truly, Justin Theroux is one of the actors with the most enviable beards. It is full, dense, and flawlessly groomed, and it goes wonderfully with his tousled, casual hairdo.

Dwayne Johnson

For the longest time, we have seen this man clean-shaven, and we have loved it. But even with a grey beard on, The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, looks every bit desirable. Not everyone can pull off the salt and pepper style goatee but leave it to this handsome hunk to carry it with panache.

Johnny Depp

Irrespective of the length of his mane, Johnny Depp has sported various beards in his reel and real life, and let’s just agree that he carries it well. Be it a goatee, stubble, a boxed beard or the famous Jack Sparrow beard, or the circle beard, the kind of beard he chooses accentuates his square-cut face.

Zac Efron

We love the transformation of this high school heartthrob to a Baywatch star as much as we adore his bearded look. Zac Efron took the internet by storm when he posted a fully bearded picture on the gram. Stubbles, patched beard, goatee, and a full beard, here is an actor who can pull off all kinds of beard!

Paul Rudd

This ageless actor has managed to charm one and all as a recurring character- Mike in Friends and then as the Antman in the MCU. And even though a lot of time passed in between, Paul Rudd remains as charismatic as always. Ever so with his newfound love for the bearded look. And does he kill it, or what!

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Jeff Bridges

The Big Lebowski star has been rocking the bearded look for ages now, and why should he not, considering he’s incredibly good at it. His beard is a big part of his identity, personality, and fan following. Coupled with his generous locks, Jeff Bridges is as irresistible as any other actor.

Chris Evans

Throughout the evolution of Captain America’s character, we saw Chris Evans gain the beard. His smoldering looks and incredible charm go above and beyond when combined with his bearded appearance. He looks every bit as sophisticated with a full beard as with stubble and an even beard.

Pierce Brosnan

The one who essayed the legendary role of James Bond with such suave, Pierce Brosnan has charmed us for most of his life without a beard. However, when he stepped on the Red Carpet for Golden Globe awards with a grey Van Dyke beard, we dropped our jaws! 

Jon Hamm

If any actor could look a million bucks in every type of beard, it’s Jon Hamm. He rocks the full beard, the stubble, 5 O’clock Shadow, the salt and pepper style, as well as the grey beard. His beard matches with impeccable hair and styling sense.

Chris Hemsworth

The actor who walked into our homes and hearts with his mighty hammer could indeed qualify to be the God of Thunder. With a perfectly chiseled face, any form and fashion of beard do his handsomeness ample justice. Chris Hemsworth has been seen rocking all kinds of beards in and out of the movies, and we love how he plays with style.

Will Ferrell

We have admired the comedy timing of this legendary actor in many movies. While he’s not known for his beard, it was surprising to see Mr. Will Ferrell with his bearded look. While a scruffy shaggy beard may not be everyone’s choice, he certainly looks great in a well-groomed thick beard.

Idris Elba

Another actor who looks phenomenal in a beard is Idris Elba. Every one of us has had a little crush on this guy one or the other time in our lives, and why not? The small stubble, goatee, full beard, salt and pepper style, or just the mustache robs us of our hearts.

Brad Pitt

Not just incredibly talented at his art, this actor has ruled our hearts with his piercing good looks. Brad Pitt has impressed us with his immaculate, stylish beards time and again, coupling them with multiple hairdos. Each of his public appearances keeps us wanting for more.

Hugh Jackman

This list is incomplete if we miss our favorite Wolverine from the X-Men universe. Just like his character, his beard has evolved over the years wonderfully! Hugh Jackman, with his immense talent, divine smile, and enviably awesome looks, keeps wowing us with his impeccable facial grooming. 

Daniel Radcliffe

We keep wondering how and when this Harry Potter actor grew up. Daniel Radcliffe has managed to surprise us time and again with his incredible British looks. His bad-boy guises with his luxurious facial hair groomed in multiple ways keep the internet thirsting after him.

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George Clooney

He has swooned three generations of women and perhaps men too, with his intensely mesmerizing looks. He has been seen sporting numerous styles of beard, such as a short, medium stubble, a full beard, and even a goatee. George Clooney and his broodingly charming looks do get our hearts going. 

Joe Manganiello

For a guy with such a macho personality, he sure knows his beard grooming. We should thank him and his stylists for unleashing the bearded Joe Manganiello on us. His beard is now synonymous with his personality and his devilish charm, and we love it.

Jason Statham

One look at Jason Statham, and you know what a badass aura this person exudes. With his natural suave, 5 o’clock shadow stubble coupled with his baldness and exceptional acting talent, he impresses us immensely with his every performance. One can only learn how to build an enviable personality from this hunk.

Will Smith

Another Oscar-winning actor who sets fire on screen with his killer good looks is Will Smith. Whether it is his signature goatee or a stubble goatee, or a full beard, we cannot get enough of his great looks. How can a person so talented make you smitten with equally good looks is just astounding.

Christian Bale

The actor, who has gone through numerous makeovers and body transformations, surely pulls off a handsome beard. One good look at Christian Bale’s beard and an instant surge in the fan following. Over the years, he has set some patchy beard goals that a guy would wish to see on his face.

Kit Harington

One of the most adorable actors we have witnessed in ages is Kit Harington. I mean, his portrayal of Jon Snow with a bearded look was brought back to life in the Game of Thrones! Jokes aside, coupled with his boyish grin, his perfectly groomed beard adds charm, curiosity, and sex appeal to his persona that we love and adore.

Ryan Gosling

With such a beautifully shaped face, a smirky smile, and a devil-may-care hairdo, Ryan Gosling looks extremely desirable with a beard. The best thing about the beard choices of this La La Land actor is that they seem adaptable for any guy looking for a smart and sophisticated look.

Jared Leto

Leave it to this captivating actor to draw attention with his unmissable masculine looks. Combined with his dense mane, his beard, and his dreamy eyes, Jared Leto is a man dwelling in the fantasies of many. This multifaceted manly man is undeniably every bit fabulous with every kind of beard length.

Jamie Foxx

With a signature goatee playing the title role of Django in Django Unchained, Jamie Foxx is almost always seen sporting a beard. Sometimes light, sometimes dense, and sometimes even a full beard suits this actor. 

Colin Farrell

Extremely adventurous with his looks, Colin Farrell has managed to amaze us with his locks and his beards every once in a while. While he can pull off the clean-shaven look with ease, the light or heavy touch of a beard adds more rugged handsomeness to his personality.


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