Famous Male Actors With Mustaches

Famous Male Actors With Mustaches

When we turn the pages of history, we can’t help but admire how iconic the mustaches landscape has been. Signature...

When we turn the pages of history, we can’t help but admire how iconic the mustaches landscape has been. Signature...

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When we turn the pages of history, we can’t help but admire how iconic the mustaches landscape has been.

Signature mustaches have been synonymous with a lot of famous personalities and characters.

Be it Charlie Chaplin, Albert Einstein, or even fictional Mr. Hercule Poirot; their mustaches were legendary. Facial hair grooming has evolved over the years, and we love indulging in the latest trends from the world of fashion.

It’s only fair that we get inspiration for trying different styles from the best in the showbiz. Read on to get a sneak peek into the list of actors with mustaches who have killed it with their dashing looks.  

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Charles Bronson

Was known for his mega career spanning over five decades on the silver screen and across continents, Charles Bronson gained popularity in America very late in his career. Although the action genre was his forte, he did a lot of work in crime thrillers. A tough guy in and out and a war veteran, he made his signature mustache fashionable on-screen. His pyramidal mustache, slightly tapering and extending on the jaw, was an iconic and unmistakable part of his personality throughout his later life. 

Hulk Hogan

It wasn’t long ago that American wrestling was at its peak, and the celebrity wrestlers were household names. At some point in life, you must have imitated their style, hair, mask, mustache, or even their signature move. Wrestler turned actor Hulk Hogan, with his majestic body, long hair, and magnificent ‘stache, is admired for his style, skills, and ability to entertain. With his horseshoe mustache or the bushy handlebar mustache with crazy sideburns, he certainly looked badass in reel and real life.

Burt Reynolds

Painting the silver screen with his charming presence and oozing sex appeal, Burt Reynolds essayed a variety of meaty roles. Although he began his career with a clean-shaven look, he brought the A game with his mustaches in the 70s, and it became iconic. His bushy mustache, resting atop of his lips and matching his equally dense tresses, added to his rugged manliness. With his great sense of humor and honest-to-God comic timing, he will always be remembered fondly for his contribution to Hollywood.

Charlie Chaplin

The world witnessed a living legend in the form of this fine actor. Where words fell short, nay, he did not need words to emote. The OG of comedy and a pioneer in his field, he touched many hearts with his gift to make anyone smile. If you were playing a game of Pictionary, a minimalistic drawing of Chaplin‘s signature toothbrush mustache, a stick, and a hat would win you that round. And such was his comedy- minimalistic, funny, yet infinitely heartwarming. 

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Eddie Murphy

The Saturday Night Live fame star Eddie Murphy became a sensation, all thanks to his impeccable comic timing. Killing it with his sets night after night, he made his way into Hollywood. His iconic grin is always accompanied by a solid partner- his mustache. At times sparse and at times dense, his chevron-like mustache has become synonymous with his personality. Mostly sported solo; at times, he combined it with a goatee or a stubble, adding to his style quotient.

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill has etched a special place in our hearts by playing the son of Krypton, Superman, in the DC Universe. His sculpted, beefed body with triceps the size of a mountain draws our immediate attention. But more than that, it’s his expressive face and kind eyes that win us over. And on that face rests a thick mustache proudly. Grown for Mission Impossible: Fallout, his mustache was groomed to perfection and was an asset until it caused a steer for the Justice League movie. Nevertheless, as far as our love for the guy goes, he’s got it, and he’s flaunted it!

Groucho Marx

The actor was blessed with the gift of the gab, was a part of television, and featured in 26 Hollywood movies. Always equipped with quips and killing it with one-liners, Groucho Marx was one of the most intelligent comics. His famed mustache, bushy eyebrows, and round glasses soon became indispensable parts of his personality. A fun fact is that during the initial stage days, he used to paint over his mustache instead of growing one. Only later, when he started acting on screen, did he grow his signature ‘stache.

Johnny Depp

An actor with the skills of a chameleon, Johnny Depp can get into any skin of any character with utmost ease. This has included a lot of changes in his appearance, including facial hair. One such example is the gain of pyramid mustache. A thin ‘stache lining his lips and tapering towards the edges looks serious on this actor. Another memorable mustache is from when he played Charlie in the movie Mortdecai when he sported a full mustache with pointy raised edges added to the comic element of the character. 

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Clark Gable

Often referred to as the undisputed king of Hollywood, Oscar-winning actor Clark Gable was indeed one of the most handsome men. But even years after his departure from this world, we can’t get over his mustache. If one doesn’t want to be adventurous but wants to try a hand at gaining a ‘stache, then his mustache is worth trying. Not too thin, not too thick, neither overtly dramatic nor almost invisible, his style is worth replicating on your upper lips.

Sam Elliott

The epitome of handsomeness and arguably one of the earlier trendsetters, his unique mustache is an object of admiration for many. One would need immense attention to detail, grooming, brushing, and trimming to grow and maintain such an amazing mustache. Blessed with a voice, one could listen to endlessly, the walrus mustache never abandoned Sam Elliot’s lips. Through cowboy movies, dramas, thrillers, and other imminent work, he’s bagged numerous accolades for his performances. Also blessed with an amazing mane, it raises the overall appeal of his personality.

David Harbour

Chief Hopper from the fantasy thriller ‘Stranger Things’ series is certainly no stranger to a mustache. David Harbour’s he-man personality and rugged handsomeness can certainly be attributed to his abundant facial hair, including a thick ‘stache. Seldom seen without facial hair grooming, he’s often seen sporting a bushy mustache accompanying a slightly thinner beard. With the sheer ease that he carries his magnificent ‘stache, no wonder why he’s one of our top favorite mustached actors.

Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera is one of the most sensational individuals on the US TV circuit. Host of the daily talk show Geraldo which was infamous for being trashy, went on for over a decade. Although we may not be fans of his journalistic skills and his ploys to stay in the limelight, we do admire his good old ‘stache. His handlebar mustache rolled at the edges, pointing upwards, reminds of the grand mustaches of royal families all over the world. 

Billy Dee Williams

Billy Dee Williams, who has been around since the sixties, gained immense popularity thanks to the legendary Star Wars movie series. He was a part of many television movies, which made him a household name. Speaking of mustaches, even today, this 85-year-old gentleman sports a grey mustache. Although today his ‘stache is wide, yet not bushy, in the movies where he essayed the character of Lando, we see him with a double pencil mustache.  

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Danny Trejo

If there’s one guy who has been loyal with the ‘stache, it is Danny Trejo. The tattooed actor with long hair has been recently seen in Sons of Anarchy. Popular for his performance in Machete, his personality complements his badass attitude, and we believe his mustache has a big role to play. His well-maintained handlebar mustache is as iconic as his contribution to action movies in Hollywood. If you have the face for it, try a hand at this style of mustache.

Tom Selleck

A guy’s guy, a man’s man, and possibly a recurring hero in every woman’s fantasy, Tom Selleck is one of our favorite mustached men. The handsome actor who rocked the television throughout the eighties is a proud owner of his signature thick mop-like mustache. A stache that should be insured, he wears it sans the beard, thus making it stand out on his bare face. A highlight of his personality, his bushy mustache amps up his cool-dude sophisticated demeanor.

James Franco

You need to be risky to undertake a venture of growing a mustache. You need to invest time in researching the best fit and making efforts toward achieving it based on your facial hair type. James Franco has managed to achieve just the right level of perfection with his mustache. Without the accompanying beard, the solo mustache looks appealing and sits proudly on top of his lips. Often crossing the lip line, he has played with a few variations of his signature zorro-like mustache style.

Nick Offerman

The dude with the textbook cookie duster mustache, not everyone can pull off this style with such panache. One needs to have magical follicles and patience to groom such a thick and bushy ‘stache. Just like his character in Parks and Recreation, it is difficult to imagine Nick Offerman without his facial hair. Although in real life, he’s seen with a full beard accompanying his mustache, or even clean-shaven, we should admit that it’s difficult to shake off his Ron Swanson image.

Joe Manganiello

In the matters of hair and heart, Joe Manganiello is blessed, indeed. A guy with such macho energy and sex appeal, his grooming game is on point. Both on-screen and off, he has been seen sporting long hair, a beard, and a mustache. Even playing a werewolf on True Blood, he rocks his mustache with as much confidence as his ribbed bod. Off-screen too, in red carpet events and casual sightings, he looks suave with his signature mustache look.


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