20 Pictures of Young Amber Heard Throughout The Years

20 Pictures of Young Amber Heard Throughout The Years

Currently, Amber Heard’s name frequently is mentioned in the media because of her relationship with Johnny Depp. And while people...

Currently, Amber Heard’s name frequently is mentioned in the media because of her relationship with Johnny Depp. And while people...

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Currently, Amber Heard’s name frequently is mentioned in the media because of her relationship with Johnny Depp. And while people generally say that “any press is good press”, when Heard’s name is mentioned, there’s often a negative tone to it. Now, whether you’re with her, or you’re against her, you can’t deny that the actress is gorgeous and is very fashionable. Even more so, Amber Heard has been conquering Hollywood with her looks since the early 2000s. Hence, that’s why we thought it would be pertinent to give you an overview of Heard’s evolution throughout the years as far as appearance goes. Keep reading to find out!

1. Punk 

image source

First and foremost, this picture gives you a sense of what her punk period looked like. At the time, she was not yet romantically linked to Johnny Depp. Quite the contrary, she was officially dating billionaire Elon Musk then.

In the picture, you can see a younger Amber Heard with a very basic clothing style. Yet, this stands in stark contrast with the pink hair she’s rocking and the many, many accessories she’s wearing. All in all, this was definitely a time period when Heard liked to experiment with different styles. 

2. Changin’ it Up

image source

Secondly, right after Amber Heard broke up with Elon Musk, rumors started floating around that she was dating art dealer, Vito Schnabel since the two were often spotted together. This list by no way intends to provide Heard’s dating history.

However, it’s striking to notice that Heard often has a different style, depending on the person she’s dating at the time. While she was dating Schnabel, she often wore her hair slicked back and she had a less casual style. She also liked to be controversial, as is demonstrated by her see-through shirt in this picture, while she’s obviously not wearing a bra.

3. Loosened Up

image source

On a related note, controversy has always been something that Amber Heard hasn’t shied away from. In this picture taken four years ago, she’s not attending any special event. Yet, she’s seemingly just cleaning her garage. However, this didn’t stop her from wearing a very loose, controversial outfit.

That is, her dress is extremely loose, which results in a lot of her body is shown. While heard definitely has a body that’s simply to die for, this picture caused a lot of fuss in the press in the immediate aftermath. 

4. Happier Times

image source

Once upon a time, there used to be a relatively long time frame when Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were perfectly happy together and in love. This picture shows one of their happier moments. It also shows a more sophisticated Amber Heard, as you can see by her rather formal outfit.

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Concretely, she’s wearing a full-on black suit and her make-up is done to perfection. Plainly put, she looks absolutely fantastic in this picture and simply radiates class and elegance.

5. Women’s Rights!

image source

Amber Heard has never been one for labeling her sexuality, but it’s safe to say that she’s outspokenly queer. In the past, she has been known to date women on multiple occasions, which is something that she never tried to hide from the media. In this picture, she’s attending a Women’s Day March 2 years ago with a girl she was rumored to be dating.

She appeared to be very casual, yet she completed her simple outfit by adding some bohemian touches through her accessories. A fun fact about this picture is that she was wearing a foot brace. Well, it suits her!

6. Run Away With Me

image source

Years ago, while she was busy filming the movie “Run Away With Me”, the paparazzi were successful in taking some pictures of her. In this particular picture, she’s wearing low-rise jeans with a red crop top. Needless to say, a younger Amber Heard is showing a lot of skin in this picture. However, she absolutely gets away with it, since this gives you the opportunity to admire her toned abs. 

7. Luscious Locks

image source

Nowadays, when Amber Heard makes public appearances, she mostly wears her hair up. This is a true shame since she has the most amazing head of hair. Back in the days when she was younger, she let her hair down more often than she does now.

For instance, here she is seen wearing her hair down and it shows off her beautiful curls. More in general, she looks very elegant in this picture, which might also have something to do with the stunning black dress she’s wearing. 

8. Model Vibes

image source

Amber Heard made the conscious choice of becoming an actress. However, judging based on this picture of when she was a couple of years younger than she is now, she could have easily become a model. The black-and-white aesthetic positively suits here, you simply can’t deny that! It goes great with the black outfit she’s wearing in the picture.

9. Hippie Look

image source

Just like her ex-husband Johnny Depp, Amber Heard went through a hippie phase in her life. This picture clearly shows so. She’s wearing a simple black outfit and she added some hippie vibes through her hat, the scarf around her neck and her amazing pair of sunglasses. All in all, this picture dates back to several years ago and shows how Heard likes to change up her style every once in a while.

10. Sultry

image source

Another picture from the past that definitely belongs on this list, is this one right here. In the picture, you can see a rather young Amber heard with very light blond hair. She’s wearing a very shiny, golden outfit, which seems to match her mood in the picture. That is, she’s practically seducing the camera with a very sultry, smoldering look. Did it suddenly get hot in here? 

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11. Hippie 2.0.

image source

Since Amber Heard’s hippie period is one of our personal favorites, this style deserves to be mentioned twice on this list. Come to think of it, throughout the years, Heard has lived by a fixed common thread as far as fashion goes. That is, she often likes to take basic outfits as a starting point. From that point forward, she likes to add finishing touches. Here, she does so through her hat, sunglasses and other accessories. Her loafers also deserve an honorable mention, for sure!

12. One Tree Hill

image source

Don’t let this picture fool you because we know what you’re thinking. Here, Amber Heard looks like she belongs right in the hit series, “One Tree Hill”. However, this just shows how different her style was when she was younger. When she was younger than she is now, she often had the reputation of being somewhat of a girl-next-door character and judging based on this picture, you can definitely understand why.

13. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes? 

image source

When it comes to her hair, Amber Heard generally doesn’t like to switch it up that much. As a result, the picture of Amber Heard that you probably have in the back of your mind is a picture of Amber Heard with her signature blonde hair. However, this picture shows that there was a time in her life, when she was younger when she sported brown hair. Truth be told, she looks just as good with brown hair as she does with blonde hair. 

14. Taylor Swift

image source

Nowadays, it’s easy to tell the difference between Amber Heard and popular singer, Taylor Swift. However, there used to be a time when this difference was much more challenging to make. For instance, this picture shows a very different, young Amber Heard. She comes across as very innocent and that’s precisely why people used to confuse her with Taylor Swift, who was still vastly dedicated to country music at the time. 

15. Women’s Health Magazine

image source

When you’re as stunning as Amber Heard, it goes without saying that magazines are all waiting in line to let you pose on their covers. That’s the truth, simple as that. Here, Amber Heard was asked to grace the cover of Women’s Health Magazine and she absolutely killed it. She looked very sexy. She was slightly younger than she is now and she seemingly used her youth to give the camera a very playful, teasing look.

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16. the Early 2000s

image source

Let’s face it, we all made some poor choices when the early 2000s kicked in. That’s precisely why we’re going to let this outfit of Amber Heard slide for this one time. Additionally, she makes up for her outfit with her stunning looks. In this picture, Heard was significantly younger than she is now, but she somehow simultaneously looked mature. 

17. Naturally Beautiful

image source

Moreover, Amber Heard was even younger in this picture in which she’s using a tree as support. There’s nothing glamorous about this picture since it just shows a very young, normal girl. She’s not wearing any make-up and hence, she just looks very innocent and young. 

18. Black-and-White

image source

Furthermore, this black-and-white picture demonstrates how timeless Amber Heard’s beauty is. She appears to be very young still in the picture, but it’s easily one of the greatest photos to ever exist of her. Her long, long locks definitely contribute to this statement. 

19. Braided Hair

image source

Now, this picture is not that old so Amber Heard is only slightly younger than she is now. The picture shows just how Amber Heard has evolved into the woman that she is today. Say about Amber Heard what you want, but you can’t but conclude that she looks stunning, no matter what she’s wearing, no matter who she’s with and no matter where she is. Also, she’s rocked that braided hair!

20. Aquaman

image source

To finish in beauty, this picture shows Amber Heard in her significant role in the movie “Aquaman”. She starred in multiple movies throughout her career, but this one especially stands out because of her acting performance. Besides her peculiar outfit, her hairstyle in the movie was very noteworthy as well. Red hair has never looked so good!

Verdict: Stunning, stunning and stunning once more

Currently, one can daily see Amber Heard in the news because of the legal procedure between her and her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. The couple was once very much in love, but now they’re trapped in a seemingly never-ending legal battle. Both parties have already delivered numerous accusations and recriminations to one another and truth be told, the case is very fierce.

Even though Amber Heard receives a lot of bad press at this time, this overview was meant to show you that this doesn’t detract from the fact that she’s been a true fashion icon and a great actress for almost two decades now. All in all, she’s simply stunning. 


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