10 Best Batman Chins (Ranked from Worst to Best)

10 Best Batman Chins (Ranked from Worst to Best)

There have been many Batman movies and TV shows — so there have been many Batman chins. Some have been...

There have been many Batman movies and TV shows — so there have been many Batman chins. Some have been...

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There have been many Batman movies and TV shows — so there have been many Batman chins. Some have been wonderful… some haven’t.

As all Batman fans know, the chin is everything when it comes to these characters. 

So, we’ve decided to rank the 10 best Batman chins, from worst to best, below!

10. Kevin Conroy

Kevin Conroy, who voiced the animated Batman character throughout the 90s and on, has one of the best chins ever… though because this Batman is animated, we couldn’t very well put him at the top of this list. But we could include him!

We’re specifically talking about the animated Batman seen in these TV shows and films: Batman: The Animated Series and Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. Look at that chin! How could it not be one of the best?

9. Lewis Wilson

Lewis Wilson was the first actor to portray Batman in a live-action film or show, as well as the youngest ever actor to portray him. He has a very strong jaw, which is very evident. However, when compared to the other actors on this list, Wilson, unfortunately, falls short in the chin department. 

Wilson portrayed Batman in the Columbia serial Batman that aired in 1943. The costume and the overall mask may be what’s hurting his jaw and chin appearance here, but at least he’ll always be remembered as the first live-action Batman! 

8. Robert Lowery

The second actor to portray Batman in a live-action show or movie, Robert Lowery, is often forgotten when talking about the best Batman chins. But not today! While he doesn’t have the best Batman chin, he obviously has a very strong and distinctive chin.

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Lowery played Batman in the serial Batman and Robin. While he may not be remembered as the best Batman chin, he will be remembered as one of the first to portray the legendary superhero! 

7. Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer only starred in one Batman film, Batman Forever (1995). However, he does stand out in the film, as he does have a strong chin that looks quite good when half of his face is covered up with a mask. 

But does he have the best chin? Unfortunately, no. Much like Christian Bale (who we talk about below), it seems that Kilmer does best when no mask covers his face, as he really is an attractive actor. He just doesn’t have the best Batman chin. But that’s okay!

6. Christian Bale


Christian Bale, who many agree is one of the best actors to take on Batman, starred in three Batman films: Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008), and The Dark Knight Rises (2012). There’s nothing specifically wrong with Bale’s chin. However, does he have the best Batman chin? No.

Christian Bale is obviously a very attractive actor. However, his specific Batman mask seems to take up more space than some of the other common masks. All we have to really see is his chin, and it’s just a regular, beautiful chin. Nothing more, nothing less. 

5. Adam West

Of course, we have to include Adam West. And he’s actually quite high up on this list! West has a strong, square jaw — and that’s perfect for Batman. Well, more specifically, that’s perfect for the 1960s Batman in the specific suit he was wearing.

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West starred in the 1960s Batman television series from 1966 to 1968. He also starred in the subsequent Batman feature film in 1966. Since his 1960s take on the iconic superhero, West has gone on to voice Batman a few more times in animated shows and movies!

4. Michael Keaton

The star of Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992), Michael Keaton, definitely has a strong chin. He’s one of the better chins on this list. Unfortunately, though, he isn’t the best Batman chin.

For the most part, his chin isn’t as memorable as the other options later on this list. However, there’s nothing wrong with his chin at all. The man has an attractive face and bone structure… it’s just not as prominent as some of the other later chins seen here on this list. 

3. Ben Affleck

Say what you will about Affleck’s version of Batman or the films that he starred in while playing the iconic superhero. You can’t deny that he has one of the most distinctive chins on this list! His Batman also often had stubble or a beard growing, which is always rather interesting to see.

While he has a strong chin, and while he’s quite high up on this list, two others beat out Affleck in the ranking of best Batman chins. However, we don’t want to ignore the strong chin that Affleck has, as we feel that he’s quite ignored when discussing the chin debate! Affleck starred as Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Justice League (2017).

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2. Robert Pattinson

While he’s the latest actor to take over as Batman, we can’t help but rank him very high on this list. Only one other could possibly beat Pattinson out. Just look at his face! Talk about wonderful bone structure. 

Pattinson stars as Batman in 2022’s The Batman, a new film that so many fans have already fallen in love with. So, in this case, Pattinson is one of the best Batmans and one of the best Batmans when ranked by their chins. 

1. George Clooney

How could it be anyone else? George Clooney definitely has the best Batman chin. Is he the best Batman? Well, we wouldn’t go that far. But he is if we’re only considering his chin!

Clooney starred as Batman in 1997’s Batman & Robin. While considered one of the worst Batman movies by many fans, it was fun to see Clooney as the superhero, if only because we all remembered just what great facial bone structure the actor has. 


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