10 Best Batman Suits (Ranked from Worst to Best)

10 Best Batman Suits (Ranked from Worst to Best)

Batman has worn some amazing suits throughout the many live-action films the iconic superhero has starred in. He’s also worn...

Batman has worn some amazing suits throughout the many live-action films the iconic superhero has starred in. He’s also worn...

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Batman has worn some amazing suits throughout the many live-action films the iconic superhero has starred in.

He’s also worn some not-so-great ones.

Below, we’ve ranked the 10 best Batman suits of all time, from worst to the absolute best! 

10. Batman Suit (1966)

A list of the best Batman suits would not be complete without the 1960s version. Yes, this suit isn’t the best. But considering it’s one of the first Batman suits, we’ll take it in all its fun, campy glory. The Batman suit has come a long way since this 1966 version, but it did have to come from somewhere.

So, yes, this version of the Batman suit is one of the best. There are nine other better versions that you can find here, but this suit will always hold a special place in our hearts. 

9. Batman V Superman and Justice League Knightmare Batsuit (2016/2021)

This Knightmare batsuit featured in Batman V Superman (2016) and Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) is so cool that we had to add it to this list. It’s definitely one of the unique suits we’ve seen in any live-action Batman film! 

This suit has added goggles and a very cool trenchcoat which just makes the whole suit feel quite apocalyptic. The suit itself, underneath the trenchcoat, isn’t quite different from this Batman’s regular suit, but we still quite like the overall aesthetic! 

8. Batman Forever Sonar Suit (1995)

The 90s were full of misses when it came to the Batman suit. However, Batman Forever’s Sonar suit managed to be a hit! The grey suit is very cool and has definitely become better appreciated by many fans recently.

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This batsuit added some cool new gadgets, which is also fun. It also revamped the Bat symbol, choosing to return to the darker version that many fans prefer. Overall, this Batman Forever suit is definitely one of the best Batman suits — and almost the best 90s Batman suit! 

7. Batman Begins Suit (2005)

Christian Bale’s first Batman suit is one of the best live-action batsuits of all the time, even though it’s not the best. While quite heavy and stiff, this suit was still easy to move around in. Or, easier to move around in than some of the other suits before this.

The suit, therefore, allows for action sequences that actually look believable. However, the suit is still made with heavy armor, giving the entire appearance of the suit an A in our book. 

6. Batman Returns Suit (1992)

Now, let’s talk about the best Batman suit from the 1990s. In our opinion, this honor goes to 1992’s Batman Returns suit, also known as Michael Keaton’s second batsuit. This suit was a huge improvement from some of the other 90s versions — and you can see how this design influenced the later movies!

There is a lot to love about this suit. First of all, it doesn’t look dumb, which was huge for the 90s. The Bat symbol is the classic yellow oval design that is commonly seen in comics. However, that works for this suit, and for this movie. The body armor doesn’t appear to be made of cheap rubber, which it sometimes did before this suit, so that’s another plus for us. 

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5. The Dark Knight Suit (2008)

Christian Bale’s second batsuit, which is featured in 2008’s The Dark Knight and 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, is surely one of the best Batman suits seen in live-action movies, even if it does have a few flaws. 

One of those flaws? The cowl. It doesn’t work. It also feels like the suit is doing a bit too much, with too many layers of armor. However, it’s still quite cool — and still one of the best suits yet! 

4. Batman V Superman Armored Suit (2016)

The armored suit that Batman wore in 2016’s Batman V Superman was cool, plain and simple. It’s definitely the bulkiest suit seen in the films thus far. As it was inspired by the Frank Miller comic The Dark Knight Returns, it was also really cool to see it in live-action.

Obviously, this suit is very different from the other suits listed here. But it’s always cool to see the different versions of Batman suits, even when they do stray from the norm.

3. Justice League Suit (2021)

This Batman suit, seen in Justice League, is really cool. The entire suite has the armor necessary, all without being bulky or overly layered. The material isn’t fully rubber, so it doesn’t look ridiculous when worn. 

The suit also appears to allow for some flexibility, all while still remaining very stiff and sturdy. There’s not a lot to complain about with this suit, which is why it’s so high on this list. We like it a lot! 

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2. The Batman Suit (2022)

The latest Batman suit seen on film, from 2022’s The Batman, is one of the very best batsuits seen in any live-action movie. It’s so good. The suit seems very flexible, as it appears that it was designed for movement more than anything else.

The logo situation is also very interesting, as the logo seen on the suit doesn’t have a bat head. This makes it more similar to Batman’s first-ever appearance suit. There’s really nothing wrong with this iconic batsuit. 

1. Batman V Superman Suit (2016)


The best batsuit is featured in Batman V Superman, in our humble opinion. This was Ben Affleck’s first suit worn, and it’s a shame they kept on changing it up because this suit really had it all. 

The suit was a mix of a flexible bodysuit and armor, making the entire thing look closer to what is often seen in the Batman comics. The “flaws” in the suit — the appearance of marks from years of battle and fighting — really help to make it the best! 


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