10 Best Batman Voices (Ranked from Worst to Best)

10 Best Batman Voices (Ranked from Worst to Best)

As there have been so many different incarnations of Batman, there have also been so many different Batman voices. Whether...

As there have been so many different incarnations of Batman, there have also been so many different Batman voices. Whether...

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As there have been so many different incarnations of Batman, there have also been so many different Batman voices. Whether you’re watching a live-action film or an animated tv show, every actor interestingly puts their own spin on Batman’s gruff voice.

As a result, we found it quite fun to rank the 10 best Batman voices, from worst to best. Keep reading below to see who placed at number one! 

10 Best Batman Voices (Ranked From Worst to Best)

10. Christian Bale

Many consider Christian Bale to have one of the best Batman voices around. We do, too! We just don’t think he is the best Batman voice. When looking at all the other voices on this list, you can see why.

However, that’s not to say that Bale didn’t do a lot with his character. He did! When he became Batman in Batman Begins, so many fans appreciated what he did with his Batman voice. Today, we still do. It just isn’t the best when compared to all the others. 

9. Michael Keaton

Did you know that Michael Keaton is the one who first started changing his voice when he played Batman versus when he played Bruce Wayne? Therefore, without Keaton, the character would’ve been much different today.

Keaton is also one of the best at doing the Batman voice, especially when you realize nobody did it before him. In both of his Batman films, Batman and Batman Returns, his voice as Batman is great and so fun to watch! However, when compared to some of the others on this list, his Batman voice does tend to fall flat. 

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8. Adam West

When many people think of Batman, they think of Adam West. When people think of Adam West, they almost always think of Batman. West starred as Batman in the 1966 television show, one of the biggest and best (in a fun, campy kind of way) Batman adaptions.

However, West also portrayed Batman later on in some animated features — and was marvelous, which isn’t a surprise. He has such a great voice for Batman and really knows what he’s doing with the character. It’s always a delight to watch any version of Batman that features West, as a result!

7. Val Kilmer

Listen, Val Kilmer isn’t the best Batman in a feature film. He’s not the worst, either, in our opinion. But much of Batman Forever, the only film Kilmer portrayed Batman in, falls flat. Kilmer, however, isn’t the reason why.

His voice, in particular, isn’t bad! He manages to have that rough, deep Batman voice we all recognize, with his own twist on things. While it’s not the best voice or portrayal around, we feel that Kilmer doesn’t get enough credit. So, credit where credit is due. 

6. Jason O’Mara

In recent years, Jason O’Mara has become the go-to Batman for animated features. Now, he is considered the regular Batman voice actor for the DC Animated Movie Universe. As he has big shoes to fill, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find some people not care too much for his portrayal.

However, this isn’t the case. O’Mara is definitely one of the best Batman voices, especially when looking at many of the other animated movie voice actors. He’s doing a great job and likely will continue to! 

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5. Robert Pattinson

Even though he’s only starred in one Batman movie, 2022’s The Batman, Robert Pattinson has already done so well with his voice. He’s managed to bring new heights to the voice of Batman, though his performance could possibly change as we see more of how he acts in subsequent Batman movies.

It will also be interesting to see what he does as Bruce Wayne becomes more of the rich playboy he is in the other incarnations of Batman. Then, we’ll really be able to see how Pattinson evokes differences in these two portrayals of Batman and Bruce Wayne!

4. Bruce Greenwood

Bruce Greenwood has portrayed Batman in a few different animated movies and tv shows — and he’s proven to be one of the best to ever do it. Greenwood voiced Batman in one of the best animated movies Batman: Under the Red Hood, as well!

Greenwood also portrays Batman in the show Young Justice and does the role beautifully there as well. He has the gruffness needed when he’s voicing Batman, yet easily changes to Bruce Wayne when needed, as well. He’s one of the best to do it!

3. Ben Affleck

We all have differing views on Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman. However, we do have to concur with those that believe he has one of the best Batman voices. Yes, he wears a voice modulator that changes his voice when he’s Batman… but sometimes, that’s necessary. 

In his films, it makes sense and it works, in our opinion. Plus, Affleck doesn’t get enough credit for being able to swap his voice around easily when he’s portraying Bruce Wayne versus Batman! 

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2. Peter Weller

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, from 2013, is considered to be one of the best Batman stories ever made. From the mastermind that is Frank Miller, this Batman is supposed to be a bit older and grittier. And that’s where Peter Weller’s excellent work comes into play.

Weller’s voice acting here is phenomenal. He’s gritty, dark, and does everything that he needs to be to portray Bruce Wayne and Batman. One of the reasons why The Dark Knight Returns is so beloved is because Weller doesn’t miss once in his performance. 

1. Kevin Conroy

You knew this was coming, didn’t you? The best Batman voice is, hands down, Kevin Conroy. Conroy has become the regular Batman voice you hear in just about every single animated Batman movie, show, or game. He’s a legend — and he’s so good at what he does.

Frankly, nobody else compares when it comes to Batman’s voice. Conroy manages to easily evoke the character, whether he’s speaking as Bruce Wayne or Batman. It’s always a joy to watch anything that features Conroy’s voice. He’s the best Batman voice for a reason! 


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