TOP 20: Polo G’s Best Songs to Listen NOW

TOP 20: Polo G’s Best Songs to Listen NOW

Gregory Tremani Bartlett, who is most popularly known by his stage name – Polo G, is a 22-year-old rapper from...

Gregory Tremani Bartlett, who is most popularly known by his stage name – Polo G, is a 22-year-old rapper from...

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Gregory Tremani Bartlett, who is most popularly known by his stage name – Polo G, is a 22-year-old rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He is an American singer, rapper, and trap artist. Polo G has been active in the music industry since 2017, and he is signed to Columbia and ODA record labels.

However, he didn’t gain any spotlight until 2018, when his singles Finer things and Pop-Out (featuring Lil Tjay) went mainstream and propelled him to stardom. Polo G has since gone on to release three studio albums; the debut album – Die a Legend which was released in 2019, outdid itself and peaked at number 6 on the US Billboard 200. His second album – The Goat, was released in 2020 and peaked at number two on the US Billboard 200.

Polo G’s growth in the music industry has been steady, and this fact was cemented after the release of his third studio album in 2021, the album which is titled Hall of Fame, peaked at number one on the US Billboard 200, smashing all his previous achievements with his first two albums and the song Rapstar on the album debuted at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Over his four years in the music industry, Polo G has stashed up quite the discography with his collaboration with several prominent artists in a list that features artists like Lil Wayne, Lil Baby, Lil Durk, Juice WRLD, Gunna, Pop Smoke, and Burna Boy. His musical career has been nothing short of terrific so far, and in this article, we look at a selected top 25 songs among the hundreds he has already released.

1. Epidemic

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This song by Polo G is straight out of his Hall of Fame album. Polo G, who fancies rapping about his upbringing and his hood, pours his heart out on this track. On the track, he attempts to address several socioeconomic issues affecting the demography of American teenagers, such as weapons and street gangs. He continues by emphasizing how these issues have led to the death of many people just because they oppose the gangs’ activities.

He also implies that, while he may have amassed some worldly possessions, it is insufficient to turn back the hands of time in order to change certain things and live a more fulfilling and exciting life. He also expresses his wish that people he has known for a long time do not change the way they act because they have witnessed a shift in their lives on the song.

2. Martin & Gina

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Martin & Gina features on Polo G’s album, The Goat. In the song, Polo gets emotional and produces an incredibly moving song in the process. In this song, he is essentially comparing his romantic relationship to Martin and Gina’s – The main characters from a well-known sitcom from the 1990s titled Martin.

The song mirrors the love life of Martin and Gina and has numerous references to the show and the real lives of its characters. One line, for example, mentions Tisha Campbell’s (the actress who played Gina) lawsuit against Martin Lawrence. The emotions expressed in the song coupled with the elite melody on which it ran makes this one of Polo G’s best songs.

3. Headshot

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Polo G featured Lil Tjay and Fivio Foreign on this track that can be described as tense, to say the very least. The three young rappers go off on the song in what may be described as a subtle threat to their enemies; they dish out a clear warning to them that any attack orchestrated against any of them will fail blatantly and will also be met with swift retaliation.

The tune of the song appropriately lines up with the message, and this song did not only increase the standings of the three of them in the rap industry, but it has also gone on to improve each of their individual successes in their musical careers.

4. Rapstar

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His first ever song to debut at number 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 on his first album to peak at number 1 on US Billboard 200, this is Polo G’s biggest song yet. In the song, Polo Capalot narrated his full experience on his few years of stardom as a Rapstar; he also described his own struggles with his mental health and personal problems despite the glitz and glamour accompanied by attaining fame.

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Beyond being a melodious tune, Rapstar has a deep meaning and message to everyone who cares enough to calm down and take it in. This song will definitely go down as one of the history books in Polo G’s discography.

5. Richer

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Polo G is featured by Rod Wave on this track in what can be called an epic release. It is absolutely amazing to see the chemistry between both rappers as they link up on this track to talk about their achievements, their come-up from nothing, and of course, their newfound wealth. The song appeared on Rod Wave’s third studio album – SoulFly.

This song is one of the many that testify to Polo G’s versatility and his ability to create masterpieces with just about anybody on almost any beat. Rod Wave even said he wasn’t planning on having any features on his album but had to make an exception for Polo G.

6. Gang Gang

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Capalot was able to get his hands on a rap legend for this particular song as he featured Lil Wayne in this masterpiece. As the title suggests, the song was all about the “gang life” and dealing threats to “opps,” and snitches as Polo G took off on the track.

Lil Wayne didn’t let up either, as he also took shots at informants and gave resounding shoutouts to the gang he belongs in. The song overall passes the message that both of them are dangerous people who shouldn’t be messed with. The song was a beautiful homogeny of the older and younger generation of rap artists. A very cool tune. 

7. Not Sober

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Not Sober is a three-way collab between Kid Laroi, Polo G, and Stunna Gambino. Kid Laroi, who is still a teenager, has surprisingly made a name for himself in the music industry, and this song was a big boost for his career. Utilizing a soothing piano-themed beat, the topics of relationships, haters, and various types of losses are brought to light on the track by Kid Laroi, while Polo G talks about his personalized struggles with gun conflict and his rocky climb to the top.

The song suggests being high as the way to cope with all these downs; talk about smoking and taking alcohol to take their minds off the problems.

8. No return

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Kid Laroi appears in another three-way collab with Polo G again, but this time with Lil Durk as the third appearance on the track. No return is a song from Polo G’s Hall of Fame album and has a super interesting tone to it. The song talks about the rappers leaving the trenches to a life of fame and wealth and how they’re never going back down.

Kid Laroi, who may not really be able to relate to the subject, provides the hook for the song as Polo G and Lil Durk, who are sufficiently experienced in a life of struggle, bare their minds out. An amazing song it really is.

9. Patience

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Polo G is featured on this track by Yungblud and KSI, and he does absolute justice to the opportunity he is given to work with this awesome beat. KSI, who is a boxer, a YouTuber, and a rapper, did a madness on this track alongside Polo G, who is having his third three-way track appearance in this article, and Yungblud, who is always bursting with energy on his tracks.

It was made in light of the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown experience, and a beautiful story was told with the effort of each of the rappers on the song. Polo G’s versatility gets all the praise once again.

10. Rich MF

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Yet another song that features three artists. This song, however, features very prominent names in the rap industry, as we see Polo G combining with Lil Durk and Trippie Redd. The song is boldly centered around the wealth of the artists, as they spare no words in affirming their wealth and their lifestyles.

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Trippie tags himself as a playa and talks about his expensive cache of four-wheelers. Polo G uses his verse to talk about his life as someone who lives by the gun, and Lil Durk raps about having women and being a tough guy. A smooth rhythm gels all the verses together into a fantastic piece.

11. For the love of New York

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In another respectable collaboration, Polo G featured Nicki Minaj on this song which finds itself on his third studio album – Hall of Fame. The song definitely is a step forward in Polo G’s career, as only a chosen few get to collaborate with great artists like Nicki Minaj.

Both artists paid their dues on the song with rap verses that are simply exceptional while paying due respect to New York City on the track. Collaborations like this are what have fueled Polo G’s music career so far, and he will only keep going up from there. Due to the artistry involved, this song finds itself on this list.

12. Clueless

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Clueless by Polo G is another hit single that did insane numbers. This song features Pop Smoke (who is now passed) and Fivio Foreign again. The combination of the three different sounds and rapping styles of these rappers produced something that could otherwise be called angelic.

Every second of the track is worth listening to as all three artists did great justice to the beat they were provided with. They rap about what they do with money, never switching sides, and keeping themselves strapped at all times. The song also appears on the Hall of Fame album and is an absolute masterpiece.

13. Paty Lyfe

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Polo G features DaBaby on this track off his Hall of Fame album. DaBaby popular for his fast rapping style and never-ending flow, brought all the goods to the song and was spitting straight fire all through. Polo G wasn’t caught lacking either, as he also carried the song as far as it needed to go with his sublime rapping style.

As the name suggests, the song is about the good life, parties, cars, damsels, etc. they talk about all of that and a little more on this track, delivering their message with explicit eloquence. This is another Polo G song that deserves whatever respect it is getting.

14. Painting pictures

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A warm piano-based trap beat set the scene for this track as our very own Capalot came in hard and rapped about his close friends and the people he had lost due to violent crimes in his city. He also boldly asserts his superiority while subtly reflecting on the gang life he led before achieving fame and wealth.

This track came as the opening track on his third studio album – Hall of Fame. Songs like this reveal the true hurt rappers like Polo G are going through due to a rough background of seeing friends and family die due to gun conflict and hate crimes.

15. Black hearted

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Despite the depiction of himself that Polo G gives on the track, posing himself as a black-hearted individual who feels no pity or sympathy for anyone and is ready to call upon his gat at any point in time, it is quite difficult to believe he cares about no one.

He, however, gives an insight into why that mode of life is his label now as he talks about betrayals and his upbringing on the vicious streets of Chicago. After listening to Polo G on Black hearted, it is quite easy to understand why he lives his life while always watching his back.

16. Malibu

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This song was Polo G’s appearance on the Migos’ Culture III album. The album, which did insane numbers, also had a touch of Polo G’s brilliance, as he linked up with the Migos’ to ride on a fine-tune and produce a beautiful piece of music.

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This is the type of song you probably want to hear when you’re out vacationing, not when you need some motivation for the street life, as it is simply about a chill life and a good time with Malibu, the center of discussion for the song. Polo G’s dynamic musical ability was tested out once again on the track, and he didn’t disappoint as he dropped a fantastic verse.

17. Toxic

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The Chicago rapper distinctively pointed out a toxic relationship with a significant other in this song, talking about how he prefers street life to an affectionate relationship. Songs like this make one wonder if Polo is really that cold or it is all musical content to him.

He emphasizes his position at the pinnacle of the rap game and pays his respects to the late Juice WRLD with a subtle reference. Polo quit Molly and Xanax after a life-threatening incident with the substances and the subsequent death of Juice WRLD. Away from the content of the song, the producer did a marvelous job with the beat of the song.

18. Boom

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Boom is another song in Polo G’s discography that comes right out of the Hall of Fame album. A topic that can easily be associated with the Chicago based rapper is street life; however, in this particular song, he approaches street life in a whole new light as he describes the nature of that life as grotesque, but he had to live like that because he had to survive.

Although he still had things to say along the lines of taking opps down, the entire song definitely attracted some empathy for him and many other young Americans growing up under the same conditions.

19. Bloody canvas

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This song is based on Polo G’s live experience with first-hand conflict while growing up. The streets of Chicago have been painted with the blood of one too many young Americans over and over again. This is Polo G’s reality as a young American who grew up in Chi-town.

He utilizes the platform of this song to narrate these sad experiences with conflict in his city as a bloody canvas and a seemingly never-ending trail of bodies. He talks about a number of murders that have taken place and have hit home for him as he has probably often found himself in life-threatening pinches on the streets too.

20. So real

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This is the final song on this list, and it comes off his Hall of Fame album. Polo G talks about his relationship with his girlfriend and the mother of his son, Crystal Blease. Contrary to the hard-hearted front Polo has often shown on most of his other songs, he actually taps into his soft side on this particular song.

A slow-moving beat reconciles perfectly with his mild words of love for his son, Tremain’s mother. This would be the third song Polo G would be dedicated to her. It is pleasant to see that despite how it may seem on the outside, Polo g truly has a soft side that someone has actually touched.

This concludes the list of Polo G’s best songs that have been curated for you. Polo G remains one of the most talented and loved rappers in the US rap scene as of today, and hopefully, his relevance goes on for a very long time after now.

This list will help you understand the basis on which his music is founded and navigate your way around the type of songs you want to hear to match some vibes you may be feeling at certain times. If you’re a loyal Polo G fan, you’re definitely on the right track with your music choices. If you’re not, do try to become one, it’s a rewarding experience.

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