Thugger Lifestyle: The Top 20 Best Young Thug Songs

Thugger Lifestyle: The Top 20 Best Young Thug Songs

We probably have all vibed to a trap or hip-hop song at least once in our lives, or maybe you’ve...

We probably have all vibed to a trap or hip-hop song at least once in our lives, or maybe you’ve...

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We probably have all vibed to a trap or hip-hop song at least once in our lives, or maybe you’ve only heard it played but didn’t know what genre it was, but you moved to the beat regardless. Fans of rap, hip-hop, and now most recently, trap are very familiar with the American rapper and singer, Young Thug whose real name is Jeffery Lamar Williams.

The rapper was born August 16, 1991, and gets primarily regarded as one of his generation’s most influential figures in rap/hip-hop. His style of music is unique, with his endless desire to create new and profound sounds by fusing hip-hop and trap.

Throughout a career that started with the release of mixtapes made and released. All while Thugger didn’t have a record deal in 2011. Young Thug is arguably one of the greatest in the game a decade later, drawing comparisons with greats such as Lil Wayne.

Young Thug has a very versatile and plentiful array of works to choose from. He is a relentless creative, always in the studio trying to outdo his last work. As a testament to his impressive career, here are the top 20 best Young Thug songs in no particular order.

Best Young Thug Songs:

1. ,,Givenchy” feat Birdman

“Givenchy” is one of my personal favorites, and a lot of you will agree, it is one of the Best Young Thug Songs songs. “Givenchy” is a track off the “Rich Gang: Tha Tour” Mixtape which features Young Thug and his label boss and mentor, Birdman. The song’s theme is that of lavish living and designer clothes.

It starts with Birdman doing an intro and what seems to be paying respect at the beginning before Young Thug raps the verses and sings the hook and chorus.  This ability just shows his immense talent being a co-writer on the song and Rich Homie Quan and Birdman.

2. Danny Glover

Not only is this one of the Best Young Thug Songs songs, but it is also one that showcases his excellent songwriting skills. He says the song took him all eight minutes to write. That’s simply astounding considering the time other great artists write their songs.

The time it took to write it did not in any way diminish the quality of content, however, it is such a fantastic rap song, the modern-day “queen of rap,” Nicki Minaj, had to jump on the remix. Danny Glover is a song off the “Thugger Thugger” album. It is one of his earlier works and is highly reflective of his growth as an artist over the years.

3. The Blanguage

It was 2014, and Drake had dropped his critically acclaimed rap classic album, Nothing Was The Same. In that same year, Young Thug was still on what is known as the “come up” and joined forces with elite producer, MetroBoomin, for a collab mixtape—wanting to pay an homage to Drake, Young Thug samples a track from the album titled “Language.”

Young Thug has made a reputation for being quite the eccentric character, so it’s no surprise how much weirder than the original version this song was. But for what measure of weirdness it came with, there was an equal amount of quality in the penmanship. Armed with a penchant for witty comparisons, Young Thug absolutely knocks this one out of the park.

4. ,,Constantly Hating” feat Birdman

On this track, Young Thug teams up with the veteran rapper, Birdman once more to make a masterpiece of a song. The song addresses people with nothing better to do than hate on successful people like himself. It is set to a solemn and quiet beat, allowing the singer to get the message across perfectly.

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For me, the reason I think this is one of The Best Young Thug Songs songs is that he can practically “float” on the beat, only raising his voice occasionally only for emphasis. His mastery of the beat-lyric sync is such a wonder to witness.

5. Stoner

For the core Young Thug fans, you must know this song already. It is the artist’s commercial debut single, which means it’s not only one of The Best Young Thug Songs songs but also among the very first. This song announced Young Thug to the world as a mainstream artist ready and worth being taken seriously.

As a newcomer, there are certain risks you do not take and lines you do not tread. In “Stoner,” the assumed meaning is that he smokes weed, but if you listen to the first words of the first verse, you’ll realize something quite clever.

He uses stoner as a double entendre to mean also that he adds precious jewels to his gold chains. The jewels are the stones, and he, the stoner.

6. 2 Cups Stuffed

Young Thug has cited Lil Wayne as an artist he looks up to and greatly influences his music sound and persona as an artist. This time, however, the influence isn’t music-related.

The rapper makes this song “2 Cups Stuffed” is a love letter to codeine or, as it is popularly called, “lean.” Lil Wayne is also another artist who puts his affinity for lean front and center.

But this isn’t one of The Best Young Thug Songs songs because of the substance reference or Wayne homage, and it is one of his best because he can rap about something like lean and make it sound so good.

7. ,,Pick Up The Phone” feat Travis -Scott & Quavo

As a fan, I consider this to be one of the best Young Thug Songs songs. The sound quality, the cadence in the verses, the chorus were all perfect.

Teaming up with fellow Atlanta star Travis Scott and Migos Quavo, the trio made a song that would only be a success on the charts but a vehicle for change in the industry.

Young Thug, with this song, showed us yet another skill he has up his sleeves, his knack for picking just the right artists to collaborate with. Rappers often pick wrongly and have the styles of the featured artists collide, but with Thugger, it’s seamless.

8. Best Friend

If you’re like me, you probably discovered Young Thug through one of his many mixtape releases. “Best Friend” is a track from his 2015 mixtape, “Slime Language.” It is undoubtedly one of The Best Young Thug Songs songs.

The track has no features and affords the rapper the room to fully exhibit his profound ability to handle virtually every part of the song, hook, chorus, and verses.

In “Best Friend,” he once again plays with the track’s title to make more than one reference, just like in “Stoner,” with the best friend in question varying from his fiancée or at some points in the song himself.

9. King Troup

The hip-hop culture often represents the African-American culture and its struggles, making it a perfect vehicle to tell stories that portray these same struggles.

“King Troup” is considered one of The Best Young Thug Songs songs not because of the beat or the production but because of the story it tells. It is a tribute to a close friend of the same name who lost his life to gun conflict.

Deaths related to gun conflict are a real and serious issue plaguing American society and, most especially, African-American society. Young Thug uses the song to mourn his death and warn his killers, with retaliation in mind.

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10. Drippin

Young Thug’s “Bloods Gang” affiliation is no small secret, with many of his songs and the accompanying videos having vivid and hard-to-miss references. On the song “Drippin,” he can masterfully use the title as a springboard for him to execute an impressive play on words as usual masterfully.

I consider “Drippin” to be one of The Best Young Thug Songs songs because it showcases his ability not only to rap your socks off but his tendency to lean into real hip-hop culture and brag about his wealth and possessions. Young Thug is so talented that he can explore ALL his talents on one track without feeling overburdened or cliché.

11. With Them

Just like the last two songs, “With Them” is a song off the critically acclaimed mixtape “Slime Language 3”. It is arguably one of The Best Young Thug Songs songs of all time.

In this song, he touches on the many facets of his life, from dental appointments to his run-ins with Instagram models and his lavish jewelry collection. He is also constantly flaunting his gang affiliation, his continued affinity for high-quality narcotics.

The song’s chorus highlights the song’s theme, showing he is a pimp and isn’t going to commit to any other woman but his fiancée. He even alludes to the fact that he has multiple relations with groupies as well.

12. Hercules

We all know the myth of Hercules and his immense god-like strengt, well, knowing Young Thug and his eccentricities, he finds a way to make a clever song from this without it being about any of the twelve labors.

What makes “Hercules” one of The Best Young Thug Songs is his established “stoner” persona, giving a fresh and new sound. Old but gold. He can do this effortlessly.

The Hercules title only helps to give more context to the strength of his choice of marijuana strain, which is named “gas,” also known as “sour diesel.” A strain of the highest quality.

13. Digits

“Digits” is undoubtedly one of The Best Young Thug Songs songs. It is the perfect show of conflict, big pimping, and living a fast life without really forcing any of those themes in your face.

As is established, Young Thug is simply a genius at using his loosely sewn-together lyrics and tonal structure to tell stories that he’s lived and hopes that you can share in as well.

He’s so good at this that even though you cannot fully make out what he says in the song’s lyrics, you can vibe to it, and when the lyrics do hit you, you can relate to the high stakes, big money lifestyle he’s rapping about.

14. Check

As far as breakout projects go, Young Thug toed the line other greats such as Drake and J.Cole took by announcing yourself using a mixtape. The “Barter 6” is a 2015 mixtape by Young Thug, which would garner huge commercial success.

“Check” is the lead single from the album and doesn’t disappoint in its content. In one of The Best Young Thug Songs songs, he raps about money, power, and women.

He also doesn’t pass up a chance to flaunt his Bloods affiliation and has a readiness to address any disrespect to him or his crew. “Check” is another word for money, and he is saying he has a lot of money.

15. Pacifier

“Pacifier” is one of The Best Young Thug Songs songs, and it is a single and standout record from the album Hy!£UN35 as well. It was produced by an array of geniuses such as MikeWillMadeIt, P-Nasty, and Slaughter.

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However, the album Hy!£UN35 never got released due to a logistics issue and several reports of possible leaks. But with the album getting axed, it didn’t stop Young Thug from dropping this “fire” of a track as a powerful promo single.

16. ,,Never Made Love” feat Rich -Homie Quan

In what could be considered your regular Young Thug song, we get a new look at the artist and his real-life struggles. These struggles are carefully conveyed in loose references and masked with a show of bravado or swagger.

What makes this one of Best Young Thug Songs songs is that if you carefully read the lyrics, you’ll understand that he struggles with infidelity and yet finds solace because he doesn’t get emotionally attached to the many women in his life except one. “Never Made Love” features Rich Homie Quan, a friend, and label mate.

17. ,,Webbie” feat Duke

“Webbie” is not only one of Best Young Thug Songs songs, but it is also from one of his best albums, “My Name is Jeffrey.” The tracks on the album are all named after artists from whom he draws inspiration.

Webbie is the name of a rapper from Baton Rouge who Young Thug has stated is a great influence on his music and life.

18. Love Me Forever

Who knew the gang-affiliated, lean drinking and big pimping rapper had a romantic side? On one of The Best Young Thug Songs songs, “Love Me Forever,” we discover a new side to the rapper.

In the song, he shows great affection for his fiancée and asks her to love him forever, reminding us that even a thug needs love.

19. Speed Racer

“Speed Racer” is one of The Best Young Thug Songs songs primarily because it’s a feel-good track yet well made. He is, as always, ready to ride the beat and deliver memorable bars with finesse and swagger.

The title of the track is a fancy play on words— obviously, it’s Thugger. It paints a picture of him driving a fast car and refers to the fast lifestyle of substance use.

20. Halftime

This track title should not be confused with the song by New York legend Nas. Although, “Halftime” is one of The Best Young Thug songs. It is a masterpiece of a song, from the flow to the chorus and the beat.

He does something so profound in this song that if you weren’t paying attention, you’d think it was a mashup of various hit songs. The effect is because he can switch flows six times at least this time.


There are many artists out there in the industry doing their thing and making money, but Young Thug is committed to not only making music but inspiring a generation of artists as well. Through his unique music style and outlandish fashion sense, he can capture your attention and still make it worth your while.

I’m sure we all have a much different top 20 best Young Thug Songs of all time, and that’s okay, we all cant agree, but this is my list, and if you give it a listen, you’ll see reasons with me. They aren’t the best based on the sound alone but the overall art and impact of it.

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