20 Famous Black Celebrity Kids

20 Famous Black Celebrity Kids

There are moments where we imagine ourselves having a different life than the one we do. Seeing the kind of...

There are moments where we imagine ourselves having a different life than the one we do. Seeing the kind of...

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There are moments where we imagine ourselves having a different life than the one we do. Seeing the kind of lifestyle celebrities and their kids possess often brings out the most of our envy.

Being born into a celebrity family means one is pretty much guaranteed a comfortable and lavish life. Born with a silver spoon, the best things in life are available to them in a platter.

Now, who wouldn’t wish to be in such a position of privilege? Who would want to have everyday struggles in life and not have everything sorted beforehand if given a choice? No wonder celebrity kids have a privilege that is quite desirable, to say the least.

Nevertheless, we shouldn’t forget that even if things on the surface might seem perfect, struggles can still be very much a part of their life. On the flipside, because parents are always in the limelight, celebrity kids end up not having a “normal” life. Also, many of them end up languishing in their parents’ shadow.

Having successful parents makes it harder for the kids to carve an identity of their own. Yet, many such kids, because of having talent themselves, end up becoming celebrities in their own right.

Here we’ve compiled a list of 20 famous black celebrity kids, some celebrities themselves, others not so much. Go through the list and find out who’s your favorite. 

Black Celebrity Kids:

1. Blue Ivy Carter


Perhaps the “biggest” celebrity kid on our list, Blue Ivy, is the daughter of Jay-Z and Beyonce.

She first stole the limelight when in 2016, Beyonce attempted to trademark her name, branding her as a “cultural icon.” Initially met with opposition, the trademark, as of now, stands secure. 

Born to such talented parents, Ivy has shown promising signs and seems destined to make it big in the entertainment industry herself. She has already featured in some of her parents’ songs, including her father’s “Glory” and Beyonce’s “SPIRIT” and “Brown Skin Girls.”

And because of these, Ivy has already accumulated millions of listeners on her official Spotify account. Quite impressive, if you ask me! 

2. North West


Being born into a celebrity family is one thing. But what happens when you’re born into the Kardashian family? Surely, becoming a Kardashian steps it up a notch in terms of being a celebrity! And sure enough, North West, Kim K and Kanye’s eldest, is a household name already. 

Many thought it was a “pun” when the name “North” was first announced to the world. But as it turns out, the couple was rather serious about the name.

Apparently, they chose the name because “North” represents the highest point one can reach. Well, quite honestly, having such famous parents in life is quite a high point in itself. 

3. Stormi


Perhaps the youngest kid on our list, Stormi, is Kylie Jenner’s daughter with her partner Travis Scott. She was presumably conceived shortly after Kylie’s breakup with her former partner Tyga. Although a Kardashian, Stormi has taken her father’s last name, whose legal surname is actually Webster.

Stormi technically helped Kylie break an internet record when she uploaded a picture of her young toddler gripping her thumb. The picture quickly became viral on Instagram and amassed a whopping 14 million likes within 24 hours. 

Aside from that, Kylie’s The Weather Collection from Kylie Cosmetics was released in honor of the toddler.

4. Egypt Daoud Dean


The oldest child of famous singer Alicia Keys and record producer DJ Swizz Beatz, Egypt isn’t a household name just yet. The chances are that you might not know him at all, but it won’t be long before that change. 

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Egypt has inherited musical talents from his parents and is already creating quite the buzz, albeit gradually. He already has produced his first track for Kendrik Lamar’s compilation album “Untitled Unmastered.” 

And if that wasn’t impressive enough, he also has performed alongside his mother at iHeart Radio Award 2019. He played piano tunes of famous Alicia songs.

5. Jaden Smith


The older child of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, Jaden is now a famous rapper, singer-songwriter, and actor in his own right. Quite successfully, he has carved an identity of his own despite having someone of Will’s stature as his father.

He proved his acting proficiency from a tender age when he acted alongside his father in the 2006 film The Pursuit of Happyness. His role won him the MTV Breakthrough Performance Award the following year. Other acting projects of his include major roles in movies like The Karate Kid, The Day the Earth Stood Still, and After Earth.

As a singer-songwriter, Jaden has released three studio albums. His singles like “Never Say Never” and “Icon” have also reached Billboard Charts. 

6. Willow Smith


The younger of the Smith sibling, Willow, is the second child of Will and Jada Smith. And despite being the daughter of a powerhouse couple, just like her brother, Willow has successfully stepped out of their shadows. 

She has created a name for herself, whether it’s in the field of music, acting or fashion. Whip My Hair, her single, was the first project which brought her worldwide limelight. Willow achieved this at the tender age of nine.

And surely, the effect of achieving such sudden stardom and the stress that came along with it did seem to take a mental toll on her. Thankfully, with time she has blossomed into a mature adult and knows better how to navigate the world of stardom.

7. O’Shea Jackson


The oldest son of rapper Ice Cube, O’Shea is an actor and rapper like his father. Aside from his professional career, O’Shea is also famous for having a striking resemblance to his father. 

Naturally, he was cast to portray his father in Straight Outta Compton, the biographical movie about NWA, his father’s band. Other major acting projects include Ingrid Goes West along with Aubrey Plaza, Den of Thieves, and Long Shot.

Under the pseudonym OMG, he has released a mix-tape named Jackin’ for Beats. He was also featured in two of his father’s songs for the album I Am the West. 

8. Zoe Kravitz


Zoe is a celebrity in her own right. Known for her beauty and style just as much as her talent, she’s a star and an idol for upcoming youngsters. Zoe is the daughter of Lisa Bon and Lenny Kravitz.

Soon after dropping out of college, she landed her first acting role in the 2007 romance film, No Reservations. Since then, she hasn’t looked back and has gone on to establish herself as a successful mainstream actress.

Some of her major movies include X-Men First Class, Divergent, The Road Within, and Geminin. Recently, she was cast as Selena Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman, for the upcoming Batman movie. 

9. Natalia Bryant


Natalia is the oldest child of deceased Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and model Vanessa. In the aftermath of the sudden passing away of her father and sister Gianna, Natalia decided to leave sports altogether. 

Initially, she was on course to pursue volleyball professionally. But the untimely loss of her father left her feeling overwhelmed. So much so that she quit volleyball and is now carving her own path in an altogether different field.

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Currently, she is a film major from Southern California University and has also signed modeling contracts. Recently, she got featured on the latest cover of Teen Vogue.

10. EJ Johnson


Born to another Lakers Legend, EL is the second child of Magic Johnson and Earlitha. Despite being born into a family with sporting roots, EJ has carved a name for himself in altogether a different realm. 

He became famous first after his stint in the reality show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills in 2014. Soon after, he came out as gay, something his father wasn’t supportive of initially.

Since then, the duo seems to have worked out their dynamics. Known for having an androgynous fashion sense, EL nevertheless identifies as a male and has no plans for transitioning.

11. Rashida Jones


Rashida is the youngest of music legend Quincy Jones’ six daughters. Aside from being a prominent face in the entertainment industry, she also indulges in political activity every now and then. 

She became a household name after having recurring roles in shows like Park and Recreations (2009-2015) and The Office (2006-2013). She is one of those rare celebrities who have a credible academic background, having graduated from Harvard in 1997.

She studied religion and philosophy. Aside from acting, she also worked on scripts as a writer and producer. 

12. John David Washington


The oldest son of acting legend Denzel Washington, David is an upcoming movie star in his own right. Initially, however, he began his professional career as a footballer. He played for Sacramento Mountain Lion until 2012. Thereafter, he transitioned into the entertainment industry. 

As far as acting’s concerned, his first project was appearing as an extra in his father’s movie Malcolm X. His breakthrough performance came in the year 2018 in Blackkklansman, for which he earned a Golden Globe nomination. Since then, he has featured in movies like Tenant and Malcolm and Marie. 

13. Bella Murphy


Bella is one of Eddie Murphy’s ten children. Following her father’s footsteps, Bella is on course to become an actor and is ready to take over Hollywood. 

But there’s an interesting back-story to her debut in Coming 2 America. As a family rule, Eddie wants his kids to work in the industry only after they’ve become legal adults.

Bella, however, was only 17 when she got featured in the movie. Initially, she had only wanted a sort of cameo appearance in it but was later promoted to a full-fledged cast member. 

14. Corinne Foxx


Daughter of Oscar winner Jamie Foxx, Corinne is an upcoming actor and modeling personality. Corinne attended various acting theatres before making her film debut in 2019.

As a model, she has represented top brands such as D&G, Ralph Lauren, among others. In 2016, while she was a college student, she also served as Miss Golden Globe. 

15. Romeo Miller Jr.


Romeo Miller Jr. is the son of famous rapper Romeo Miller, aka Master P. Following in his father’s footsteps, he began his professional career by releasing his first album in 2001. It featured the single “My Baby,” which became a major hit and topped RnB charts. Romeo has gone on to release three more studio albums.

In 2005, he and his father co-founded Gutter Music Entertainment. For a brief period, he formed alongside his brothers and cousin the rap group named Rich Boys. They released one studio album before the group disbanded. 

He has had stints in movies, too, having first appeared in the movie Max Keeble’s Big Move in 2001 in a cameo role. 

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16. Christian Combs


He is one of P Diddy’s six children. He first came to prominence after a video of him went viral where he was dancing off with Rihanna at Coachella 2016. Since then, he has gone on to sign with his father’s label Bad Boy.

He had also dropped his first single/music video named “Paid in Full” the same year. Heir apparent to his father’s legacy, Christian seems to have inherited Diddy’s musical talents and business acumen. He seems up and ready to take the music industry by storm. 

17. Malia Obama


The former first daughter is perhaps an oddity in this list, for she comes from a family with a political background, not entertainment. However, that hasn’t stopped the media from becoming invested in her life. 

The older of the Obama sibling, Malia, is currently pursuing a law degree from Harvard. According to reports, she will also be writing for Donald Glover, who recently signed an Amazon deal for a television series. Suffice to say, Malia seems to be just as smart and well-rounded as her parents.

18. Ziggy Marley


Son of Reggae legend Bob Marley, Ziggy followed in his father’s footsteps as a career musician. Among his siblings, he’s the one who seems to have carved a successful identity of his own. 

He and his siblings formed the group Melody Makers, with whom he recorded eight albums. The group most famously released “Children playing in the Streets,” a song written for them by Bob. 

As a solo artist, Ziggy has released seven studio albums, the first being Dragonfly in 2003. He is the recipient of eight Grammys and also an Emmy Award.

19. Tracee Ellis Ross


Tracee is the daughter of Diana Ross, the lead singer of the legendary band The Supremes. After earning a theatre degree from Brown University, Tracee began her professional career. She initially started by acting in independent films and variety shows. 

Her breakthrough role came in the show Girlfriends, where she essayed the role of the show’s protagonist Joan Clayton. She won her first NAACP Award for this role. She has also won a Golden Globe for her role as Dr. Rainbow in Black-ish. 

Aside from this, she has other business ventures, including Pattern Beauty, a haircare line for curly hair

20. Issan Elba


Issan is the daughter of actor Idris Elba with his first wife, Kim Norgaard. She was the 2019 Golden Globe Ambassador. An esteem designation conferred to the child of a celebrity. 

She revealed that she initially wanted to be an actor, but that changed after her father’s directorial work in “Yardie.” She now considers herself as an aspiring filmmaker, though she doesn’t want to make her professional life one-dimensional. 

Like her father’s many professions, she wants to get her hands on varied fields, including mental health advocacy. 


No doubt, having celebrity parents and being born into privilege is alluring. But then again, there are many flipsides to it as well. And people shouldn’t just presume that they have it all easy.

In fact, many of the kids listed on our compilation have created a name for themselves only through sheer hard work and perseverance. Sure, most of them have it easy at the start, but to remain relevant in the field, one has to work out their ways themselves.

With that, we conclude our list of 20 Famous Black Celebrity Kids. We hope you enjoyed reading through them as much as we enjoyed compiling them for you.

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