British Plus-Size Models: 16 Gracious Plus Size Models From UK (2024 update)

British Plus-Size Models: 16 Gracious Plus Size Models From UK (2024 update)

Who hasn’t gone through the awkward teen years and suffered from major body-image issues? For the longest time, fashion has...

Who hasn’t gone through the awkward teen years and suffered from major body-image issues? For the longest time, fashion has...

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Who hasn’t gone through the awkward teen years and suffered from major body-image issues?

For the longest time, fashion has been about the size zero and synonymous with perfectly thin bodies.

But let’s get real, most fashion users are sizes 6, 8, and above! So, when we finally saw some people who resembled us and had similar body structures to us flaunt the best of the fashion world, we loved it.

With more and more brands diversifying labels and becoming more inclusive, the fashion industry is evolving for the better.

Thus, let’s take inspiration from some of the most successful and attractive British plus-size models to accept our insecurities and become more body positive.

British Plus Size Models:

Naomi Shimada

A size 16 model, Naomi Shimada has been very vocal about the whole truth about the nature of business in the world of plus-size modeling. Her voice is empathetic and comes from a place of relatability. Check out her article in Guardian regarding the same. With 84.8k followers on the Insta, she’s looked up to by many for her cool and casual posts. Affiliated with Storm Management modeling agency based out of London; she is one of ASOS Curve regular models. 

Lucy Bennett

Represented by Wilhelmina, Lucy Bennett is the next on our list of hot British plus-size models. If you thought you had insecurities, think again. Because despite having a unibrow, a curvy body with imperfect curves, her confidence and her ever-charming personality has taken her places. She has been seen campaigning for Debenhams, London, in her sexy, curvy avatar. If you don’t make peace with the way you look, how will the world be? We’re sure her 35.7K followers find this immensely inspiring.

Vivian Eyo-Ephraim

Another ASOS plus-size model getting a lot of attention for her modeling gig is Vivian Eyo-Ephraim. She and ASOS were appreciated for the body-positive yellow bikini modeling campaign. The 20-year-old received a lot of love from supporters for her photos. This is a direct observable outcome of the diversity and inclusion movement waiting to happen in the fashion industry. Her decision to get into this field definitely inspires more women like her to gain confidence and celebrate their bodies. 

Jada Sezer

With 295K followers on Instagram, Jada Sezer is one of the most influential plus-size models. Killing it with her suave fashion sense, she exudes body positivity. She ran a marathon in underwear to prove her health and strength. Truly an inspiration, she was featured on the cover of Women’s Health magazine. Associated with Wilhelmina Models, she has modeled for famous brands like Teen Vogue and ASOS. Jada is also known to be an ambassador for the UN Women UK.

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Simone Charles

A woman of color and plus size, Simone Charles is a perfect combination of bold and beautiful. With confidence that women only dream of having, we sincerely applaud her for her daring fashion voice. With 35.5K followers on the gram, she’s certainly looked up to by many young women for courage and inspiration. She’s one of the up-and-coming models to watch out for. Having admitted her reservations about her chest in the past, her lingerie posts on Instagram radiate body positivity.

Olivia Campbell

Better known as curvycambell on Instagram, Olivia Campbell has a whopping 203K followers. For this curvy model and a single mother, her journey has not been the easiest one. Yet, ignoring the trolls and pushing through with oozing confidence, she doesn’t just advocate but also practices self-love. Staying true to yourself is difficult in this everchanging shallow world of social media. So, when we come across authentic personas on the gram, we can’t stop gushing over this British plus-size model.

Iskra Lawrence

An influencer and flag bearer of authenticity and body positivity, Iskra Lawrence is an idol for many young curve models. Her body image is real and relatable, which explains her 4.9M followers. When she walked the Cannes 2022 red carpet this year, she looked radiant and beautiful as she flaunted her curves. Working as a curve model since 2008, Iskra is an advocate of self-love. Model, mother, and entrepreneur, her brand for body care called ‘Saltair’ is gaining a lot of popularity. 

Nyome Nicholas-Williams

Plus-size model, a woman of color, candor, and one of the leading curvy influencers on Instagram, curvynyome has spread body positivity through her work. In the year 2020, she led and won the viral campaign #IWantToSeeNyome on the gram when her nude pictures were taken down erroneously by the social media platform. This also reflected her unperturbed stand on #blacklivesmatter. She has modeled as a curvy woman for a lot of brands such as Victoria’s secret, Dove, Vogue Italia, and Maxim.

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Paloma Elsesser

With over 500K followers on Instagram, Paloma Elsesser is another British plus-size model who’s made an impression in the fashion world. Besides appearing on covers of trending fashion magazines such as Vogue, and i-D, she, a size 14 model, also walked for Fendi and Ferragamo in her Milan Fashion Week debut. For women of larger sizes and multiracial origins, such inclusivity is a game-changer for the world of mainstream high-end fashion. All we say is thank you, Paloma Elsesser, for being you!

Bishamber Das

With the fashion scene becoming more inclusive and diverse with time, Bishamber Das became Britain’s first Asian plus-size model. Stepping into this industry through a beauty pageant in 2014, she has also started her label GirlLikeMe, dedicated to plus-size women in India. She also takes pride in bringing the body positivity movement to India. With 137K followers on Instagram, she connects with her relatable posts with beautiful fashion ensembles and long hair. Her fight against body shaming has fueled her body positivity campaign.

Sonny Turner

The first black woman to feature in Playboy, Sonny Turner, lives by the #nofilters policy on Instagram. This young and naturally curled plus-size model is all about love and body positivity. In an environment where there’s constant pressure to look perfect, activists and body positivity proponents like Sonny are indeed the influencers we love to follow. Represented by MiLK London and Wilhelmina, she has walked for New York Fashion week and has campaigned for ASOS and Primark as well.

Felicity Hayward

We hide our imperfections in every way we can. But models like Felicity Hayward inspire you to love yourself and accept your body with all the imperfections. One of the first campaigners for ASOS curved models to promote self-love, she even showed her cellulite, and scars with pride. Author of the book ‘Does my butt look big in this,’ she has been the campaign face of many brands, including H&M, L’oreal, and the Body shop. 

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Saffi Karina

Represented by IMG models, Saffi Karina, with 557K followers on Instagram, is one of the leading influencers on social media. As a curve model, she has campaigned for Levi’s and H&M and has been a part of prestigious fashion magazines such as Vogue. With her diverse cultural background and her sexy curvy body, she is a source of inspiration to many fashion aficionados. As an influencer, she also uses her popularity to talk about mental health and well-being, having battled with it in the past. 

Antonia Jade

You should be able to be yourself irrespective of your culture, ethnicity, size, or imperfections. This is precisely what plus-size models like Antonia Jade have been promoting through their social media. Having struggled and overcome body image issues, her perspective comes from a place of experience and empathy. Extremely body-positive, her collection of funky sunglasses and outfit ensembles is worth checking out. Also an active content creator, she shares her fashion advice and journey on YouTube as well.

Chloe Marshall

Represented by Wilhelmina, fabulous Chloe Marshall has 165K followers on Instagram. She started her modeling career at 16, and soon enough, she did a lot of campaigns for project runway. Incredibly curvy and desirable, this British model looks stunning in her Instagram posts. Her sense of styling is on point, and I’m sure you’ll get some fashion tips to dress a little better. Her style seems casual and highlights her best features while celebrating her curvy body.

Lauren Nicole

Model, blogger, editor, and CEO, if there is one overachieving plus-size activist, it is Lauren Nicole. Confessing her struggle with body dysmorphia, she has groomed herself into this multifaceted person who is extremely confident in her skin. Starting as a blogger, she was scouted by 113 for collaboration. Having started in the industry accidentally, she has already modeled for Dorothy Perkins, Missguided, and other such brands. With her great styling sense, she’s no less than a fashion icon for us.


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