TOP 100: A Blast from the Past: Revisiting the Iconic Cartoons of the 2000s

TOP 100: A Blast from the Past: Revisiting the Iconic Cartoons of the 2000s

Do you recall your childhood? One of the things one loves to do is watch cartoons. This entertainment genre comes...

Do you recall your childhood? One of the things one loves to do is watch cartoons. This entertainment genre comes...

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Do you recall your childhood? One of the things one loves to do is watch cartoons. This entertainment genre comes in various channels.

Those classified under the 2000s cartoons had phenomenal releases.

The genres included action, adventure, comedy, education, and culture. Some memorable cartoons from the 2000s impacted viewers heavily. The market became flooded with their merchandise.

And with the rise of social media, these animated shows had their share of exposure too. Are you curious about the 2000s cartoons that are worth checking out?

Browse through the list below of toons that will entertain kids and adults alike.

Best Cartoons From The 2000s:

Star Wars, the Clone Wars:

Star Wars, the Clone Wars is the first animated show done by Lucasfilm Animation. Released in 2008, it updates episodes every week. It uses computer-based animation and runs approximately for 24 to 26 minutes. This 2000s cartoon features beloved characters like Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. The story revolves around the struggles of the Jedi knights to restore peace, despite their decreasing numbers. How can the Force help our heroes to remain victorious?


Naruto started as a Japanese manga and received an animated adaptation in 2002. It tells the story of a young ninja named Naruto. He is mischievous, comedic, optimistic, and possesses a unique charm. The series is an account of his life when he began studying at the Ninja Academy. Naruto aims to be the village leader known as the Hokage someday. Does he have what it takes to be one? Naruto, the television series, became popular due to its motion animations whenever ninja moves are involved. The execution of hand seals on this toon is jaw-dropping.

Avatar, Last Airbender:

Avatar, Last Airbender, is a production by Nickelodeon Animation Studios and was released in 2005. The plot of this 2000s cartoon shows the world divided into four nations. The four major groups are the Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Air Nomads. In this reality, there are people called Benders. They can control and manipulate their elements. The aggressive Fire Nation wants to conquer the world. The only way to them is to find the Avatar, a person who can control all four elements. The destined person is Aang, and most of the adventures on the show are centered on his journey to be a full pledged Avatar.

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Dragon Ball Z:

Dragon Ball Z is another Japanese animation on the list. This action-filled cartoon is known for its intense scenes and power-ups. It tells the story of Goku, a man who grew up on the Earth, but is an alien called a Saiyan. Goku has a carefree personality and a huge appetite. Despite his comedic personality, he is very passionate about the people he cares about. He will do his best to protect the earth, the place he has considered home all his life. He will never back down, even if his foes are cosmically strong.


Archer is one of the cartoons from the 2000s that have a serious theme. The plot delves into a dysfunctional intelligence agency. The main character is Sterling Archer, who works with seven colleagues in an anachronistic universe. The atmosphere of the show gives Cold War vibes and is filled with conflicts like espionage, culture and society problems, and the human psyche. This American black comedy animated series debuted in 2009, and an episode has a running time of about 19 to 24 minutes.

Sponge Bob Square Pants:

Sponge Bob Square Pants is a phenomenal animated television series produced by Nickelodeon. The show is hilarious, thanks to the comedic antics of best friends Sponge Bob and Patrick Starr. The two buddies live under the sea in the fictional world of Bikini Bottom. Sponge Bob is a hard-working employee in the Krusty Krab. He tries his best to get along with his neighbor Squidward Tentacles. Unfortunately, Sponge Bob and Patrick are a magnet for trouble, which makes Squidward irresponsive to their efforts. But it does not stop the two from trying whenever they get the chance.

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American Dad:

American Dad is another adult animated sitcom on the list. It focuses on the eccentric Smith family living in a fictional place called Langley Falls. Stan Smith, the father, is the breadwinner of the upper-middle-class family and works as a Central Intelligence Agency agent. The show uses the quirky characteristics of the cast to execute humor. Most jokes were on the relationships of family members and real-world issues. It made the show relatable to audiences and earned a decent amount of viewers.

Phineas and Ferb:

Phineas and Ferb are step-siblings who have a knack for science and creative imagination. The show depicts how the brothers spend their summer vacation creatively. The duo often makes out of their world creations and is witnessed by their elder sister Candice. Despite wanting to expose her brothers, Candice never manages to do so. Another interesting character in the series is their pet platypus named Perry. He is a secret agent under the code name Agent P. He often battles the evil scientist Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz who plans to conquer the whole Tri-State Area.

Peppa Pig:

Peppa Pig is an adorable female piglet with anthropomorphic features. The show is aimed at younger audiences, particularly those in preschool. Peppa has several animal friends and a younger brother named George, with whom she loves to play and interact. This program is a commercial success and aired in over 180 countries. The episodes of the cartoon show the everyday activities of kids. The list consists of swimming, visiting relatives, going to the playground, and riding bicycles. It makes the toon relatable to children and enjoyable as well.

Samurai Jack:

Samurai Jack is an action-adventure television series with a dose of comedy. It is about an unnamed samurai prince, who is highly skilled with the sword. He has a magical katana that can cut through anything. He bravely confronts an evil shapeshifting demon named Ak, who is a threat to his kingdom. During the battle in desperation, Aku sent the prince to a different time. Familiarizing himself with the new world, the prince took the name of Jack for identification. He then goes on a journey to find a way home while battling numerous demons.

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Final Thoughts:

The cartoons from the 2000s have a theme that suits the taste of children and grown-ups. Most of these popular titles have merchandise and are considered household names. The storylines they carry are interesting and socially significant. Future generations will surely enjoy watching them also.

Other 2000s Cartoons You Should Check Out:

  1. teen titans
  2. robot chicken
  3. the fairly oddparents
  4. Ben 10
  5. justice league
  6. justice league unlimited
  7. teenage mutant ninja turtles
  8. kim possible
  9. buzz lightyear of star command
  10. the batman
  11. mickey mouse clubhouse
  12. total drama
  13. aqua teen hunger force
  14. The spectacular spider man
  15. winx club
  16. danny phantom
  17. The grim adventures of billy & mandy
  18. dora the explorer
  19. curious george
  20. Totally spies
  21. Scooby doo
  22. Lilo & stitch
  23. the marvelous misadventures of flapjack
  24. little einsteins
  25. strawberry shortcake
  26. pocoyo
  27. invader zim
  28. bratz
  29. louie
  30. the replacements
  31. freak show
  32. corduroy
  33. scruff
  34. static shock
  35. code lyoko
  36. the proud family
  37. salad fingers
  38. munchies
  39. chowder
  40. handy manny
  41. the land before time
  42. dinosaur train
  43. leon
  44. masha and the bear
  45. olivia
  46. clifford the big red dog
  47. committed
  48. treasure
  49. the backyardigans
  50. metalocalypse
  51. wonder pets
  52. wakfu
  53. max steel
  54. stanley
  55. peep and the big wide world
  56. xiaolin showdown
  57. el chavo animado
  58. chuggington
  59. george of the jungle
  60. as told by ginger
  61. between the lions
  62. nico
  63. oswald
  64. rainbow fish
  65. cyberchase
  66. my life as a teenage robot
  67. chaotic
  68. geronimo stilton
  69. stoked
  70. maggie and the ferocious beast
  71. baby blues
  72. drawn together
  73. squidbillies
  74. martha speaks
  75. baby looney tunes
  76. sammy
  77. creature comforts
  78. the legend of tarzan
  79. 6teen
  80. game over
  81. the berenstain bears
  82. wayside
  83. pucca
  84. special agent oso
  85. angelina ballerina
  86. jackie chan adventures
  87. sagwa
  88. eye drops
  89. hi hi puffy amiyumi
  90. camp lazlo
  91. charlie and lola
  92. back at the barnyard
  93. horrid henry

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