18 Hollywood Who’s Who? Celebrity Look Alikes You Can’t Tell Apart

18 Hollywood Who’s Who? Celebrity Look Alikes You Can’t Tell Apart

There’s a popular belief that every person has seven lookalikes scattered across the globe. But to be honest, seven seems...

There’s a popular belief that every person has seven lookalikes scattered across the globe. But to be honest, seven seems...

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There’s a popular belief that every person has seven lookalikes scattered across the globe. But to be honest, seven seems like a huge number. We are often left astounded even when meeting one person who looks similar to us.

Now imagine this scenario: You’re watching a movie, and only towards the end of it do you realize that it didn’t star your favorite actor. Instead, it had another actor who looked exactly like your favorite actor.

Now, has that ever happened to you? We bet it has. 

For instance, remember the time when you watched New Girl and thought, “Wow! Katy Perry’s a good actor,” only to realize later that it was Zooey Deschanel? 

Or remember the times when we all got confused (some still do) between Isla Fisher and Amy Adams? The two actresses had so much resemblance that distinguishing one from the other became more of a challenge.

So yeah, Hollywood has loads of celebrity doppelgangers. And if you thought your favorite celebrity was one in a million, well, better think again!

Technically, some celebrities even end up having not just one but many doppelgangers. Some of these celebrity look alikes are so convincing that even fans end up mistaking them on occasions. 

With that said, we’re listing some of the top celebrity lookalikes that end up leaving us confused all the time. Continue reading to find out which stars we’re talking about so that you don’t end up getting confused between them ever again.

Celebrity Look Alikes:

1. Mark Ruffalo & Noah Centineo

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Ever since Mark Ruffalo shared a high school picture of himself on Instagram, fans began drawing comparisons with Noah Centineo. While Noah is a contemporary heartthrob, Ruffalo was quite the heartthrob himself back in the 90s.

Ruffalo was once asked about the comparisons when he appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Unfortunately, however, the Zodiac actor thought the comparisons were unconvincing. 

He even went on to say that Noah looked way better. Fans, however, continue to believe otherwise. Many of them went as far as believing that the two actors even had the same voice.

Speaking on the comparisons, Noah joked that he felt like he was Mark himself.

2. Seth Meyers & Hugh Grant

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These are two celebrities no one would’ve guessed looked alike until recently. When Hugh appeared on Seth Meyers talk show, the duo was sitting side-by-side; only then did the resemblances become apparent. 

Interestingly, as the two got talking, Meyers mentioned how fans have thought they looked alike. To this, Hugh seemed to agree profusely.

Meyers then proceeded to show three sets of photos of him and Hugh. In these pictures, they both were sporting the same curtail hairstyles. They both had the same goofy smile and looked as though they were twins. 

Over time, however, both have had changes in their appearances. Even so, when looked at thoroughly, one does remind people of the other.

3. Amal Clooney & Anne Hathaway

image source

Though it might be a bit of a stretch to call these two lookalikes, we do see traces of resemblances. Anne and Amal both share big, round dark eyes and hair.

And when asked what Anne thought about the comparisons, she said in an interview that it was “the best thing!” She thought it was a big compliment and that she aspired to become half the woman Amal was.

Of course, social media, Twitter, in particular, was abuzz with fans already comparing the two. This was further exacerbated when Anne’s movie Ocean’s 8 posters were out. She looked uncannily similar to Amal in them.

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4. Elijah Wood & Daniel Radcliff

image source

Apart from looks, Daniel and Elijah have other things in common too. In the year 2001, both actors began their professional acting careers. 

Daniel starred in the worldwide phenomena Harry Potter, playing the titular character. Elijah, on the other hand, became the much-loved Froddo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings series.

Although both have acknowledged in the past how often they get mistaken for each other, Daniel believes he doesn’t actually look like Elijah.

“We don’t actually look that alike,” he said during the Wired autocomplete interview. “But if you imagine all our component parts, we’re just short, pale, blue-eyed, big-eyed, brown-haired people.”

5. Mychal Kendricks & Drake

image source

Many people think Mychal and Drake have similarities. The football linebacker who is currently a free agent has acknowledged it himself.

When TMZ asked the footballer if he had people come up to him talking about the similarities, his response was, “too many people!”

It probably has tons with how both have similar hairstyles. Additionally, they both share similar types of eyebrows and beards. 

When asked how Mychal felt about the comparison, he didn’t seem too bothered. Presumably, Drake wouldn’t be too bothered either. These two, after all, are fine-looking gentlemen in their own right.

6. Zach Galifianakis & Nick Offerman

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Funnyman Zach Galifianakis could well have been fellow comedian Nick Offerman’s twin brother, and we would’ve understood why. In fact, we bet many thought it was Zach and not Nick who starred in the latest show Devs. 

The character Forest, played by Offerman, looked uncannily similar to Zack as though he was a muse.

Interestingly, perhaps it’s no coincidence that Galifianakis continues to portray roles that bear a striking resemblance to Offerman’s roguish character from Parks and Rec.

Whether it’s with a mustache or full beards, these two comedians never seem to look different enough.

7. Amber Valletta & Taylor Schilling

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Maybe it’s the blonde hair or something more subtle, but Taylor Schilling and Amber Valletta do look similar. In fact, in Orange Is The New Black, many thought at first that it was Valletta who played the role of Piper Chapman. 

Likewise, if you were to watch the 2005 movie Hitch, in which Valletta had a prominent role, one might see traces of Taylor in her. 

In any case, the resemblances are here to stay. Fans don’t really seem to mind it, and we suppose the actors won’t either.

8. Allen Leech & Niall Horan

image source

The next two doppelgangers on our list have quite a huge age difference. Even so, fans aren’t deterred from suggesting that they look alike.

Downton Abbey star Allen Leech is forty now. And Niall Horan, the former 1D member, is 28. 

In fact, Leech has mentioned on numerous occasions how fans often mistake him for Niall. And who can forget the time when he joked on Watch What Happens Live that Niall was his son?

Likewise, Niall once tweeted how a waiter at a restaurant called him out as Leech’s lookalike.

Well, they both are Irish, and both are fine-looking men. Resemblances were bound to occur, right?

9. Idina Menzel & Lea Michele

image source

If you’re a Glee fan, you would know that Idina Menzel and Lea Michele starred together in the show. In case you’re not a fan, any guesses as to what role they played? 

Mother and daughter, of course!

It’s pretty obvious why the show creators decided to cast Idina as Lea’s on-screen mother. The two have quite in common in terms of looks, despite the age gap. Both have a similar bone structure and facial features that suggest a startling resemblance.

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Speaking of her role, Idina once said she should’ve played the role of Lea’s sister and not mother. In retrospect, that would’ve worked out just fine as well.

10. Aaron Paul & Tom Felton

image source

Speaking to Conan O’Brien, Tom Felton once spoke about the incident where a fan mistook him for “Jesse Pinkman.” For the uninitiated, Jesse Pinkman was Aaron Paul’s character in Breaking Bad.

And now that we think about it, it’s not too hard to imagine Tom Felton doing a decent job at playing Jesse Pinkman.

Aaron Paul has also, on multiple occasions, acknowledged via social media how fans think he looks like an older Draco Malfoy. 

The two actors do have similarities, in particular the large forehead. Both seem to like sporting light stubble, which definitely adds to the similarities.

11. David Spade & Keith Urban

image source

In the first instance, you may not see it. But the more you look at Keith Urban and then at David Spade, one might feel tempted to think they’re related. 

It’s only a mere coincidence that they both choose to sport long and luscious locks. But even without it, they’d still look pretty much like brothers. 

As ever, fans on social media are often the first to notice such nuances. And many jokes about their resemblance have made the rounds of Twitter since.

In fact, some fans went as far as to suggest that David Spade, Keith Urban, and Billy Ray Cyrus are the same person.

13. Javier Bardem & Jeffrey Dean Morgan

image source

Javier Bardem is a dead ringer for American actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Or is it the other way round? It doesn’t matter! Both actors are almost identical.

Despite one being American and the other Spanish, both have hauntingly startling resemblances. Audiences are often left bemused when they see either of the two on-screen. 

In a funny Red Carpet incident, paparazzi once mistook Morgan for Bardem and kept referring to him as the Spanish actor. Frustrated, though in a lighter vein, Morgan showed them the middle finger.

This incident alone has landed Bardem in trouble, the media often putting the blame on Bardem’s head for Morgan’s actions.

13. Stephen Colbert & Bob Saget

image source

Stephen Colbert and Bob Saget have many similarities; comedy is just one of the many. Their calm and soft-spoken demeanor is the other thing. 

We bet audiences are also puzzled at times when watching Colbert’s Talk Show, wondering if it’s really him or Saget. 

They both wear glasses and have similar facial structures. Additionally, both seem to have had the same hairstyle for ages now. They both hail from the East Coast, respectively. 

Stephen has three kids. And guess how many does Saget have? Yes, you’re right! It’s three. 

If being similar was a game, these two have pretty much mastered all of it already. 

14. Zooey Deschanel & Katy Perry

image source

This next one on our list is perhaps the most obvious one. Katy Perry has always been compared to Zooey Deschanel ever since she was in the limelight.

In fact, Katy recently revealed that she pretended to be Zooey when she moved to L.A.

Before becoming famous herself, Katy said she took advantage of their resemblance and used Deschanel’s popularity to get into clubs.

Both celebrities have always openly acknowledged their resemblances. Both had their share of instances when fans and friends alike mistook them for each other.

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Deschanel, on her part, has often maintained how Perry was the prettier one. 

15. Keira Knightley & Natalie Portman

image source

British actress Keira Knightley has often been mistaken for someone else. But fellow actor Natalie Portman seems to be the one with whom she’s most often confused.

George Lucas was perhaps the first to notice the similarities. He then cast the two in his 1999 Star Wars movie. 

Knightley played the role of the maid Saba, who became the decoy doppelganger of Queen Padmé (Natalie Portman).

Famous stylist David Kibby has also often mentioned the similarities between the two. Features such as almond-shaped eye incision, oval face shape, and brown eyes are some similarities simply too stark to not notice. 

16. Roselyn Sanchez & Nicole Scherzinger

image source

These two celebrities look like they are sisters who were separated at birth. Fans even jokingly suggested if ever Pussycat Dolls needed a replacement for Nicole, they should look no further than Roselyn Sanchez.

The two share such facial similarities that fans often wonder if they actually are siblings for real. But of course, we know that the two entertainers aren’t biologically related. 

Roselyn is Puerto Rican, and Nicole an American. But if it weren’t for Google, anyone not familiar with the fact would surely believe otherwise.

Looking at the two beauties together will definitely end up in a double-take. 

17. Mila Kunis & Sarah Hyland

image source

When asked on Twitter if she knew about the similarities, Hyland simply responded, “We Know.” She revealed how often fans and paparazzi had mistaken the two actresses.

Incidentally, Kunis also seems to have told Hyland that she pretends to be her just to make herself feel younger. Hyland is seven years younger than Kunis.

Despite the age difference, the similarities are hard not to ignore. They both have a similar kind of nose and a face shape. Their eyebrow arches also seem to be shockingly similar.

Apart from their appearance, they have other things in common as well. They both are great actresses, known for their hilarious roles.

18. Courteney Cox & Demi Moore

image source

These two celebrities have been known to look like each other for a long time. The topic was once again broached by fans when Moore posted a picture of herself and Courtney. 

The similarities were so palpable that some suggested that they might even be twins. Not only that, many people seem to think that Courtney’s daughter Coco Arquette is a ringer for Moore. 

Fans believe that Moore’s younger looks from her St. Elmo’s Fire days bear a striking resemblance to the young Coco.

The one thing that tells them apart is perhaps their eyes. Courtney has blue, while Moore has brown eyes. Other than that, it’s really hard to say who’s who. 


Obviously, the list isn’t exhaustive. We might have missed mentioning some obvious ones like Margot Robbie/Emma Mackey, Jessica Chastain/Bryce Howard, Nina Dobrev, and Victoria Justice, etc. 

In any case, there are more doppelgangers in Hollywood than we might’ve initially suspected. It doesn’t necessarily mean that celebrities would look like Xerox copies of each other.

No doubt, differences will be there, but subtle similarities will more or less make themselves known. 

So, don’t get surprised next time if you happen to see Drake playing professional football. Or, if Anna Hathaway accompanies George Clooney on a red carpet. Or, most surprisingly, Allen Leech performing in a 1D reunion concert. Chances are high that those are their equally famous celebrity doppelgangers.


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