TOP 10: Best like Documentaries

TOP 10: Best like Documentaries

Have you seen all the documentaries and are in desperate need of some new content? No problem! We have...

Have you seen all the documentaries and are in desperate need of some new content? No problem! We have...

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Have you seen all the documentaries and are in desperate need of some new content? No problem! We have found 10 documentaries that are similar to the ones produces, so you have some more content to watch right now!

Do you not know what the documentaries on are like? Let us tell you! creates documentaries that are somehow relevant to pop culture. For example, they had a documentary about the legendary FYRE festival that never really happened. Netflix published their documentary about it after if that is an indication of how fast and quick is with their content. 

But does not only focus on pop culture. They focus on whatever seems to be relevant to the world at that point. 

So lean back, and enjoy these ten documentaries! All of them are available on YouTube, so you will definitely be able to watch them!

Best like Documentaries:

1. Are you into True Crime?

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If you are into true crime, this documentary is for you! This Absolute Documentary deals with criminals that are on death row. Trevor McDonald actually goes to one of the US maximum-security prisons and talks to an inmate.

He talks to Fredrick Baer, who not only killed a woman, but also her 5-year-old kid. Even though the inmate is on death row, he is hoping to not end up being killed. 

This 45-minute documentary deals with the death sentence and the most horrible crimes you could ever imagine. Will you still end up feeling bad for the murderer that is interviewed in this documentary?

The interesting thing about this documentary is the morale of it and the things that you might end up thinking about it. Is the death sentence really something we need in today’s society? What does death row even mean, and why are people waiting on it for sometimes years? 

You will be able to find all of that out when watching this chilling documentary. I mean, did you know inmates of a maximum-security prison were allowed to have pets? You will after watching the documentary.

2. Do you love shopping?

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We all love shopping, right? I mean, most people enjoy buying things. You get the dopamine rush because you treated yourself, and you hopefully bought yourself something nice. But what happens if that becomes a habit? And then not just a habit, but an dependency? 

This documentary explores the reasons for shopping dependency and talks to people who have it. This is about the mental health of these people. You might even find yourself just a tiny bit in some of these people. 

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Watching documentaries about people with mental health problems can help you to become a more empathetic person and can also help you to understand the complexity of mental health. 

Watch this Absolute Documentary if you want to explore the depth of a shopping dependency and how an dependency like that can also affect the people that are in the lives of the person with the dependency. 

3. Poor people in rich countries

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Some countries are incredibly rich but still have unbelievably poor people, who struggle to put warm food on the table for their kids. This is exactly what this documentary is about. It deals with poverty in Britain.

While Britain is one of the richest countries in the world, more than four million kids in the country live in poverty. The documentary explores the how and the why of that issue. That number is incredibly high! 

This documentary is made by ARTE, and it only is 32 minutes long. In these 32 minutes, you get to meet some part of the poor population, and they get a voice. Voicing their issues, talking about how they feel left alone. It is incredibly troublesome how some people thrive in a country, where others barely survive. The system is broken, and documentaries like that give that issue the attention it needs.

4. Challenge your stereotypes

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The Jubilee videos are a little different from your normal documentary, but we definitely wanted to make sure to mention them anyway. Jubilee makes videos that are fun to watch, but maybe also help you to think about the stereotypes you believe in and how to change that. 

This video series always shows 7 people that believe in the same thing. Like seven Republicans, seven introverts, seven criminals. Only one of those seven people is a mole and does not believe in those things. The goal is that these people identify the mole, if they do, they win money, if they do not the mole gets all the money.

The interesting part is that you also do not know who the mole is. So you get to guess as well! And challenge the stereotypes you believe in while doing so. Jubilee makes many similar videos to that. All fun, but all also some kind of educational. Amazing!

5. History meets horror movie

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We all like a little history lesson from time to time, right? But what if history meets the paranormal? We feel like that makes it even a little more daunting. Timeline – World History documentaries give us exactly that combination. 

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In their documentary The House with the whispering Walls they explore the Whispers estate in Indiana. The estate was built in 1895, which is incredibly old for the US. And if the rumors are true, the Whispers Estate is haunted.

The documentary includes interviews with the homeowner, the staff, and several visitors. They all speak about their encounters with the paranormal. Only watch if you can handle it, though! We do not want you to get nightmares. 

This is a 50 minute adventure into the history of this house, of that little town in Indiana, and of exploring something we cannot begin to even understand or grasp. 

6. The Last Days of Anne Boleyn

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We would highly recommend you to check out the BBC documentaries. They are always done incredibly well. Like this one, which deals with the last days of Anne Boleyn

This is a documentary that is around an hour long and dives back deep into the history of Anne Boleyn, and specifically, her last days on earth. 

And the best thing about this documentary is that you will question what happened to Anne Boleyn, too. Was she actually guilty? We personally do not think so, but this documentary can help you with shaping your own opinion on it!

This hour is filled with more drama and intrigues than a good old drama TV show could ever deliver. And the crazy thing is: what you see in this documentary actually happened. Man, are we happy to live in today’s world, right?

7. True Marvel fans out here?

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The MCU is such a huge part of pop culture that you probably have an opinion about it. And you are probably either fully invested or you could not care less. While we absolutely love it. Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff or Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow. All heroes, we could go on and on about them for sure. Are you over Endgame yet? Because we for sure are not. Might never be. But if you miss new Marvel content, have you seen this little Tony Stark documentary, yet?

It is all about the psychology behind that hero. Tony Stark is kind of controversial. He is special and either you hate it or you absolutely love it. (We love it.) 

This 30-minute documentary dives deep into the psychology of Tony and the reasons for his behavior. This video is done so well. It talks about the incredible personal growth of Tony, but also the negative aspects of his character.

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A must-see for every Marvel fan! And there is a video on Cap himself as well. 

8. The 2010s are over

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How weird is it that we are in the middle of the 2020s? And what happened in the 2010s. Well, that is what this documentary focuses on. 

It is only a 15-minute documentary, but it recaps that decade pretty well. From superheroes to super smartphones, and AIs becoming part of our daily lives. 

Maybe before you start watching this little documentary: think about the things that you connect to that specific decade, and then find out if that is what the world connects to it. And then it is time to live in the 20s again! 

9. Framing Britney Spears

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If you have not seen Framing Britney Spears yet, this is your sign to go and watch it! If you were a kid or a teen in the early 2000s, chances are high you were a huge fan of Britney Spears. Her movie is iconic, her songs and dance moves are so integrated into pop culture that life without them would be weird.

But how is it possible that such an icon is living such an unfair life? Stardom is not easy. The documentary shows that. How many famous people die young show that. How many famous people have issues with substances show that. When Britney shaved her head, it showed that. But this documentary shows so much more. There is always more than we can see to everything, and watching this documentary makes that crystal clear.

#FreeBritney Is a movement that is wildly important. Not just for Britney herself, but for everyone who has ever suffered mental health problems and wants to be taken seriously during and especially after conquering that. 

10. Feminism and the digital world

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Last but not least, we wanted to include a documentary about feminism. We decided to recommend you this one. It is 53 minutes long, and it deals with the digital world and how to navigate that as a feminist. To get attention to the movement, but also to not get lost in that crazy online world. 

This documentary shines a light on four digital warriors, who fight for equality every single day on their online platforms. Their work is so important, but sometimes not appreciated enough. Watch this documentary and learn from these women: no matter, if you are a guy, a woman, non-binary. This documentary is for every single person on earth!

We hope you love all of these wildly different documentaries as much as we do!


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