TOP 20: Most Romantic & Famouse Movie Couples

TOP 20: Most Romantic & Famouse Movie Couples

You’ve probably come across various genres of movies that make you feel a different type of way – from the...

You’ve probably come across various genres of movies that make you feel a different type of way – from the...

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You’ve probably come across various genres of movies that make you feel a different type of way – from the ones that thrill you to the entertaining ones, the sad ones, and of course, the romantic ones. You may be able to list a few in each genre because you loved them or had something to say about them.

Sometimes, movies teach us some important lessons about life. It changes our orientation and how we relate to people. For instance, action thrillers show helpful survival skills that can be applied when facing a similar scenario in real life. Comedy movies tell us that we don’t have to take things in life too seriously, and many other things.

However, one genre that most people love is Romantic movies. It always begins with two different characters who may or may not have known each other. Somehow, life brings them together, and they fall for each other – living happily ever after.

These romantic movies have felt so real that it makes you wonder if truly these characters are couples in reality. See below for the 20 most romantic movie couples that have graced our screens and warmed our hearts in Hollywood.

20 Romantic Couples in Hollywood Movies

1. Romeo and Juliet


One of the many love stories told and made into a movie is the story of Romeo and Juliet. Initially written by William Shakespeare, the story was about two young Italian lovers from rival families. However, it was one of the most tragic stories in history as it ended with both characters dying because of love.

Romeo and Juliet’s story has been adapted many times, but the most popular one was by Baz Luhrmann in 1996, acted by Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. Both Hollywood actors maintained strong chemistry that made most people believe they were indeed right for each other.

2. Rose and Jack


Another interesting Hollywood movie rated as one with epic romance and disaster is Titanic. The 1997 movie was partly based on a true-life story, and on the other hand, fictitious characters. The RMS Titanic was a large ship that truly sunk, however, the casting of Rose and Jack as victims of the wreck was untrue.

Nevertheless, Rose and Jack were two lovers who set sail on the ship and fell in love aboard. Unfortunately, their short love story came to an end when their ship struck an iceberg. One could only imagine the real romance Jack Dawson, portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio, shared with Rose DeWitt Bukater, portrayed by Kate Winslet. They were one incredible Hollywood movie couple!

3. Baby and Johnny


Baby and Johnny were for long, one of Hollywood’s iconic movie couples long before Titanic’s Jack and Rose. In the 1987 romantic drama, Dirty Dancing, both characters shared unconditional intimacy.

The movie introduces the audience to a young woman, Frances “Baby” Houseman, portrayed by Jennifer Grey, who falls in love with her dance instructor, Johnny Castle, portrayed by Patrick Swayze. Johnny worked at a vacation resort where Baby came for alone time.

Both characters fell in love with each other at every dance practice they had together – it was pure romance!  Years later, many people still think Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze ended up together.

4. Edward and Vivian


Pretty Woman is a perfect fusion of love and comedy. The 1990 movie explored romance and drama in different ways and was recognized as one of the top-rated films at the Box office.

In the movie, Edward and Vivian were a couple, as played by Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, respectively. The exceptional performance between both actors made them one of the audience’s favorites on the screen.

The story was about the developing relationship between a businessman and his escort. Vivian was hired to attend social and business functions with Edward but soon fell in love with each other after an extended stay together.

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5. Patrick and Kat


10 Things I Hate About You sounds scary and terrifying because why would someone tell you they do. However, this 1999 American movie was a romantic comedy that made us believe people fall in love in different ways.

Starring Patrick and Kat, played by Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles, the movie shows the bittersweet romance between both characters. The film took the audience off-course as it presents Cameron (played by Gordon Levitt) interested in Bianca (Larisa Oleynik).

However, for Cameron to be with Bianca because of her father’s strict dating rules, he got Patrick, the typical bad boy in school to date Bianca’s sister, Kat. Soon, Patrick and Kat fell in love in the most overwhelming way that intrigued the audience.

6. Mary Jane and Peter/Spiderman


One of the famous movie couples that have graced our screen and made us look forward to loving someone even when the world gets bad is Mary Jane and Peter Parker. They were fictional characters introduced by Marvel Comics in comic books until adapted into Spiderman films.

Over the years, there have been different Spiderman movies portrayed by different actors playing the role of Peter Parker and Mary Jane. However, if something stood out in each of them, it was always the romance between both characters. They showed us that people could be in love with the same person in different sweet ways.

7. Molly and Sam


Like Leonardo DiCaprio, Patrick Swayze is one of Hollywood’s lover boys with many romantic movies in his portfolio. One of his best works is the 1990 film Ghost. This film shows the pure romance between Sam (Swayze) and Molly (Demi Moore).

Ghost centers on Sam Wheat, who was murdered, with his killer still at large. In order to protect his girlfriend, Molly Jensen, he must speak to her through a psychic, Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg). Together, they uncovered his murder.

Still dead, Sam and Molly shared something people wished was real. Due to the tragedy and romance, Ghost became one of the 100 highest-grossing films of all time.

8. Anna and William


Notting Hill will go down as one of the most romantic films in history. The 1999 romantic comedy film centers on an American actress, Anna Scott (Julia Roberts), who walks into a bookshop owned by a London bookseller, William Thacker (Hugh Grant).

Days later, in the street of Notting Hill, William bumps into Anna and accidentally spills juice on her clothes. He invites her to his house, which happened to be nearby, for a change of clothes. However, the night ended with Anna kissing William.

Anna and William hung out a couple of times until disrupted by Anna’s boyfriend. William couldn’t get over Anna until one day when she showed up at his door. Years later, they got married, and Anna became pregnant.

9. Sara and Derek


Sara and Derek are also one of Hollywood’s iconic movie couples who have graced the screen with their romance in Save The Last Dance film. The 2001 film centers on Sara (Julia Stiles), who had a turn of events following her mother’s death in a car accident. She had always wanted to go to Juilliard School, Chicago, to study Ballet until she gave it up.

Sara moved to stay with her father and moved to a local high school where she met Derek (Sean Patrick Thomas) at STEPPS, courtesy of Chenille (Kerry Washington). Soon, the duo sparked a beautiful romance. Derek was able to convince Sara to follow her Julliard dreams. 

10. Troy and Gabriella


Many years later, people still ask if Troy and Gabriella from High School Musical (I – IV) are together. Undoubtedly, they were one of those cute movie couples that made young folks believe in true love. Both shared a romantic relationship throughout their three years in high school, and it couldn’t get any better.

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The story focuses on Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Hudgens), who met Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) on New Year’s Eve and shared a musical moment with him. Weeks later, Gabriella resumed at East End High School, where Troy was the basketball team captain. The duo expressed love through music and friendship.

11. Nina and Darius


Love Jones is a 90s romantic drama film that had lots of critics, but everyone agreed on the beautiful relationship between Nina and Darius. Both characters shared something different – even though some people found it unorthodox.

Darius, portrayed by Larenz Tate, was a poet who met Nina (Nia Long), a photographer, a few minutes before his jazz and poetry presentation. At that moment, Darius caught Nina’s fancy as he recited a poem he re-titled – A Blues for Nina. Some events followed after they had sex on their first date, however, it is impossible to deny the attraction between the two characters.

12. Mr. Big and Carrie


The relationship between an unnamed character and another named character is one to look forward to with amazement. Sex and the City is an HBO series that features Mr. Big, who is sometimes the love interest of Carrie Bradshaw.

The series centers on Mr. Big, a character who bumps into Carrie Bradshaw. As he helped with her purse, Carrie felt overwhelmed by his presence due to his high status. As the show proceeds, Carrie and Mr. Big cannot confess their true feelings to each other.   Eventually, Carrie and Mr. Big agreed on different planned meetings, which began the story of their romance.

13. Lucy and Henry


Another perfect fusion of comedy and romance is 50 First Dates, as it stars Adam Sandler (Henry) and Drew Barrymore (Lucy).

The 2004 film introduces the audience to a marine veterinarian and womanizer, Henry, who suddenly falls in love with Lucy, an art teacher. Unfortunately, Lucy had amnesia (“Goldfield’s Syndrome”) and forgot him the following day.

Henry must do all it takes to win her love every day. The movie follows a series of events between the duo as they went on 50 dates – hence, the title. Watching how both characters fought to stay in love made people realize that we can choose to love someone different every day.

14. Tony and Maria


One of the oldest movie couples in the history of Hollywood filmmaking is Tony and Maria in the movie West Side Story. This 1961 film seems to be one of the – if not the most tragic romantic films. It was based on William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet play, however, it was adapted differently from New York City story setting.

Like Romeo and Juliet, Tony, a former member of the Jets gang, fell in love with Maria, the sister of a rival gang leader, Sharks. As they explore love and romance through music, Tony gets killed, leaving Maria in grief.

15. Mia and Sebastian


One of the loveliest romantic movie couples in recent times is Mia and Sebastian in La La Land. The 2016 musical romantic comedy-drama directed and written by Damien Chazelle had over $400M in Box Office.

La La Land takes us into Los Angeles and introduces Mia Dolan (Emma Stone), an aspiring actress, and Sebastian Wilder, a jazz pianist. They ran into each other on different occasions, and soon the undeniable chemistry between them began to unfold. Although the two parted ways, the love they had was overwhelming. La La Land was one of Hollywood’s most beautiful romantic films.

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16. Edward and Bella


Twilight showed that people could fall in love with whoever and whenever in a world of humans, vampires, and werewolves. In the film, Edward and Bella were two lovebirds who share beautiful romance, even with Jacob in the picture against their romance.

This 2008 romantic fantasy film centers on Kristen Stewart portraying Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen Jr., a vampire. Bella moves to Forks, a small town, to live with her father. As she enrolled in a local high school, she met Edward, who she believed had mysterious powers. After Edward reveals his Vampire powers, he must do all he can to protect Bella from the evil world.

17. Sally and Harry


Sally and Harry are also one of Hollywood’s iconic movie couples shown on the screen in the film When Harry Met Sally. The 1989 romantic comedy film explores the different concepts of friendship between men and women. It raised the question: “Can men and women maintain only friendship – nothing else?”

The film focuses on Sally (Meg Ryan) and Harry, who both met in Chicago and then years later in New York. At the time, Harry (Billy Crystal) was dating Sally’s friend, Amanda. However, there were different moments with the duo for 12 years until New Year Eve’s party when they discovered they were attracted to each other.

18. Gus and Hazel


The Fault in Our Star has to be one of the top three films that have made us cry. It displayed a different concept of friendship and love. The 2014 romance film centers on 16-year-old Hazel Grace (Woodley Shailene) and Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort), who had cancer.

They met at a Cancer support group and soon fell in love with each other. Knowing the little time Gus had left, he wrote a heartfelt letter to Hazel professing his love but died before she read it. The chemistry between the duo was undeniable, showing how impressive Elgort and Woodley’s performances were.

19. Ron and Hermione


Harry Potter wasn’t all about magic, it displayed romance and friendship in different ways. One that struck many was the chemistry between Ron and Hermione. They were believed to be soulmates because of the beautiful moments they had together. Ron and Hermione were two different personalities but wasn’t that what made them attracted to each other.

Also, several times, Ron sacrificed himself to protect Hermione – a true show of bravery.  At every chance Ron got, he proved that he was always going to protect and defend Hermione. Eventually, they established a relationship, and it was a beautiful one.

20. Rachel and Nick


Also, one of the most recent romantic films is Crazy Rich Asians featuring Constance Wu as Rachel Chu and Henry Golding as Nick Young. The film was adapted from its book Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. If there was something peculiar about the movie and the book, it was the relationship between Nick and Rachel.

It was one of the most beautiful love stories with a vast display of wealth and affluence. It centers on Rachel and Nick, who were college professors in NYU visiting Singapore, and Rachel discovering how rich her boyfriend’s family was.


In honesty, one of these famous movie couples has made you believe that true love does exist at one point in time. There are a couple of others like Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades of Grey, Shane Gray and Mitchie Torres in Camp Rock, and so on. Seeing how two different actors understood the assignment, perfected their characters, and shared chemistry that people watching behind the screen can feel is truly extraordinary.


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