Best Ezra Miller Upcoming & Best Movies

Best Ezra Miller Upcoming & Best Movies

Ezra Miller is a prolific actor with a good number of exciting movies to his credit. Here we would attempt...

Ezra Miller is a prolific actor with a good number of exciting movies to his credit. Here we would attempt...

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Ezra Miller is a prolific actor with a good number of exciting movies to his credit. Here we would attempt to scrutinize his roles and contributions to the success of these movies or otherwise, starting with some of his upcoming movies.

1. The Flash (2022)


The Flash is one of the many anticipated blockbusters from the DC Extended Universe franchise (DCEU). It’s set to be released in 2022. Ezra Miller will iterate his role as Barry Allen-The Flash from Justice League in the new Flash movie.

Barry Allen is a forensic investigator for the Central City police department, who can run at superhuman speeds with the help of the speed force. His superpowers make him a member of the Justice League. The Flash movie is intended to be the twelfth movie in the DC Extended Universe. He stars alongside superstars like Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton.

The upcoming movie’s full plot has not been revealed yet, but the premise is quite simple: Barry Allen travels back in time to save his mother from being murdered, but this action brings unintended consequences.

The Flash is a highly anticipated movie, as everyone is eager to see a standalone movie of the flash character. Also, viewers are curious whether Ezra can successfully carry the Flash character without the help of his superhuman co-star characters in the DC Extended Universe franchise.

2. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them 3


The “Fantastic Beasts” movie series was created to be the prequel to the Harry Potter Movies, but the storyline is so exciting that it has sucked in a massive new fan base of non-Harry Potter fans.

Though the second movie did not see as much commercial success or public approval as the first, there is hope the third movie will fix that minor setback. Ezra Miller is set to reprise his role as Clarence Barebones from the previous two movies in the prequel series.

In the movies, Clarence Barebones is an obscure (a young wizard with a dark parasitical magic force) maltreated by the mistress of a religious orphanage home and later manipulated and recruited by Gellert Grindelwald to join his army rebels who sought to overthrow the existing magical order. Ezra Barebones’ character assumes a larger part of the narrative with each subsequent movie in the Fantastic Beast franchise.

Ezra Miller shone brilliantly in his role as Clarence Barebones. His depiction of the character was flawless in every scene. The brooding and menacing visage, which was an expression of the pain and suffering that was abundant in the life of Clarence, was articulated perfectly by Ezra, right down to the subtlest nuance. He embodied the character so well that it is hard to see him as anything other than Clarence these days.

Every actor has that one character with whom they are forever associated. It is the character that forms the base of their star identity throughout their careers. For Bruce Willis, it was John McClane, the tough super cop. For Arnold Schwarzenegger, it was Terminator, and for Ezra Miller, it just might be Clarence Barebones.

Now, let’s move on to some of the best Ezra Miller Movies:

1. Suicide Squad


Most movie buffs consider Suicide Squad to be an unrighteous waste of good comic book fantasy material. Especially the second installation of the movie, which I can wholeheartedly agree with. I mean, it was bad enough that merely watching the trailer of the movie convinced me squarely that it would most likely be a waste of time to sit through it, especially the second installation of the movie.

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Although one of these days, I might decide to waste my own time and sit through what I am sure is a non-toxic piece of cinematic garbage to confirm my suspicions.

The first part was not too shabby, honestly. I mean, Will Smith, Jared Leto, Viola Davis, and Margot Robbie put in respectable performances. But the icing on the cake for me was Ezra Miller’s Cameo as “The Flash.” To be honest, I am a big fan of the flash character, so I do not apologize if I sound a bit biased concerning him.

Ezra raced into the movie in a glorious flash of the Speed Force lightning to dazzle us with his hyperkinetic glory, and we were grateful for the boon. It was a moment of redemption in a largely drab affair, and Ezra was magnificent in his delivery.  

2. Justice League


This movie was supposed to be a piece de resistance that would herald the age of DCEU dominance in the world of cinema. However, it turned out to be a disappointing and mediocre feature. The movie is like a zombie of the original idea, dead and shuffling along but with occasional, random sports of excitement and frantic activity from the characters and plot alike.

The fight scenes are decent but underwhelming for a movie of that caliber. Ezra Miller provided most comedic beats, which were randomly interspersed between darker moments which made the whole thing quite awkward.

Also, the ease with which Steppenwolf, the main villain, did obtain the three mother boxes, which are the core of the story, is quite laughable in the moments when it isn’t completely absurd. Even the performance of Ezra and his super-talented co-stars couldn’t fill up this obvious chasm in the storyline.

There is little sense to any of the proceedings in the villain’s attack. First, there is the issue of the extremely lax security around an object of such monumental importance, such that a Villain of Steppenwolf’s caliber can easily breach their hiding places. After that, we must consider the issue of Steppenwolf himself, who is supposed to be the main antagonist. He is a hollow shell of a villain, I knew bullies with more personality than Steppenwolf in my high school days.

He comes across like a character created in haste. He has no personality, no motivation, and a shabby origin story, and he is supposed to be a herald of Darkseid?!!!!

One has to give accolades to Galactus at this point because he clearly knows how to pick his heralds, I mean, can you possibly compare Steppenwolfe to The Silver Surfer? Steppenwolf possesses neither the strength of the Surfer nor the Charisma of Ebony Maw. He seemingly makes a fool of all the Justice League members, but he wilts like a piece of tissue paper in a rainstorm when Superman shows up. Pathetic.

Then, that brings us to the bore-fest of a battle that was the fight scene between Superman and the rest of the Justice League. I was super stoked to see them go at each other, but what was supposed to be the battle of the century quickly devolved into a thoroughly boring one-sided battle.

It boggles the mind that nobody in the production team could develop a way to even the fighting field in terms of strength. It makes you wonder whether anyone in that studio ever read a comic book about the other characters. How does Superman fight a Demi-goddess, a Speed god, a Super-cyborg, and the King of the oceans and come out on top without a scratch or his person ever being in any real danger? Lack of Kryptonite aside, that is simply absurd.

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Even though we got to see some nice computer-generated imagery effects like The Flash running at hyper speed, we see Superman counter his speed without moving a strand of hair out of place. The producer ought to be fined for such a spoof.

In all of this, Ezra Miller is quite underwhelming, he tends to overact in certain scenes, and then there is the matter of his running. This iteration of The Flash has to be the absolute worst I have ever seen. I mean that about his running. His running form in this movie was terrible, his limbs looked like they were all about to go off in separate directions, and he only managed to keep them together by a great effort of will. It was a hilarious sight, even though he didn’t intend it to be comical.

3. Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

The Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, or BVS as movie buffs call it, is an average movie, at least for me, given its precedents and expectations. Ezra Miller had a brief cameo where he comes from the future to warn Batman (played by Ben Affleck) about averting an impending disaster by not killing Lois Lane. We don’t see enough of Ezra in the movie to make any concrete contributions.

The conflict between Batman and Superman seems shallow. None of the characters are truly captivating. Superman and Batman are nigh unlikable as the movie progresses.

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther was thoroughly miscast. Lex is a hyper-intelligent, brooding, narcissistic, super-wealthy scientist with a vendetta for Superman, not an upbeat, fidgety chatterbox with no true sense of malice or menace.

The film is long and full of filler scenes. The soundtrack is loud and obscene and does not gel well with the mood of the film. Even the action scenes are marred by poor choreography. It attempts to atone for its hollowness with its dark tone.

Only Jesse Eisenberg stands out for his constant attempts at annoying the audience, and he succeeds spectacularly. His shenanigans are shallow, ridiculous, and damn near daft for a villain of Lex Luthor’s mental capacity. The movie is an obvious waste of potential, Ezra should be grateful for being as minimally involved as he was.

4. Madame Bovary


The movie is a screen adaptation of Gustave Flaubert’s 1856 novel. Madame Bovary was played by Mia Wasikowska. Ezra Miller plays the role of Leon Dupuis, a young man who catches the fancy of Madame Bovary.

The movie opens with a young Madame Bovary gathering her personal effects to leave home and marry the man her father has arranged to be her husband-the country Doctor Charles Bovary played by Henry Lloyd-Hughes. However, the marriage proves to be excruciatingly boring and painfully uneventful that she begins to long for passion, excitement, love, and adventure.

After a short while, she is approached by a young law clerk, Leon Dupuis, whose character is Ezra Miller. Still, she shows restraint because she wants much more and is unwilling to injure her reputation with one so low on the economic totem pole.

Shortly after, she is approached by an older man of means in the guise of a Marquis whose character is played by Logan Marshall-Green. She dabbles into the extra-marital affair with gusto until it precipitates her ruin.  Even though Ezra is given limited screen time in this feature, he manages to hold his own.

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Madame Bovary is a good movie with an intriguing plot. The actors did their best to embody the various characters they were assigned, and they did quite well for a book that has been notoriously difficult to adapt to the screen.  

5. The Stanford Prison Experiment


In this movie, Ezra Miller plays Daniel Culp A.k.a Prisoner 8612, a participant in a psychology experiment conducted in 1971 that demonstrated the mental effects of becoming a prisoner or correctional officer. The film meticulously recreates the infamous experiment created by Professor Philip Zimbardo, whose character is played by Billy Crudup.

The Professor selected 24 male students, who were selected from a pool of 74, were randomly assigned the roles of guards and prisoners in a mock prison facility situated in the basement of Stanford University’s psychology building.

The study occurred at a time when the school was not in session. The movie proceeds to replay the shocking events that transpired throughout the experiment, some of the “guards” administered intense psychological torture on the “prisoners.” Some of the torture methods were so cruel they caused two students to leave the experiment early.

The director was such a stickler for detail that he ensured that they took the dialogue in the mock prisons directly from scripts made from over 12 hours of video footage of the actual study. In his own words, the director said, “I’d say 90% is right on.”   

Things get even crazier when the movie revealed that the director who was supposed to have Alvarez’s job proposed an idea to “create real antagonism” by lodging the actors playing the prisoners in the worst hotels in town, while the actors playing the guards were to be lodged in the best hotels. The idea was to get them to hate each other properly and recreate the emotional distress in real life.

Ezra Miller put in a good shift here, nothing spectacular.

6. We Need To Talk About Kevin

Ezra Miller plays a sociopathic teenage serial killer in this drama thriller. At that tender age, he seemed to have a monopoly on the demand for tortured teenage characters. Confirmed by the fact that from the time of his foray into the movie industry to the time of the making of the film, he had played a similar typecast character in three movies: City Island, Beware the Gonzo, and Another Happy Day.

However, in “We Need to Talk About Kevin,” he portrays the most psychopathic teen character he ever played. The movie itself is an adaptation of Lionel Shriver’s novel of the same name.

The movie was a horrific experience for Ezra himself, as he admitted to having numerous nightmares after he made the movie. Though he claimed he was so passionate about the project that he would have gladly lost his mind in service of the film.   

Overall, the movie is a good one. Tilda Swinton, who plays the mother of Ezra Miller’s character, delivers a superb performance.

The movie build-up was slow as it skips between timelines while portraying how Kevin develops into the proficient little psychopath right under his father’s nose to his mother’s horror. The movie itself is good, but it is not for everyone because not everyone can stomach the sheer emotional tumult it would generate.


This list of movies is conclusive proof that Ezra Miller, though he has had some cinematic setbacks, is a formidable actor in his own right and could be an A-List celebrity with time.


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