20 Funniest Disney Characters Ever 

20 Funniest Disney Characters Ever 

What is life without a little laugh, and what’s laugh without a little Disney? Irrespective of our age, gender, where...

What is life without a little laugh, and what’s laugh without a little Disney? Irrespective of our age, gender, where...

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What is life without a little laugh, and what’s laugh without a little Disney? Irrespective of our age, gender, where we come from, or who we are, we adore Disney movies.

When life gives us lemonades, we cry a little. And then we grab some ice cream and watch our favorite pick-me-up Disney movie.

Suddenly everything makes sense, and we see a silver lining. That’s what Disney means to us. And who makes us laugh?

Of course, they are the iconic and funny characters from the Disney universe. Some have a dry sense of humor, while others are just falling all the time.

Anime characters accompany us in our growth and are a very precious and lovely part of our life journey.

Especially children’s emotions toward anime characters are often very pure and simple.

Scroll below to find your beloved animated friends in our list of 20 funniest Disney characters ever.

Funniest Disney Characters:

1. Maximus from Tangled

If you don’t find Maximus one of the funniest Disney characters, we kindly request you to watch Tangled till you change your mind. Maximus is the royal guard horse from the palace who goes everywhere with Rapunzel. He’s loyal, proud, grumpy, and a righteous horse. He’ll do anything to protect Rapunzel from danger and Flynn. Yes, he strongly disapproves of Flynn’s presence throughout the movie. This makes his antics with Flynn simply hilarious. The physical comedy created by this tangled relationship between them is tickling.


2. Genie from Aladdin

He’s blue, he’s funny, he is magical, and he fulfills your wishes. Sounds like a dream man, right? Well, he is Aladdin’s jinn, the Genie himself. Because of his job description of fulfilling wishes, the possibilities with his character are endless. His funny antics and his one-liners slay every time. A lot of his witty lines were improvised by the legendary actor Robin Williams, who voiced the Genie. His interactions with Aladdin are hilarious. It reminds us of the Tom and Jerry kind of comedy that leaves us ROFLing.


3. Edna Mode from The Incredibles

She’s got the mad scientist look all right, but in the Incredibles movies, Edna Mode is a crazy fashion designer. The incredible character from the movies has been voiced by Brad Bird. This genius fashion designer is one proud mama of her creations. She just knows what’s perfect for her clients. And who can forget her hilarious babysitting time with baby Jack? Also, when she told off Mr.Incredible about how stupid the idea of capes was, it was a scene to remember.

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4. Dory from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory

How can we forget this forgetful yet spunky Blue Tang fish from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory? She’s curious, cute, and apologetic and joins her new friend, Marlin, to find his son, Nemo. Her constant need to cheer and help is debilitated by her short-term memory loss. When she consoles Marlin and tells him, “Just keep swimming,” it reminds us of her bubbly nature. Her and Marlin’s adventures with all the dangerous seamates are super hilarious. Especially the one with the jellyfish.


5. Baymax from Big Hero 6

It’s interesting how robots from animated movies have complex emotions. Animating the inanimate requires immense imagination, and that’s what works for Disney movies. Just like our affable yet goofy healthcare companion, Baymax from Big Hero 6. Just like the famous socially awkward Sheldon Cooper from the big bang theory, our dear big friend cannot read between the lines or understand sarcasm. And that makes him one of the funniest Disney characters. The scene where he lets out air to climb into the tiny space is the epitome of physical comedy.


6. Maui from Moana

Maui is one of the funniest-looking characters on our list. He is entitled, mischievous, narcissistic, and a proud demi-God. Interestingly, Maui is voiced by Dwayne Rock Johnson and is thought to be a highly fictionalized version of ‘the Rock.’ After their initial disagreements and conflict of interests, this good-hearted fella becomes Moana’s friend. Throughout the movie, he gives us reasons to smile, giggle, and laugh. His dance number “You’re welcome” is super entertaining at the peak of his comic timing.


7. Timon and Pumbaa from The Lion King

We all have that friend who is not great at giving advice. But the snarky remarks always make us chuckle. Timon is that friend of Pumbaa and Simba. It’s his dry sense of humor that the story just needs. What makes his lines work is the impeccable timing and the accompanying humor of Pumbaa. And if you dare call Pumbaa a pig, you’ll get your slice of the “Are you talking to me?” bit. The way they come up with Hakuna Matata in the original movie is weirdly creative and funny.

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8. Iago from Aladdin

Who remembers the flamboyant red parrot who keeps sucking up to his villainous boss, Jafar, in his devious schemes to imprison the King and take over the throne? And in his attempts to impress his boss, Iago keeps getting caught up in comical situations all the time. He has ideas, attitude, stupid bravery, and incessant need to please, which concoct classic physical comedy. If you loved him in the movie, you must go back to the series too. His interactions with the monkey are simply entertaining.


9. Scuttle from Little Mermaid

Needless to say, Scuttle is one of the most memorable characters in the movie, The Little Mermaid. He is an eccentric seagull who is also a self-proclaimed expert on humans. Since he pretends to know all about them, he comes up with innovative names for different objects humans use. The scene where he explains to Ariel the names and uses of a pipe and a comb is amusing. Plus, now and then, he becomes the victim of his overconfidence and hurts himself generating moments of laughter.


10. Stitch from Lilo and Stitch

You may know this character from a lot of Disney merch these days. This cute koala-like blue alien is adorably funny. His adventures with Lilo and her elder sister are filled with physical comedy elements. Whether it is him acting out like a Godzilla or him being mischievous, it is entertaining to watch their interactions. Especially when he tries to be kind and nice, he ends up in the middle of misadventures that befall add to the overall laughter.


11. Hades from Hercules

Hades is the main antagonist of the movie Hercules. He’s a total badass. His humor is weird and dark. He’s got all the qualities of a true villain. The way he controls, rules, and intimidates his minions- Pain and Panic, is straight-up hilarious. Every time he gets angry and turns into a ball of fire, you just can’t help but laugh. But through it all, James Woods, the actor who brought Hades to life, delivers smart and funny pop culture references and one-liners.


12. Grandmother Fa from Mulan

Older people have a ripe sense of humor. They either acquire grumpiness or develop a sense of humor because of their long life and enriching experiences. This grannie Fa from Mulan is no exception. She’s wise, sassy, and sarcastic and has a unique way of conveying herself. And her deadpan humor works because she’s brutally honest. Again, her lines work wonders because they have been timed and delivered perfectly. The scene where she tests whether the cricket is lucky is worth watching repeatedly.

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13. Olaf from Frozen

Olaf is a cute summer-loving snowman created by Elsa who comes to life. Olaf is a sweetheart, and his actions are heartwarming. The cool thing about him is that he can assemble himself, and he can read, too. He’s Anna’s sidekick on their mission to find Elsa. His exchanges with the reindeer, Sven, are insanely adorable. On multiple occasions, he loses his parts, gets stuck with things, and falls apart. And just the setup of getting those back together creates so much comedy on screen. 


14. Mushu from Mulan

Eddie Murphy has certainly breathed life into this fire-breathing dragon, Mushu. He is a tiny dragon with a God complex. A helper is sent to help Mulan fulfill her destiny; he is always making a fool of himself. He disguises Mulan as a male fighter, makes cricket write letters, and shares altercations with the horse. In doing so, he generates plenty of moments of laughter. His stupid antics win him his biggest fight by mistake. A fortuitous fluke, indeed.


15. Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove

If there’s one out-of-the-box movie from the Disney universe, it is ‘The Emperor’s new groove. It’s a movie based on a very simple premise, but it works well. Yzma is that devilish sorceress and advisor to the emperor Kuzco. After being fired by the emperor, she comes up with whacky ideas to get rid of the emperor. She intends to take over the empire for herself. Her lab reminds us of an evil version of Dexter’s laboratory. Again, her interactions with her sidekick, Kronk, are just hilarious.


16. Kronk from The Emperor’s New Groove

17. Roz from Monsters, Inc.

18. Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland

19. Baloo from The Jungle Book

20. KnowsMore from Wreck-it Ralph

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