TOP 20: Funny Comedy Movies Like Superbad

TOP 20: Funny Comedy Movies Like Superbad

Everyone enjoys a good laugh, especially when you are young. When the best of friends get together with their inside...

Everyone enjoys a good laugh, especially when you are young. When the best of friends get together with their inside...

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Everyone enjoys a good laugh, especially when you are young. When the best of friends get together with their inside jokes and an ample supply of liquor, hilarious things can happen. 

Throw in some heartbreak moments for good measure and you have the ingredients for making one great teen comedy. 

Superbad (2007) is just that – it has smashed its way through the box office since opening weekend grossing over 169 million dollars worldwide.

With an 87% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and receiving many awards such as MTV Movie Awards, Satellite Awards, and Critics’ Choice Award, among others. 

The movie was written by Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg who also penned Knocked Up (2007) , but this time around they brought along director Greg Mottola to keep the laughs coming at rapid speed. 

If you like Superbad (2007) or other comedies like it then read to find out what other movies are similar in humor and story line. 

Superbad isn’t for everyone; it’s crude, raunchy, and full of vomit jokes.

However, what makes this film so great is its ability to balance comedy with drama. 

There will be times when you laugh out loud at one of the characters’ antics. Still, there are also moments that elicit deep emotions, giving the viewer a sense of relatability to Seth and Evan’s situation. 

Sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy these twenty films like Superbad.

20 Movies Like Superbad:

1. Casa de mi Padre (2012)


Casa de mi Padre is a Spanish language comedy that parodies Western films, telenovelas, and Mexican images of the United States. Will Ferrell plays Armando lvarez, who and his father Enrique (Ricardo lvarez), fight off their rival substance lord On (Gael García Bernal), who wants them dead. The film is full of stereotypes that give it an absurd tone that perfectly matches Superbad’s style. Superbad’s official parody MacGruber (2010) is almost more of a spoof than what was done in Casa de mi Padre. However, if you are looking for something more subtle, then this film will be perfect for you. 

2. Project X (2012)


The party from Superbad is probably nothing compared to Project, where three unpopular teenagers decide to throw a party that gets completely out of hand. The movie follows Thomas (Thomas Mann) as he tries to escape his reputation as the school nerd and throws one last huge bash with his two friends Costa (Oliver Cooper) and JB (Jonathan Daniel Brown).

It perfectly captures what it means to be a teen in today’s America, where life revolves around social media stardom and staying rich at any cost. This movie makes you laugh out loud, cringe from embarrassment, and leaves you feeling shocked as the credits roll. Best of all, Project X doesn’t hold its tongue about today’s social climate. These kids aren’t heroes, but they aren’t villains either. They are just another product of the system trying to earn their way into the party scene. I think that’s what makes this film so great; it is real, raw, and does not hold back in its direction or message.

3. Eagle vs. Shark (2007)


Liz is an employee at a fast-food restaurant who lives alone in her apartment after her boyfriend. When she meets Jerk, an awkward genius who struggles to communicate with others, they find out they are attending the same party. Along the way, they meet up with other equally weird individuals and form an unlikely friendship.

Eagle vs. Shark is one of those offbeat comedies that is difficult to describe; it’s unlike any other film you will see for sure! Writer/director Taika Waititi makes his feature debut in this original romantic comedy which has a similar feel to Superbad. Eagle vs. Shark might make viewers laugh, but its main strength is how heartfelt the story really is. 

4. EuroTrip (2004)


American high school student Scott travels across Europe to find his Austrian girlfriend who cheated on him with his best friend. Along the way, he runs into crazy situations, has weird nightmares and even ends up in jail.

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EuroTrip is a 2004 American sex comedy film written by Alec Berg, David Mandel, and Jeff Schaffer. It stars Scott Mechlowicz as an 18-year-old American student on a trip across Europe to find his girlfriend and love of his life Mieke (Jenna Mattison) who Triad members have abducted after unearthing her father’s role in the kidnapping of Triad leader Ye Hu. 

EuroTrip ‘s European adventure is definitely a lot more wild than what Seth and Evan experience at the party. The film doesn’t take itself seriously and just wants to entertain its audience, making for an entertaining romp.

5. Accepted (2006)


Accepted (2006) is an American comedy film about a high school graduate named Bartleby Gaines ( Justin Long ) who doesn’t want to sit around in his family’s house during the summer. As college application deadlines approach, high school seniors Bartleby and Alan decide to create their fake university to avoid the stress of college acceptance letters.

When he didn’t get into any colleges, he came up with his alternative college called South Harmon Institute of Technology, which accepts anyone who applies. He gets it accredited by sending fake transcripts, and when they find out, South Harmon turns into a real college. The Art department at South Harmon are led by Dr. Roland Pembroke ( Lewis Black ), Dean Richmond Valentine (Jonah Hill), and Irwin ( Michael Cera ).

They decide to make Bartleby’s fake institution look legitimate without spending too much money. They spend their time convincing kids to attend South Harmon by placing fliers on car windshields, hiring a homeless man to give tours, and making brochures that are printed at the copy shop Bartleby’s father owns. 

Accepted is another film that parodies college life but offers something its predecessor, Van Wilder, did not; a plot. It’s one of the funniest comedies to come out in the last ten years and is highly recommended for fans of Superbad. 

6. 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)


Summary: After a car accident, Michelle wakes up to find herself in an underground bunker with two men named Howard and Emmett. She doesn’t know why she is there and both men refuse to tell her anything other than the fact that there has been some kind of bad chemical attack that has left the outside world uninhabitable. When she realizes that Howard might not be being entirely truthful with her, she tries to escape but finds out just how difficult it would be when she finally manages it.

10 Cloverfield Lane is a 2016 American science fiction thriller that was directed by Dan Trachtenberg and produced by J.J. Abrams who also created the hit TV show Lost (2004) and two Star Trek movies. The movie stars John Goodman as Howard, a man who turns out to have been telling Michelle the truth all along about what has happened outside, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Michelle, a woman who wakes up after an accident to find herself being held captive in Howard’s bunker, and John Gallagher Jr as Emmett, another person who is being kept prisoner with them alongside Michelle.

7. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986) is a comedy film directed by John Hughes and written by Hughes and starring Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller, Alan Ruck as Cameron Frye, Mia Sara as Sloane Peterson, Jennifer Grey as Jeanie Bueller, Lyman Ward as Ferris’ father Richard Bueller,and Jeffrey Jones as Ed Rooney.

The story follows high school senior Ferris Bueller who decides to skip school one day. With the help of his girlfriend Sloane, best friend Cameron, and Cameron’s sister Jeannie, they embark on an unforgettable day off that eventually leads to trouble when Ferris must confront his principal Edward R. Rooney about the absences. It received critical acclaim, with critics praising the writing and performances.

This film is directed by John Hughes and has been compared often to Superbad because it is about teenagers trying to enjoy a day off while making wise choices whether or not to break the rules and still come out on top. 

8. National Lampoon’s Van Wilder (2002)


Van Wilder has been at Coolidge College for seven years which is longer than any other student. However, when a snobby graduate student threatens to reveal his secret, he must convince her otherwise lest he ends up leaving college forever. But it turns out that there might be more to the grad student than what meets the eye, and Van Wilder’s life changes forever after she enters his world.

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Van Wilder was considered a light version of Superbad because both films follow two nerds who try to find love in college but ultimately fail. Characters are practically carbon copies of each other with the same shticks and jokes. However, Van Wilder does not quite measure up to Superbad in terms of execution but is still an okay watch if you are a fan of Seth Rogan or Jonah Hill. 

9. Nacho Libre (2006)


When Ignacio learns that his orphanage’s roof has collapsed, he decides to raise money by disguising himself as a famous wrestler even though he knows nothing about wrestling. In bringing laughter and joy to everyone around him, Nacho Libre’s life changes forever when he meets another person who shares his passion for helping others.

Nacho Libre is very similar to The Mask since they both lampoon professional wrestling, so it might interest viewers looking for another good comedy to watch. There are also many other similarities between the two films, like Nacho’s sidekick Esqueleto and his love interests; where The Mask had Tina Carlyle, Nacho has Sister Encarnacion. Ultimately, these comparisons will only interest people who have already seen one or both of the films in question, so check out this movie if you want to laugh.

10. Mystery Team (2009)


Three best friends who have just graduated from middle school decide to form a detective group called “The Mystery Team” to prove everyone wrong, especially their rival, Jason Quinn. But when The Mystery Team grows up, it ceases being fun, leading them to discover their first case; a serial killer.

Mystery Team is an interesting comedy since it focuses on children instead of adults, making for a fun premise. The mystery element may not be as gripping as Superbad, but the film is still worth checking out if you want to laugh.

11. Camp (2003)


When Evan’s father starts dating his uncle’s ex, his summer plans go down the drain, and he must work at the local camp where he meets several other teens who help him understand how cruel and unfair life can be. The camp was released after Mean Girls and Freaks and Geeks, so maybe people weren’t interested anymore in watching another high school story about teenagers making friends and falling in love. But the film is actually funny in its own right and offers a different story than what audiences are used to when it comes to comedies like Superbad.

12. Neighbors (2014)


In this film, a young couple with a newborn baby face unexpected difficulties after they are forced to live next door with a fraternity family. Similarities include the fact that the main characters have recently graduated from high school and want to move on with their lives by attending college but they lack the resources and they also have a hard time staying away from alcohol, parties, and a sexual party life.

13. The Duff (2015)


This American romantic comedy film is scheduled to be released worldwide on February 20th, 2015. Produced by CBS Films and Vast Entertainment, Ari Sandel has directed the Duff for the producers Peter Principato, Paul Young, Marc Fischer, Matt Kaplan. It stars Mae Whitman as Bianca Piper, Robbie Amell as Wesley Rush, Ken Jeong as Mr. Arthur, Bella Thorne as Madison Morganstern. When People surround Bianca, she believes to be losers; she asks Wesley to help her get rid of them.

She soon finds that Wesley isn’t all he pretends to be, which makes her realize that maybe being around “losers” isn’t so bad after all. The Duff is like Mean Girls because it focuses on the lives of teenagers and their views on friendship and love. If you enjoyed watching girls in high school deal with the trials and tribulations of growing up, you would enjoy The Duff. 

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14. The Internship (2013)


When their jobs at an electronics store are in jeopardy because of the arrival of an efficient computer system, Billy and Nick decide that maybe they should try something else like becoming interns for Google, allowing them to feel like kids again. In “The Internship,” Billy McMahon and Nick Campbell are two underemployed salesmen whose careers have been torpedoed by the digital age. Their only shot at relevancy is an internship at Google, where they must compete with a group of young upstarts for a shot at employment.

 The Internship feels like Superbad since it deals with two characters who must show everyone around them that they belong despite their age; only Wesley and Nick are older than everyone else instead of younger. 

15. Aquamarine (2006)


After her friend dies, Claire is given a magical necklace that grants any wish she wants. She soon finds out that being granted your wish may not be as fun as it sounds, especially when the genie who brings you what you want gets in the way of your relationship with another person.

Aquamarine is similar to Superbad because they both focus on girls who get pregnant and lose their virginity, which isn’t really shown in movies. Also, Claire’s friend had just died, so there was no one to stop her from trying “the deed,” unlike Seth and Evan, who were constantly reminded about why they shouldn’t have sex by people around them. 

16. Dazed and Confused (1993)


D and Confused (1993) is a coming-of-age film set in the 1970s that tells the story of a group of students as they approach their final year at high school. It shows how partying is an important part of being a teenager but also explores issues such as taking responsibility for your actions and getting along with people from different backgrounds. It may have been released over twenty years ago, but it provides an entertaining look into teenage life that feels timeless.

17. Adventureland (2009)


Adventureland (2009) is about James, who has just graduated college and works at an amusement park to make some money before starting graduate school. The job becomes more complicated than he first thought when he meets up with his first love, Emily, after having not seen each other since they were teenagers. This movie is similar to Superbad (2007) in that it explores the topic of losing your virginity and coming of age but its setting, which is an amusement park, makes it unique.

18. Clueless (1995)


Clueless is a comedy film loosely based on Jane Austen’s novel Emma. It stars Alicia Silverstone as Cher Horowitz, a pretty but ditzy high school student living in Beverly Hills as she navigates her way through social circles to find true love with someone who truly loves her for who she is instead of just what she can do for them. Like Superbad, the movie focuses heavily on themes of sex and relationships as well as friendships and integrity. Although it didn’t fare too well at the box office, critics have praised Clueless for its comedic value and friendship lessons along with being “adored by many young girls” since its release.

19. Snatch (2000)


A hilarious British comedy that never seems tedious or boring even though some parts are stretched out too long. It is a tale of two gangs and a gypsy caravan where one man has all the luck while everyone else attempts to catch him for their own gain. The performances by Brad Pitt’s friends are hilarious while Brad acts as a serious yet humorous gangster trying to get revenge on Avi, who stole his prized diamond.

20. Mean Girls (2004)

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Mean Girls is a parody on the cliques and hierarchies present in most competitive female high schools. This film focuses on Cady Heron, an outsider due to her foreign upbringing, as she tries fitting in with the cool girls.


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