20 Famous Celebrities With a Tooth Gap

20 Famous Celebrities With a Tooth Gap

Who doesn’t want a picture-perfect smile? When we say cheese or ice to take pictures, we are always fussing about...

Who doesn’t want a picture-perfect smile? When we say cheese or ice to take pictures, we are always fussing about...

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Who doesn’t want a picture-perfect smile? When we say cheese or ice to take pictures, we are always fussing about our teeth looking yellow or something stuck in them, or their alignment.

A lot of money goes into cosmetic dentistry to get that ideal smile. What if we told you there are models all over the world who have embraced their imperfect teeth?

Thanks to the recent body positivity and self-love trend that it has become cool to own and celebrate your imperfections.

Having a tooth gap has become an identity for many models today. Let us look at our list of 20 famous models with a tooth gap.

Celebrities With Tooth Gap:

  1. Lily Aldridge

We all know Lily Aldridge as Victoria’s Secret Angel. She is one of the few famous models who has walked for Victoria’s Secret for seven years. Throughout her illustrious modeling career, she has acknowledged that her teeth have been airbrushed. But that is the choice of the publishers or the brands that she campaigned for. For Lily, having a tooth gap has never been a problem. She’s proud to carry it through her smiles everywhere. Her appearances on the famous fashion magazine covers of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Harper’s Bazaar have made her internationally admired.

  1. Alek Wek

The journey of this Sudanese girl from being a refugee in Britain to an international supermodel is simply inspiring. She has recounted that in her memoir which has been translated into over 10 languages worldwide. Like others on this list, Alec Wek also has a small tooth gap in her front teeth. She broke a lot of boundaries and carved out a place for herself in the fashion world. In her defense, she didn’t see herself as exotic but as she quotes, “Just Alek”.

  1. Georgia May Jagger

Georgia May Jagger is the next gap-toothed beauty on our list. She is the child of the super popular rockstar, Mick Jagger and a supermodel mother, Jerry Hall. Who’s surprised that she is a rocking model? This British lass has certainly not shied away from any spotlight because of her tooth gap. It’s her signature look. Recently she became the face of Wrangler among the many other brands like Rimmel London and Macy’s. Her USP is her relatability.

  1.  Lara Stone

Well, who hasn’t seen her as the ambassador of Calvin Klein and L’Oreal Paris? Lara Stone has a tooth gap wide enough to spit water through it. This Dutch beauty has been proudly flashing her gap-toothed grins. It’s her natural self-confidence that people find most appealing. She has been a semi-exclusive Prada face and has featured on the prestigious Pirelli calendar too. In 2010, she made history when she was signed as the exclusive face of the fall collection for all Calvin Klein brands.

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  1. Dani Miller

Dany Miller is probably the only one on the list who’s not a model but has campaigned for Gucci in 2019. She is the lead singer in the punk rock band- Surfbort and was chosen for Gucci’s lipstick ad campaign. The ad that mimicked the 80s campaign showed Dani putting on the red lipstick whilst showing off her imperfect teeth. She has owned that look and how. By owning her insecurities and celebrating them, she has contributed to the changing world of fashion and makeup.

  1. Jessica Hart

Jessica Hart is an Australian model known for being Victoria’s Secret Angel and for her gap-tooth smile. She also owns the LUMAbeauty brand. Her campaigns with Guess, Esprit, and Triumph have been successful and popular. She’s walked on the runways of all major brands like Max Mara, Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana. Her magazine covers include Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Vogue, and Marie Claire. She works with brands that don’t mind her tooth gap landing her gigs with Ferragamo and H&M.

  1. Anne Barreto

This gap-toothed model has been born in Brazil and has been represented by many agencies all over the world. She gained recognition through her YouTube channel and her gigs with popular magazines and designers. During the 10 years of her modeling career, she has worked with fashion houses of Dolce & Gabbana and Missoni and popular brands like Tom Ford and Ungaro. In 2021, she walked for Jenny and Concept Korea in different fashion shows.  Her magazine credits include Vogue Germany and Elle Spain too. 

  1. Slick Woods

Simone Thompson or better known as Slick Woods is an American model and an actress who flaunts her gapped teeth as boldly as her tattoos. She started as an influencer and a model on Instagram. Today, she has modeled for all the top brands including Fenty Beauty, Fendi, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, and Jeremy Scott. Her efforts have paved a way for the inclusivity of unconventional beauty in the fashion industry. She has also been featured in Vogue, i-D, and Porter magazines.

  1. Natalia Siódmiak

Natalia Siódmiak is a beautiful blond Polish model who has graced the magazine covers of Harper’s Bazaar Russia edition, and Polish Elle. After 2013, she shined on the fashion scene with major brands like Versace, Gucci, Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana, and Chanel. IMG is one of the many agencies that represent Natalia. Her casual yet sensuous beauty coupled with her charming allure has made her a face to remember. You’ll find her showing off her famous tooth gap in almost all her photoshoots.

  1. Aaliyah Hydes

Aaliyah Hydes is yet another tooth-gapped model who has made it big in the modeling industry. Her smile has an innocent vibe, and her beauty is simply breathtaking. In 2018, she made her big breakthrough as she walked multiple shows for Miu Miu, Burberry, and Gucci. This Caribbean girl is genuine and looks ultra-comfortable flaunting her signature tooth gap. Per her interview with the office, she admires Naomi Campbell and it’s only a matter of time before people look up to this 25-year-old stunning model.

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  1. Julia Banas

This red-headed model with green eyes has the most adorable wide-toothed smile. Julia Banas’ face is attractive and instantly grabs the attention of the camera. With her Polish roots, she entered the world of modeling with Miu Miu and Fendi in 2016. She is comfortable in her skin and has proved her mettle time and again by campaigning for brands like Gucci, Zara, Sephora, Aldo, and Emporio Armani. Her cover features of The Edit, Marie Claire, and Elle are truly captivating.

  1. Lindsay Wixson

As teens, we struggle with breakouts, body issues, growing parts, teasing, and bullying. Lindsay Wixon is no stranger to all this. She was often teased about her tooth gap growing up. But today, she’s one of the most successful fashion models to live and breathe. Her picture-perfect pout and her doe eyes demand your gaze. Her campaigns with Chanel, Versace, Fendi, Dior, and H&M are among the many that she has worked with over the years. After taking a couple of years off due to a heel injury, she’s back in the biz.

  1. Azlin Nicolette

Azlin Nicolette is a Texan gap-toothed beauty. Her natural beauty is irresistible, and her screen presence is lovely. Besides modeling throughout the world, she has also worked in a couple of movies. Her most famous ad campaigns include H&M and Clinique. Currently, she stays in Miami and is an avid Yoga enthusiast. She also has her own YouTube channel and Azlin Vintage business. Her Instagram is flooded with beautiful pictures from her travels and adventures.

  1. Abbey Lee

Another famous model with a wide tooth gap is the Australian beauty, Abbey Lee. She has featured in numerous ad campaigns including Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Saint Laurent, and Chanel. She walked for a ton of famous fashion houses for several fashion weeks till 2012. After her successful modeling career, she ventured into the film industry. Alongside Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, she debuted in films with “Mad Max: Fury Road”. Today she continues her acting career through plays, series, and movies.

  1. Laura Julie

All the models on this list have experienced immense success with imperfect teeth and Laura Julie is no exception to that. This Danish beauty has featured in and on the covers of several fashion magazines including Spanish Harper’s Bazaar, Flair Germany, and Grazia Italy to name a few. Her modeling journey started with Instagram. Her gallery gives us a peek into her personal life and it’s highly relatable. Her popular advertisement campaigns include Calvin Klein Underwear, Marc Jacobs, Gap, and H&M.

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  1. Jac Monika Jagaciak

This Polish gap-tooth beauty is a super charming lady. She entered the mainstream fashion world at the age of thirteen with a Hermes ad campaign. Soon enough she made it to the cover of famous international magazines such as Elle, French Jalouse, and Japanese Harper’s Bazaar. Her timeless beauty made her the face of Calvin Klein. Her popular ad campaigns include Chanel, Valentino, and Chanel. She’s also a former Victoria’s Secret Angel. After taking a break from modeling to pursue education, she continues to appear in editorial media.

  1. Vanessa Paradis

You may know her because of her relationship with Johnny Depp, but she’s so much more than that. Vanessa Paradis is a French model known for her gap teeth. Acting and singing are among the other talents of this gorgeous model. At 18, she earned the highest accolade awarded by the French government to an actress and a singer. Interestingly when she declined the Calvin Klein modeling gig in 1991, Kate Moss got it. Her French single songs are a rave even today.

  1. Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith has gone on record to say that she’s grateful for the gap. Growing up, she didn’t have money to fix it. And now it has become a part of her identity. She is often compared to another beautiful lady on this list, Laura Stone because of their diastema- gap teeth. She was extremely young when she debuted in Sports Illustrated magazine. She’s made on the covers of Elle and in Vogue editorial too. This Texan sexy lady has also been featured in Playboy magazine.

  1. Milan Dixon

It’s said that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. We are just thankful that Milan Dixon from Vegas made it into the modeling industry and keeps stunning us with her natural beauty. She’s yet another wide-toothed model who’s young, bold, and beautiful. She has graced the editorials of Mae Jones, Factice, and the covers of Elle. She also appeared in the 2017’s Playboy pictorial issue. Her Instagram buzzes with oomph, glamor, and a lot of candid pictures giving us a glimpse into her life.

  1. Lauren Hutton

Imagine being a wide-toothed person back in the 60s when conventional beauty standards were held in the highest regard. And then going against all odds to become a supermodel. That’s what Lauren Hutton did. She had to close her tooth gap using a mortician’s wax to land modeling gigs. But thank God she stayed on. Did you know she was on the cover page of Vogue over 28 times? Even in her seventies, she modeled for Bottega Veneta and H&M.


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