70+ Hottest Men In The World

70+ Hottest Men In The World

Ever wanted to know who the hottest men in the world are? Shockingly, there are tons of many hot men...

Ever wanted to know who the hottest men in the world are? Shockingly, there are tons of many hot men...

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Ever wanted to know who the hottest men in the world are? Shockingly, there are tons of many hot men in the world, obviously. However, in this article, we will be breaking down the most desirable celebrity men known to the public.

These men are known to have the best looks and are quite literally the epitome of what one may call eye candy. Based on popular opinions and more, this list consists of every man you may have an attraction to. This list of the hottest guys in the world is long, so let’s get to the list, shall we?

Hottest men in the world:

1. Jamie Dornan

To begin this list, let’s start off with a well-known actor James Dornan! This man is renowned for his role in Fifty Shades of Grey and has since made everyone starstruck by his appearance.

With a strong jawline and a body that enticed everyone, this man is undoubtedly one of the most attractive men in the world.

Nowadays, this man sports a beard that pulls his entire look together, and with this new look, he becomes more attractive every day.

2. Chris Hemsworth

As the next runner-up on the list, we have the infamous Chris Hemsworth. Known completely as Christoper ‘Chris’ Hemsworth, this man was born in Melbourne, Australia and has since taken America by storm, literally.

When he first hit the screen as Thor, he instantly became a fan favorite! With a deep-toned accent, insatiable humor and a body like a God, no pun intended, many adored this man and his appearance from the start. Honestly, who doesn’t love this man already?

3. Henry Cavill

From Saint Helier, Jersey [which is off the coast of France] comes British actor Henry Cavill. This man is divine to look at if you’re curious. Starring as Superman in Man of Steel and Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher, this man has beauty like no other.

With strong cheekbones, perfectly styled hair and eyes that will captivate you, this man can be considered strong in all aspects. He makes himself even more appealing by the day with all the suits he wears.

4. Chris Evans

As part of the hot men list, Chris Evans has to be on the list, for many reasons. One of them is that his smile is contagious. He has an air of confidence around him that makes everyone around him comfortable and accepting of who he is.

Chris Evans is well-known for his role as Captain America in movies such as The Avengers and Captain America: The First Avenger.

Yet, since his screen appearance, Chris Evans has become a Hollywood sensation, and many have come to love him dearly.

5. Idris Elba

Coming in hot from the United Kingdom, Idris Elba is undoubtedly one of the top five most desirable men in the world. This man has played many roles in American movies such as Hobbs & Shaw and The Wire, gaining him the attention he deserves.

Idris Elba is an amazing man with respectable characteristics and natural charisma. He is certainly one of the hottest men in the world. If he were to speak now, his lustrous accent would soothe you and make you smile without even knowing it.

6. George Clooney

George Clooney has been around for years, having acted in many shows, films and receiving awards in the process. Since his earlier years, George Clooney has been a good-looking man and has always embraced how he looks to the public.

Nowadays, George Clooney sports white hair and has aged finely within the most recent years, granting him a spot among the hottest men in the world. Ever heard the saying, ‘aged like fine wine’? Well, George Clooney is the epitome of this exact phrase.

7. Robert Pattinson

As a young actor, Robert Pattison has made it high on the list of hottest men simply because he is absolutely irresistible.

Since his debut in Twilight and Harry Potter as a young actor, Robert Pattison has continued to make a mark on the world with his looks. Whenever you see him, you know that Pattison is present.

With glowing skin, and a clean, gruff look, Robert Pattison attracts many eyes to his physique and aura as an individual and as an actor.

8. Manny Jacinto

Have you heard of Manny Jacinto? Now you do! From the show The Good Place, Manny Jacinto is a Filipino-Canadian actor who has grown quite a fan base around him.

Jacinto is, of course, a gorgeous man who not only has a good sense of character but also captures the attention of all with the beauty of his face: prominent cheekbones, sculpted jawline, and an aura that demands attention.

Manny Jacinto is an overall astounding man who shows his talents and looks with grace everywhere he goes.

9. Dylan O’Brien

Dylan O’Brien, a name that almost every young adult female has heard since the beginning of the Teen Wolf and Vampire Diaries era. Since his role as Stiles Stilinski on Teen Wolf, Dylan O’Brien has been well-known for his quirky humor and quick-wit response both as a character and as a person too.

His boyish but grown look has suited his soothing demeanor for years. With a smile that lights up his eyes, Dylan O’Brien remains one of the hottest men in the world because of the charm he exudes effortlessly on screen and in person.

10. Denzel Washington

Since his teenage years and early twenties, Denzel Washington has always walked with confidence, security, and respect before becoming a household name.

Having done films such as Training Day, Man on Fire, and The Equalizer, Denzel Washington never fails to act out a scene effortlessly and show off his talents with ease.

His attractiveness doesn’t just stem from the way he looks. In fact, it is because of who he is and how he handles himself that makes this man handsome in his own way.

11. David Beckham

As we step away from the actors of the world, why don’t we dabble into why David Beckham, a famous English soccer player, is on the list of the hottest men in the world? Obviously, he is a good-looking man.

But, though he has looks that many adore and are starstruck by, this man has abilities on the soccer field that many admire because of his technicality and strength. David Beckham, a name that is suitable for a man full of skill and stunning looks.

12. Will Smith

Without even saying anything, Will Smith is automatically on the list of the hottest men in the world. Why? It’s Will Smith.

Since his role on the infamous show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will Smith has been loved by many forever. From the 90s to the 2000s, many millennial and Gen-Z adults have all been charmed by Will Smith’s charisma, talents, swag, and fascinating looks from the past and the present.

Will Smith has aged beautifully since The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and many will continue to adore him for years to come.

13. Jason Momoa

With an amazing body, Jason Momoa arrived at the scene at the best time. With long hair and a body that suited his role as Aquaman, this mystical took the world by storm when he began speaking his first lines on the screen.

Not only is he insanely attractive, but this man graces the screen with a sense of nobility and humility. He is a man of great talents and continues to show why he will continue to be a great actor.

14. Ian Somerhalder

A sarcastic but alluring sensation, Ian Somerhalder had to make this list. Because of his bad-boy vampire role in The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder has remained at the top as one of the hottest guys in the world.

With his eyes, his smirk, his caring personality, and the effortless quick-wit of his words, Somerhalder is enticing. He cares for many, cares for himself, and remains steady in his efforts in being a respectable gentleman towards anyone.

Since his impressive role in The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder has since been embraced by the world for who he is on and offset.

15. Ryan Reynolds

A comedian and an icon, Ryan Reynolds makes a list without question. Reynolds, a Canadian actor, captured everyone’s attention when he made his first appearance on live TV, and since then, no one has come up with a solid reason to despise this man.

From jokes to looks that suit his personality, this fascinating man earned his place as one of the hottest men in the world. Whether you watch his projects or not, Ryan Reynolds makes anyone laugh because of his effortless skill to be entertaining.

16. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has always been at the top of everyone’s list for the hottest men in the world. Due to the many roles, he has played, Tom Cruise’s looks have never gone unnoticed.

Always showing a genuine smile with an expressive look in his eyes, Tom Cruise graces the world with a soft charm and a magnetic personality.

If you ever want to learn why Tom Cruise is appreciated for who he is, watch many of his infamous films and enjoy his presence on screen.

17. Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan is hot for many reasons, and not just for his body. Granted, many look to see how sculpted his arms and abs are, but that is not the only thing that Michael B. Jordan.

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He is loved because of who he is: humble, understanding, and appealing to any crowd. Michael B. Jordan grasps everyone’s attention and draws all eyes to him.

He is a man of many talents but also maintains composure and grandeur to everyone around him. So what makes Michael B. Jordan one of the hottest men in the world? Simply put-him.

18. Theo James

Theo James is an English actor, who has grabbed the eyes of many people since his role as Eaton on Divergent. With sharp features and an aura of sexiness, Theo James deserves his spot on the list of one of the hottest men in the world, respectfully.

There is no real reason but one-he shows out in beautiful attire, embraces who he is, and effortlessly walks into a room without a care. He is the epitome of the one and only Theo James.

19. Ryan Gosling

Of course, Ryan Gosling is bound to make a list such as this one. He radiates sexiness without a second thought and handles his own character with grace and self-confidence.

Because of who he is, Ryan Gosling is also a well-known household name that many artists, fans, and brands have come to love since the beginning of his career.

If you have never heard of Ryan Gosling, just know that he has always been a well-loved actor for many years.

20. Johnny Depp

The Mad Hatter, Jack Sparrow, whoever you know him as Johnny Depp has successfully made the list for the hottest men in the world. Why? Well, the reasons are simple-he looks refined, poised, elegant, and admirable.

He is a quiet man that many would believe to be extremely mysterious. Johnny Depp has a natural air about him that is sultry and makes many fans and admirers more attracted to him because of this.

While many of his roles are more quirky and different, he as an individual has always been more to himself. This statement alone may be the reason so many fans are intrigued by him.

21. Zayn Malik

Without even having to say much, everyone knows that Zayn Malik is beautiful on his own. As a singer, he has the voice to pull everything about him together, from the songs he sings to the way he dresses.

His looks are more than delightful to look at. As an artist of his craft, he is undoubtedly the subject of his own craft and continues to make his fans appreciate him more and more each day with his everlasting looks.

22. Tom Hiddleston

Many have come to love this man because of his role as Loki from Marvel Studios, and ever since, he has become loved by many from all across the world.

Tom Hiddleston has a sharp look in his features and maintains this look with styled hair each time he is in public. Tom Hiddlestone is a perfect example of how much fun an actor can have without the mask of being the character that is being portrayed on screen.

23. Liam Hemsworth

The brother of actor Chris Hemsworth, Liam Hemsworth, holds his own place in the world of hot men. Liam Hemsworth has similar features to his brother but still holds a candle to his own personal attractiveness.

He has a following from many who praise his looks and his accent. While he may not have as many acting gigs as his sibling, Liam Hemsworth has still gained the recognition that he deserves over the last few years since his appearance in Hollywood.

24. Paul Wesley

Another star from the infamous Vampire Diaries, Paul Wesley, is essentially one of the hottest men in the world for sure. There is really no question as to why he is so attractive-have you seen him?

He is a graceful man with an attitude that is pure and unadulterated. He does not worry about what others think and this, truthfully, is what makes him such a great man to look at and admire from afar.

Paul Wesley has always been excellent eye candy for celebrities and viewers alike.

25. Channing Tatum

With a body to die for, many have adored Channing Tatum and his effortless looks since his debut acting gigs in Step Up and Magic Mike. His dance moves are mesmerizing, as is the actor himself.

Tatum is not arrogant. In fact, his confidence holds no bounds for the work he has done to prove himself worthy of being an actor all around.

All of his skills are the results of hard work, and Channing Tatum continues to prove this fact time and time again.

26. Zac Efron

From a young high schooler in High School Musical to an insanely attractive young man in his mid-thirties, Zac Efron is what many would consider the definition of a ‘glow-up’!

He has matured into a man that is still relatively shy but is not ashamed of how he looks and how he stands out in the crowd.

Efron has always been in the spotlight and for him, showing off his looks and changing his appearance is almost like an everyday occurrence that many seem to love.

27. Chris Pine

A very sexy man to look at, Chris Pine is a man with many admirers. His looks are model worthy, and every time he makes an appearance on screen, his performance is captivating.

His looks draw the audience for sure, as he continues to smile and laugh with everyone around him. But as an actor, he stands his ground and shows from time to time why he is and will be a respected actor in the entertainment industry.

28. Jeremy Renner

A natural beauty that hasn’t aged at all, Jeremy Renner shows off his attractiveness with witty responses and jokes that many have come to love dearly.

Having played Hawkeye in Marvel, his action-packed performances have drawn the world to him, and he has taken each comment with stride. Jeremy Renner is a man of many talents, and he makes it known that he knows this time and time again.

29. Chris Pratt

A man with an adorable persona, Chris Patt has always been a cheerful man to hang around. Many of his co-stars have come to love his character both on and off-screen, just like the fans have.

The reason for his spot in this long list of hot men in the world is not only because of how gorgeous he looks in all the photos he takes or the clips of him in his element.

But rather it is his unwavering motive to put a smile on everyone’s face and make them happy with every joke he makes and the scene he does.

30. Jake Gyllenhaal

After the many names that have come before him, it is only right that Jake Gyllenhaal has his shot at being on the list. He is a villain, he is a hero, he is everything and more.

Jake Gyllenhaal has shown the world what he is capable of many times throughout the years. Gyllenhaal’s looks have made many embrace this actor for the difference in his appearance compared to others, and ever since, he has become an extraordinary man for all.

31. Leonardo DiCaprio

Is this list truly reliable if Leonardo DiCaprio never made the list? Well, he’s here, and he is an all-time favorite. He has acted in many films from a young age, such as The Titanic, and continues to book more roles for his own personal resume.

Yet, Leonardo DiCaprio is a man of timeless looks. He has aged over the years with beauty, grace, and ease, granting many the chance to witness a man of excellent caliber continue to grow into a man that will be remembered for who he was and how gorgeous he was from day one.

32. Christian Bale

Many have said it time and time again, Christian Bale is one of the hottest guys in the world. This is not a shock because he has been on the scene for years, so who wouldn’t want to admire his natural looks.

He is pleasing to the eye and has always shown to the world that he is a strong individual on and off-screen. Naturally, these traits make him even more attractive to everyone who has a celebrity crush on him.

33. James Franco

One of the most appealing men on this list alone, James Franco, is a sight to behold. He is a beloved actor who has a sense of humor and a smile that will calm your nerves or have your heart skipping a beat.

James Franco has an easy-going vibe about him while also being a tease to those who approach him. Franco is a bold man who is not afraid to speak his mind.

With his beauty, James Franco deserves a spot on the very list because of how he handles himself as a man.

34. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

A classical-looking gentleman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has always been a good-lucking man from the beginning. Generally speaking, when he is on screen, many know that this lovable has come to show the world his talents once more.

He is truly attractive because of his beautifully crafted roles that embrace him and the character that he is portraying. This man is a delightful actor with looks to match his personality.

35. Brad Pitt

Well known for many acting gis, Brad Pitt always has been and will forever be a Hollywood favorite. His roles enhance his beauty already, and his individuality is no different.

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He is a many of many talents and embraces who he is every day. With this, Brad Pitt demonstrates self-love in a tender kind of way.

He carries himself and others to the finish line with ease as he is an easy-going man with respect for all that graces his person and vice versa.

36. Harry Styles

Another popular, One Direction member, Harry Styles, is a present-day beauty for all. He dresses the way he wants, sings his songs with every piece of himself, and interacts with his fans on a daily.

Harry Styles follows his own dreams and seriously follows the beat of his own drum. His world is constantly expandin. With this, many fans have always embraced Harry Styles for the unfiltered person that he has become since leaving One Direction.

37. Rami Malek

From his role as the infamous Freddie Mercury in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, Rami Malek has demonstrated his own kind of attractiveness to the world through roles such as these.

His individuality is more than adorable, and when he takes on roles, he embodies them completely and executes every part of them without much trouble. Rami Malek is hot in his own way and continues to show this time and time again!

38. Bradley Cooper

Yet, another Hollywood favorite, Bradley Cooper. He is also a well-respected name in all households and is remembered as a guy who walks with an aura of humility.

He takes the roles of his characters seriously and never strays away from their backstory in his own way. His looks are also a plus in making him the hottest man in the world because, with a personality of gold, Bradley Cooper also has looks full of elegance.

39. Tom Hardy

A football star that almost everybody knows, Tom Brady is a classic jock that has excelled in sports for decades. Known for many successful plays in the NFL, Tom Brady is a fan favorite for all.

He enjoys the thrill of the crowd while the audience enjoys the show that he puts on. Tom Brady’s smile is what captures them all.

He smiles one time at the crowd, shows off his football attire, and after it all, thanks to them for getting him to where he is. He is an attractive man for the appreciation that he shows to those around him.

40. Hugh Jackman

Many timeless beauties today! Hugh Jackman can be gruff, or he can be sweet-that is if we’re talking characters here.

Hugh Jackman is very handsome, and because of the role he plays, every make-up artist has enhanced his features thoroughly with every product present. He is a man who holds himself with grace but also knows how to let go and be free at the same time, which makes him all the more likable.

41. Gerard Butler

A Scottish actor that entered the acting world without warning, this man is also attractive. Gerard Butler graces the screen proudly as his mere presence is enough to bring all to attention.

His signature smile, smirk, and hallmark look solidify just how influential this man is. He can be in a room with any group, but when he speaks, all eyes are on him. And that is what makes Gerard Butler so attractive.

42. Taylor Lautner

As a young kid and an adult, Taylor Lautner has always been adored by everyone. He played magnificent roles in every movie that he made, such as Shark Boy and Lava Girl and The Twilight Saga, making him a young heartthrob during the early 2000s.

Granted, much of his earlier work began to take shape during the 2000s, but today he is still as strong and attractive as ever. He remains a man that can make your heart skip a beat with just one look.

43. Orlando Bloom

With a name like this, Orlando Bloom sure did create a world that will always remember his face and name. Bloom has been acting for a long time, and when he chose to make his way on screen, many people embraced his talents and appearances instantly.

He displays his unwavering confidence with charisma and continues to show the world how being kind can take you a long way, especially as a man.

44. Justin Timberlake

Are you bringing sexy back? Cause he is. Justin Timberlake has been around for quite a while and has demonstrated time and time again how to be sexy without a care in the world.

He is a man that knows his own worth and continues to show this through many music videos and different styles over the last few years.

Justin Timberlake will always be one of the hottest guys because not only does he have a special place in all of our hearts, but he is an amazing guy to look at.

45. Anthony Joshua

A boxer with power like no other, Anthony Joshua is a tall and strong professional boxer. His attractiveness stems from the technicality of his training, fights, and ability to withstand the blows that are dealt with him.

Despite the beatings that he has taken and given, Anthony Joshua is still an attractive man with looks that highlight the prowess and love that this man has for his career.

46. Tyson Beckford

An American supermodel, this man is a beauty in the modeling industry and outside of it as an actor too. His physique is muscular, and his face is sculpted in ways that highlight his beauty and personality? Flawless.

Tyson Beckford is one of the hottest men in the world simply because he walks the runway with grace and walks through life with his head held high, a tip that he has taken from his early modeling years.

47. Matthew McConaughey

You had to have seen Matthew McConaughey from commercials to comedic performances at one point in your life, and he’s not hard to miss. His beauty almost seems eternal with the way that he has aged effortlessly over the last few years.

He is a man that is serene and more self-assured in himself as an individual. Many do not hear much about Matthew McConaughey, but when they see him, hear him, or his name, everyone knows that the man of the hour has arrived.

48. David Gandy

Another model that walks the runway, David Gandy, is a man who has been featured for Dolce & Gabbana many times. Because of this exposure, David Gandy has been recruited for the beauty of his looks. And honestly, who wouldn’t?

His aura is full of confidence and understanding of how far he can take his abilities in the modeling industry both as a man and as a model altogether.

David Gandy’s attractiveness is on a different level, and that is what makes him a suitable candidate for this list.

49. Matt Bomer

Another actor that has attracted everyone’s attention is Matt Bomer. Matt Bomer is simply a man to appreciate when he comes on screen.

Fans from all over the world have always loved his looks, and ever since his career started, he has since been expected in many TV shows and films, respectfully.

Matt Bomer has features that are to die for, and honestly, if he is on screen, of course, there would be a crowd ready to admire his beauty at that moment.

50. Henry Golding

A British-Malaysian actor and model, this talented man has it all. Henry Golding has the characteristic of what you want in a man.

He is open to expanding his ideas and is always down for a good time. As a man on this list, his attractiveness is simple yet inviting.

Henry Golding is a man of his word and continues to show just how much he loves his craft as he continues to grow as a man each day.

51. Michael Fassbender

This German-Irish actor has to be everyone’s favorite. He is admirable because of his love for cars, the numerous films he has done, and his role as Magneto in the many X-Men movies that he chose to be a part of.

Michael Fassbender is extremely attractive because of his perfectly structured jaw, impressive stance, and personality that makes everyone eager to get to know him, even as a celebrity.

52. Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello is built like a powerful superhero, and no one is mad at it. Known for his role as a werewolf on True Blood, Joe Manganiello instantly captured the attention of every viewer who watched the show as it aired.

Physically, he is a well-kept man with a body to love, but he is also very respectful in his endeavors and displays humility, which makes him all the more attractive.

53. Sean O’Pry

An American model, Sean O’Pry, has the look of a supermodel and showcases this everywhere he goes. He knows his worth simply because of the posts he makes on Instagram, where many can see his beauty displayed for all to see.

However, his handsome looks were presented to the world once more in Taylor Swift’s music video, Blank Space. Many saw his looks and have loved the man ever since.

54. Alexander Skarsgard

A Swedish actor who played the main protagonist in The Legend of Tarzan, Alexander Skarsgard, has showcased his looks and talents for years.

He pushes the boundaries tirelessly for himself and continues to do so with determination and unmatched grit.

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Because of this, fans love his roles for the effort he puts forth to grow as an actor and to give the best performance possible.

55. Jensen Ackles

Many Supernatural fans would say that Jensen Ackles should come to mind immediately when you say attractive.

Known as Dean from Supernatural, this man has been acting for a while and, within that time, has grown a loyal fan base that cherishes his looks and acting skills.

But many love Jensen Ackles because of his ability to care for others unconditionally, giving the fans another reason to find this man extremely attractive.

56. Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig is an all-time beauty with hidden talents and a physique that usually shocks many who have not seen him.

He is an English actor that has played many roles and continues to do so with the knowledge that he can surprise his friends with a quick look at how he keeps himself up as an older man.

Daniel Craig is what many would call a tease, but maybe it is best because of how many of his fans are very fond of him and his work.

57. Rob Lowe

From his early age to now, Rob Lowe has been a Hollywood beauty since the beginning of his career. He deserves to be on this list from the moment he stepped foot onto this first real acting gig, A New Kind of Family.

Rob Lowe’s facial features seized the minds of directors and fans alike, gaining momentum in his career and love from all corners of the world as he continued to succeed in his personal endeavors.

58. Cristiano Ronaldo

A soccer all-star, Cristiano Ronaldo, grabbed everyone’s attention when he hit the field. Running in cleats with sweat down his back, many watched his skillful footwork and technique through many plays.

Though he has a fantastic body and face that garners even more attention from the crowd, Cristiano Ronaldo’s sportsmanship and competitive plays bring out the best in him, showing his determination and grit to finish what he started.

59. Luke Evans

A Welsh actor and singer, Luke Evans, has played many roles within his lifetime and has since been noticed for how attractive in any role he plays is.

You might wonder why, but there is no need to question this fact. Luke Evans is already an authentic and handsome man with features that draw out emotion from the audience as they continue to watch his every role throughout the show.

60. Colton Haynes

Another star from Teen Wolf, this man is one of the ideal men that many would believe to be the hottest man in the world.

From a model at the age of 15 to an actor, Colton Haynes has the looks to draw in all onlookers. His appearance is just as captivating as the smile and facial features that he was born with. Colton Haynes has remained an ideal beauty for many and continues to do so presently.

61. John Krasinski

Though he played a character with lots of energy and sarcastic lines, John Krasinski is a highly attractive man. Known for his role as Jim on The Office, John Krasinski has shown his growth in looks from a boyish aesthetic to a grown man with humor to spellbound everyone around him.

He is natural and is very delightful towards anyone he meets. As one of the hottest men in the world, John Krasinski has the looks to prove it all.

62. Dwayne Johnson

What’s a list without The Rock himself? With his full name being Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has shown how grit and determination can get you far in life, especially if you focus on yourself.

With a large body mass full of muscle, Johnson is better known for his hilarious banter with his loved ones and the confidence that he has within himself.

Dwayne Johnson is a sweetheart, and many have seen him as one of the hottest men since the start of his job.

63. Ricky Martin

As a Puerto Rican singer and actor, Ricky Martin has been known to make bodies movie with his alluring voice and seductive tone.

He is a man of many talents, and with these talents comes a man with many who have fallen in love with who he is.

Many worldwide audience members adore his looks, and American citizens wish to meet Ricky Martin in person. He is the moment and will continue to be one of the hottest men in the world with these looks.

64. Stephen Amell

From the show Arrow, Stephen Amell has caught the eyes of many viewers and bystanders. He is a man of wonder and has an air of mystery surrounding who he is as a character and as an actor.

Respectfully, Stephen is a modest guy with striking looks. He holds himself with promise and makes sure that everyone in the room knows that he is present.

Stephen Amell is beautiful. He was sculpted from a very early age to become a handsome man.

65. Robbie Amell

The cousin of Stephen Amell, Robbie Amell, has set his own record straight early on in the acting scene. Many have loved him for his straightforward charisma and adorable looks from an early age.

Robbie Amell is seen as a heartthrob for the beauty that he beholds and has honestly held this standard for many years.

When he arrives on screen, he makes his appearance worthwhile and does not disappoint as his looks tie together the performance that he is giving to the audience.

66. William Levy

Born in Cuba, this American actor has a look like no other. He is almost like a statue that was crafted by the hands of a delicate artist.

His smile is what draws everyone in, simply because of how enticing his demeanor is kind and charming, and also how impactful his presence is to those around him.

You would never believe him to be a bad guy simply because his looks say it all, but with a genuine personality like his, he is sure to bring comfort to many.

67. Can Yaman

As a celebrity from Turkey, Can Yaman is a natural beauty. He holds the standards of men very high for the way he takes care of himself and carries his own self-confidence around.

Can Yaman represent himself in high regard and never backs down from who he is as a person and as a man himself.

There is one thing that is attractive in all men and women alike-being secure in oneself anywhere you go. Can Yaman, he got this one down right away, and that is why he is one of the hottest men in the world.

68. Regé-Jean Page

A relatively new face in Hollywood, Regé-Jean Page is an English actor that tugged on the strings of everyone who tuned in to the first season of Bridgerton.

His look, attitude, everything about him made him all the more irresistible. Many have praised his looks and beauty after his initial breakout performance and have had fans wanting more of him ever since.

Regé-Jean Page not only has a body of a true man but the energy of a gentleman and a bad boy combined.

69. Richard Madden

With the look of a man who may be tough but is also kind-hearted, Richard Madden has it all. In many of the pictures that are seen across the internet, Richard Madden is a rare beauty to behold.

Granted, his physique is up to par, it is his personality that also makes him a candidate for one of the hottest men on this list.

He takes pride in his craft and embraces every role he is given with as much determination as he possibly can. Hard work always pays off in the end.

70. Ben Barnes

From the early years of the 2000s, Ben Barnes has been a beauty to behold. Coming from the United Kingdom, Ben Barnes started in The Chronicles of Narnia and recently in The Punisher and Shadow and Bone.

With these TV shows and movies, Ben Barnes has been adored for the looks that he serves as his characters and as a celebrity.

He’s handsome and has a striking look to him that makes him look like a true warrior. This man definitely makes a list as one of the hottest men in the world.

71. Keanu Reeves

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, this Matrix star had to be mentioned. Keanu Reaves, now going on 60, has been an attractive man since his younger years.

Keanu Reeves is a poised man that has many high standards regarding his own persona. He is a person of high regard and enjoys showing others the courage that he holds deep within him.

If this doesn’t make him hot to you, then how about the fact that he has aged beautifully since the beginning of his career?

72. Jared Leto

Finally, we arrive at the last man on the list-Jared Leto. Due to his gorgeous hair and dazzling features, this man captivated the world with his ravishing looks.

Currently, Jared Leto is also receiving more attention due to his new role in Morbius, House of Gucci, and Suicide Squad, and ever since, many have since discovered the authenticity of his looks and how superb he is on screen and as a person.

He is a gorgeous man with a respectable spot on the list of the hottest men in the world.


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