The 10 Famous Italian Plus-Size Models

The 10 Famous Italian Plus-Size Models

Modeling has always had impossible size standards to meet. You got to look beautiful, have a perfectly chiseled face, and...

Modeling has always had impossible size standards to meet. You got to look beautiful, have a perfectly chiseled face, and...

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Modeling has always had impossible size standards to meet. You got to look beautiful, have a perfectly chiseled face, and be a size that is almost unrealistic for most women.

Women are bold, curvy, exotic, and beautiful even when they are in sizes that may not fit the fashion-perfect bracket.

Recently, the fashion industry has witnessed a shift in how women are portrayed and represented. With plus-size models promoting body positivity and a healthy body image, it is both encouraging and inspiring to watch them be a part of this movement.

With a huge following on Instagram, these famous Italian plus-size models are proud influencers and advocates of body positivity. Let’s have a look at a few InstaCelebs who have made a mark on us.

Paola Torrente

This curvy, plus-size model is the epitome of beauty personified. With hair so beautiful and skin so glowing, it’s no surprise that she’s killing it with the glam. With more than half a million followers on Instagram, Paola Torrente is just inches away from being a bonafide celeb. Her fashion game is on point, and she makes every dress look sexy and appealing on her. For those of her fans who are unaware, Paola was the first runner-up in the 2016 Miss Italy contest. She may not have won the pageant that year, but this size 14 gorgeous lady won people’s hearts. 

Laura Brioschi

Look at Laura’s brand for stunning swimsuits for women of all shapes and sizes. And her movement about body positivity is evident in her Instagram posts. She’s bold, curvy, drop-dead gorgeous, and a proud plus-size woman, mother, and entrepreneur. With 549K subscribers and counting, she’s truly a flagbearer of body appreciation. A true Bellissima indeed, the post-partum celebration of her body is a sure-shot inspiration for all new mothers who go through life and body-changing event. After her debut in Milan Fashion week of 2019, her modeling career skyrocketed to fame, making her one of the most desirable curvy models of all time.

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Giulia Accardi

Breathtaking in every sense, Giulia Accardi is one multifaceted model. Besides being a leading fashionista representing the traditional Italian woman with her curves to swear by, she is also an author, an activist, and a businesswoman. With her brand Perfectly imperfect, she is spreading body positivity all over the world. She is the face of the body positivity wave with a beautifully sculpted face, sky-gray eyes, and a voluptuous body. Her social media is full of perfectly curated wonderful posts giving us insights into her worldview of fashion. It’s difficult not to appreciate her beauty as you scroll through the attractive, casual yet sensitive social presence.

Lina Giselle

Represented by IMM agency, London, Lina Giselle is one of the upcoming Italian faces and voices in the plus-size fashion world. Having campaigned for i-D, and many other brands, her freckles are her USP. Daughter of an ex-football player, she’s been born and raised in Colombia, only to land in Italy in her late teens. Having struggled with body issues, color and gender discrimination, and self-consciousness in the past, she has challenged herself to reach where she is today and create a place of privilege for herself. With her self-confidence at its peak, this beautiful, young, and talented woman is much more than just a model.

Claudia Besana

Don’t be fooled by this pretty face and an infectious smile. It represents a woman of immense strength, courage, passion, and a will to create. Claudia Besana suffers from a rare disease called the Charcot-Marie-Tooth, which has affected her feet and hands. Despite all the challenges, she has emerged victorious in living a life with dignity and conquering her insecurities. Now an Instagrammer, and a YouTuber, she runs her studio from home and is not crippled by her sense of inadequacy. With her strong social presence, she’s a living inspiration to all the women out there to accept their imperfections and celebrate their being.

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Elisa D’Ospina

One deep dive into the social media of a person will tell you so much about them. Their likes, dislikes, aesthetics, voice, and a general stand in life. Elisa D’Ospina is one such influencer, model, and public figure on Instagram, with over 353K followers. Her posts are spiced with glamor, fun, glitz, camaraderie, friendships, fashion, and travel. In all her ensembles, outfits, endorsements, and make-up, her best features are highlighted. Redefining the beauty standards in the Italian market, she has also authored a book, “Una vita Tutta curve” (A curvy life), all about accepting the body image and celebrating a curvy body.

Emma Sarr

As a curvy woman of color, Emma Sarr is no stranger to the challenges of the fashion world. With her Instagram dedicated to beauty, fashion and make-up, she is one of the up-and-coming influencers on social media. Her posts exude body positivity, reality, and good vibes only. One look at her posts, and you’ll find hundreds of ideas for your next outfits. Besides promoting love for her plus-size body, she has also supported the #blacklivesmatter movement. Lesser-known for her brief stint in MasterChef Italy 2014, her Gram is also rich with pictures of delicious food.

Madia Garganese

Associated with Vision street casting, Madia’s Instagram is full of body positivity. With pictures and posts celebrating her body and sensuality, it is a great inspiration to women who find it difficult to embrace their plus-size figures. Her bold and beautiful persona shines through her posts. Her red hair complements her personality brilliantly as she looks desirable in every frame captured. If one could acquire the confidence to be comfortable in one’s skin like she does, all of us would learn to love and respect our bodies a little better. With the right styling, we, too, can look beautiful with minimal effort.

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Muriel Elisa De Gennaro

Big, bold, and beautiful! These adjectives may define the gorgeous lady but are certainly not enough to describe her achievements. With over 292K followers on Instagram, Muriel is certainly a sought-after influencer. A strong voice of inclusivity and diversity, she has authored a book titled ‘Abbraccia I tuoi colori! Favole inclusive per un mondo libero dai pregiudizi’ which translates as ‘Embrace your colors! Inclusive tales for a world free from prejudices.’ One look at her Instagram content, and you know you have an entertaining and engaging creator. Her reels are funky, vibrant, and full of color, and we’re sure you’ll find some great fashion advice on her account.


A strong fashionable voice in the world of plus-size fashion, this influencer is doing all things right with her Insta account. With her gorgeous bold avatar and a fashion sense that people might find enviable, this 31-year-old Italian influencer knows how to flaunt her curves. A member of @bodypositivecatwalk and an advocate of self-love, anything that she sports with confidence and flair looks great. Cinzia has definitely cracked that code to celebrate her curves, and so can you. Follow her on Instagram for advice, inspiration, and ideas about fashion, color combinations, styling, and accessorizing tips.


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