TOP 20: Best Lifestyle Bloggers You Need to Check Out

TOP 20: Best Lifestyle Bloggers You Need to Check Out

People are inspired by what they see and hear. It could be through different means – radio, television, social media,...

People are inspired by what they see and hear. It could be through different means – radio, television, social media,...

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People are inspired by what they see and hear. It could be through different means – radio, television, social media, or conversation with other people. Whether good or bad, the message passed always has an effect on a person if taken into consideration. For that reason, people must guard their hearts and be intentional about what they see, read or listen to.

While there are different ways in which messages are passed to help or motivate people, some sets of individuals are making a living out of it. These individuals are called Lifestyle Bloggers.

The concept of blogging is broad, but the part that deals explicitly with motivating and inspiring an audience – the way people should live and various fashion styles, health, and wellness ideas, is called Lifestyle Blogging.

Becoming a Lifestyle blogger isn’t so tricky, but it requires consistency and proper communication to an audience. Most lifestyle bloggers in the world today have created unique niches for themselves to inspire people. As they do this, they gain more following from people looking to learn a thing or two.

Lifestyle bloggers use various channels to communicate with their audiences, such as social media (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and blog websites.

Check out the 20 best lifestyle bloggers online below.

20 Lifestyle Bloggers, You Should Follow

1. Zoe Sugg


Zoe Elizabeth Sugg is one of the world-renowned lifestyle bloggers. Oftentimes, she is called by YouTube name – Zoella. Zoe is a social media influencer, entrepreneur, and author. She uses her platforms to inspire people and talk about her beauty product “Zoella Beauty,” launched in 2014.

The English vlogger has a total of 924 million views on her vlogs, with 4.9M subscribers. She also has a YouTube page with about 11 million subscribers and an Instagram page with over 9M followers. Zoe Sugg has released different books in her career, including Girl Online, The Mag Pie Society, and others.

2. Sincerely Jules


Sincerely Jules is one of the popular names when it comes to lifestyle and fashion blogging. She has various interests, including fun travels, photography, new launches, beauty tips, and new outfit ideas.

Sincerely Jules started blogging in 2009 while studying Visual Communications at FIDM. She also got her passion fueled while interning, where she styled some celebrities. With the help of her sister, she was able to gain the confidence she needed to start her own blog.

Today Sincerely has over 5.8M followers on her blog. She also has an Instagram page with over 6M followers – a platform where her sponsored posts are from top fashion labels.

3. Julia Engel


Some bloggers and influencers started over a decade ago, one of them was Julia Engel. She is famous for her lifestyle, travel, and fashion blog, as well as her excellence in promoting content for a large audience.

With about 2M followers on Instagram, she has successfully been able to start something for herself. Recently, she started her clothing line while running and style and beauty content.

Julia Engel gains the support of her husband, Thomas Berolzheimer, who is responsible for all the fantastic images/photos she uses. The birth of her daughter, Clementine, was also the inspiration for her to continue doing something different.

4. Lauren Conrad


Lauren Katherine Tell, born Lauren Conrad in 1986, is one of the world’s most popular lifestyle bloggers. She is also a fashion designer, author, and an American TV personality with great social media skills.

The top lifestyle influencer always has great Instagram feeds while running four accounts – 1 Personal, 2 Lifestyle, and 1 Non-profit. She promotes different content using these channels, such as her style brand, books, and photos. In total, Lauren Conrad has about 10 million followers.

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The best-seller author and reality star also use other platforms like Facebook and Twitter to promote work. Amongst other things, Lauren has several clothing lines.

5. Jack Morris


So many people discovered themselves quite early and took the necessary steps to ensure they got successful. One of those people who did was Jack Morris. The English Instagram lifestyle influencer is one of the notable names to mention.

In the last seven years, he has taken his followers and audience through a series of life events expressed through stories and discoveries. Most of his photos were taken from locations like Cambodia, Sweden, Finland, and many other places in Europe.

Furthermore, the star who pursued social media influencing at age 22, having quit his job, has gained partnerships with many high-line labels, including American Express.

6. Chelsea Kauai


Chelsea Kauai also earns a spot on the top lifestyle influencers on the world list. The Hawaii-born blogger gets inspiration from different sources, but mostly from life experiences and her environment. Her travel and lifestyle blog is how she documents her experiences.

Chelsea is also interested in other things, which she clearly talks about on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with about a million followers. She is into photography, freediving, and hiking, designing while having a degree in Journalism.

Her fantastic photography and storytelling skills have given her a platform to promote brands like Four Seasons, Citibank, Hyundai, and a few others.

7. Rachel Parcell


Rachel Parcell isn’t only an entity but a brand on its own. The creative, fashion, and lifestyle blogger is one of the top people who maximize social media to promote their businesses fully. She started her business, Pink Peonies, in 2016 and has become one of the fast-rising stars in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Rachel is also a creative director and a jewelry designer. She is inspired by the various events that happen around her. She documents things like beauty tips, home style, and outfits on her blog and social pages. Her Instagram has over a million followers.

8. Amber Fillerup Clark


One of the most genuine decisions ever made was by Amber Fillerup Clark. The lifestyle and beauty blogger started her diary with the sole aim of inspiring a lot of people. A few years later, she is one of the most talked-about influencers in the world.

She has inspired people in many ways through her journey, including in outfits, hair tutorials, and life tips. With the help of her husband, David, and three children, she has successfully been able to help people see beyond themselves.

Amber Fillerup Clark also shares ideas on fashion, fitness, and design, using her Instagram with over a million followers.

9. Meghan Rienks


Meghan Rienks isn’t only an actress known for her comedy films, she is also a lifestyle blogger. The actress uses social media effectively to achieve her aim of influencing. She currently runs her own lifestyle and comedy YouTube channel.

Meghan is one of the most real personalities who expresses how she feels and discusses her vulnerability with people. She is also an author who writes about life challenges, baking, and self-love.

With a huge following on Instagram (over 1M), she is approached by various beauty brands, including Jergens and Neutrogena. Some of Meghan’s films include 12 Deadly Days of Christmas, Freakish, and The Honor List.

10. Aspyn Ovard Ferris


Another person on the list of the best fashion and lifestyle bloggers is Aspyn Ovard Ferris. The Utah-based influencer started her career a few years ago on YouTube, and today, she is one of the best individuals who inspire other people. Her YouTube channel currently stands at over 3 million subscribers, giving her a huge platform to communicate with several people.

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Aspyn Ovard Ferris delivers great content alongside her YouTube star husband, Parker Ferris. She also has great engagement on lifestyle-related content on her Instagram with over 2 million followers. The YouTube star has worked with various top-line brands, including Shutterfly, Olay, Hollister, and Barilla.

11. Caitlin Covington


Caitlin Covington owns Southern Curls and Pearls. It is a fashion and lifestyle blog designed solely for the feminine audience, fun and approachable. Caitlin Covington recently became quite popular following a joke tweet about her fall outfits – they looked picturesque! She really knows how to rock and outfit.

With an average of 800 comments on her posts, she is definitely one of the best lifestyle and fashion bloggers online. She has over a million followers on Instagram and up to 50,000 on Twitter. Caitlin has worked with different brands, including Nordstrom, Ulta, Aveeno, and Tree Hut.

12. Christine Andrew


Christine Andrew is Hello Fashion Blog’s creator. She is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who seemed to have worked with a handful of brands such as Volvo, Amazon, Shutterfly, LC Lauren Conrad, Elizabeth and James, and Adidas.

Christine Andrew has a considerable portfolio, especially as she is known for Kohl’s brand style. She has been featured in Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed, likewise Who What Wear. She is also a photographer who seems to have had a lot of success, while she has an Instagram page with over 1m followers.  She draws her inspiration from the everyday style and family photos, travel spots, etc.

13. Lauryn Evarts


Fueled by her passion for beauty, Wellness, and no-censor advice, Lauryn Evarts makes it to the list of top online lifestyle bloggers. The creator of The Skinny Confidential is an intelligent woman who believes hard work, discipline, focus, and sacrifices are key elements to getting through life and being successful.

Lauryn is also a podcaster who recently shared her success of over 50 million downloads, having interviewed several people like Jessica Alba, Tony Robbins, Jillian Michaels, and so on.

She attributes most of her successes and her inspiration to her husband. Being with a logical and pragmatic man has definitely built the confidence she needed.

14. Gwyneth Paltrow


The modern lifestyle blog, Goop, is run by one of the most versatile people in the world, Gwyneth Paltrow. She is an Academy Award-winning actress, singer, and author of the New York Times best-seller for her cookbooks. Being married to a television producer and writer, she spends most of her time motivating others into becoming successful and the best of themselves.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop isn’t just a mini blog but a large enterprise with over 200 employees. The blog is known for open conversations about food, beauty, Wellness, and fashion. There are lots of ideas that people could try out on Goop.

15. Aaron Marino


One of the biggest influencers on Instagram regarding men’s fashion and style is Aaron Marino. The founder of ENEMY and I Am Alpa M brand is one person solely interested in discussing real-life men’s issues, fitness, relationship, and other related aspects. He created this lifestyle blog, having noticed society’s ignorance in treating significant men topics.

Aaron uses his Instagram page with over 500K followers to deliver valuable tips and ideas about men’s physical and mental wellbeing. He also uses other social channels like YouTube and Twitter, which combined makes about 1M followers across all platforms.

16. Katie Wells


Katie Wells is another popular lifestyle blogger. She is the founder of the famous Wellness Mama, as well as Wellness. Her background in health and nutrition inspired her to give health advice and tips to several kinds of people.

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Katie Wells spends hours in research to make sure she could deliver beneficial tips to help solve significant health challenges. And she doesn’t do this alone – she works with her team of seasoned professionals.

She currently has two best-sellers – The Wellness Mama 5-Step Lifestyle Detox and Mama Cookbook. The lifestyle and wellness blogger, who is also a journalist, fully maximizes the use of social media to communicate to a larger audience. 

17. Steffy


One person that will definitely influence other people with her outfits is Steffy. The influencer has a thing for orange color – there is always the touch on anything she wears. Her choice of fashion and outfit is a bit quirky but unforgettable.

Steffy is a lifestyle blogger who posts fashion pictures, wellness tips, home management tips, and other life hacks. She uses various social media channels to reach out to her audience – Instagram with over 300,000 followers and Twitter with over 3,000 followers.

Steffy’s consistency is one admired quality about her, and she is known to have worked with brands like JCPenny, San Pellegrino, and Burt’s Bees.

18. Ree Drummond


The Pioneer Woman is one of the blogs that has been existing for almost two decades now. The blog, created by Ree Drummond, is a modern approach to reaching out to women – old or young- and inspiring them to make the best out of life.

Ree’s work is committed to different aspects of a woman’s life, including food and cooking, home and life, beauty, style, etc. She also shares stories about her life, husband, pets, ranch, recipes, etc. While Ree Drummond works with a team of editors to reach the audience via her blog, she also makes use of Instagram and Facebook pages.

19. Joanna Goddard


Joanna Goddard founded Cup of Jo in 2007, and ever since that time has impacted numerous lives with her content. She prepares great content for women who are interested in finding something new. She unravels the mystery around different things that concern women, gaining over 5 million views on her page monthly.

Joanna Goddard explores interests such as style, food, design, culture, travel, parenting, and relationships. She gives out useful tips and advice that will help women get through their daily lives. Joanna works with a team of female editors who have managed to make the blog a success.

20. Emily Schuman


The cupcakes and Cashmere blog is owned and handled by Emily Schuman. The Los Angeles-based blogger created this lifestyle blog for the sole purpose of documenting things she loves and everything around her.

Emily Schuman has successfully presented her blog in the most intelligent way possible with her team. She has a social media coordinator, a manager, and other people with specialized duties to ensure that whatever is published reaches the right audience.

She is also a known author who has published two books that are national best-sellers – “Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home” and “Cupcakes and Cashmere: a guide to defining your style, reinventing your space, and entertaining with ease.”


Are you thinking of becoming a lifestyle blogger? It’s never too late to start something of your own, as long as you are motivated to do so. With your posts and content, you could be inspiring or helping thousands to millions of people.

As you check out these 20 best lifestyle bloggers, you could learn a few things or two that could be incorporated into your blog when you start. Besides, you might be lucky to find valuable tips on what has helped them stay relevant long enough.

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