Love at First Sight: All Stats From The Movie

Love at First Sight: All Stats From The Movie

Just watched this beautiful..”love” movie with interesting statistics throughout and decided to share it with you. Love at First Sight...

Just watched this beautiful..”love” movie with interesting statistics throughout and decided to share it with you. Love at First Sight...

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Just watched this beautiful..”love” movie with interesting statistics throughout and decided to share it with you. Love at First Sight mentions at one point that it’s not actually a love movie, but the lives and stories of main cast and their families made us fall in love with the movie even more.

Statistics only helped us realize how precious life is and when turned into math, numbers and statistics it makes us wonder, are we giving our best with the number we have.

We spent two hours watching movie with pausing and 2 more hours to write this article.

So without any further ado…

All Love at First Sight Movie Stats:

December 20th is the worst day of the year to travel through John F. Kennedy International Airport. Over 193,000 passengers arrive and depart that day, causing, on average, 23-minute delays at check-in and a peak wait time of 117 minutes at security.

Hadley Sullivan is about to miss her flight to London by four minutes. There are 367 souls aboard flight TA-5120, 412 pieces of luggage, 344 personal items, 4 emotional support animals, and 62 neck pillows. Together, these passengers will travel for 6 hours and 47 minutes, all without Hadley.

But just to be clear, this isn’t a story about love. This is a story about fate. Or statistics.

The girl is Hadley Ella Sullivan. Twenty years old, 65 inches tall. She’s late 21% of the time, which is, coincidentally, the average battery life of her cell phone. She’s afraid of three things: mayonnaise, small spaces, and dentists. There are two seats left, both in business.

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Oliver Martin Jones is 22 years old and 1.8 meters tall. He is on time 94% of the time, which is coincidentally the average battery life on his mobile phone. He too has always been afraid of three things: germs, the dark, and surprises.

29% of airplanes are not cleaned thoroughly. I made that one up. Over the next 6 hours and 47 minutes, Hadley Sullivan and Oliver Jones will fall in love. But then, 18 minutes after they land, they’ll be separated in a crowd and never see each other again.

You know the chances of this plane crashing are, like, one in five and a half million. You’re more likely to die on your ride home.

If it’s any consolation, 50% of marriages do end in divorce. Well, historically, you and your dad were very close, which means the odds are you will eventually forgive him.

If you have only a 2% chance of finding love in an airport and the boy gives you his number, make sure your phone is properly charged.

Hadley arrived at her father’s wedding with seven minutes to spare. Despite the shenanigans, Andrew Sullivan’s second wedding only started ten minutes late. It lasted 52 minutes and 18 seconds. There were 760 flowers, five bridesmaids, and 48 hats.

100% agreed that Charlotte Engleby looked incredibly happy, and that Andrew Sullivan was very much in love. The minister talked for too long, seven jokes were told, four heartwarming stories, and the word “love” was used 12 times. 31% of the guests were moved to tears, two rings were exchanged, and one bridesmaid couldn’t stop thinking about the boy from the plane.

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The average wedding has a 75-minute break between the ceremony and the reception. Today’s wedding, however, has a gap of 240 minutes.

Uh, married, two sons, beat cancer 12 years ago, only for it to come back out of the blue. There is only a 0.2% chance that Oliver and Hadley’s families have mutual friends.

In 13 minutes, a London bus will depart Shoreditch, headed towards Peckham, which means Hadley Sullivan only has two minutes to decide if she’s going to be on it. If she isn’t, there’s less than a 6% chance she will ever see Oliver Jones again.

87% of the guests were moved to tears. The word “love” was used 39 times. And one son wished he was still holding hands with the girl from the plane.

As Oliver Jones took time away from his mother’s memorial, Hadley Sullivan averaged 19 kilometers per hour towards it.

You know, only 9% of lung cancer patients make it past 10 years. Approximately 17.6% of people will walk away from the love of their life. Oliver was about to be one of them.

Thirty-seven. That’s how many plays William Shakespeare wrote in his life. It’s also how many my mum read or performed for me and my brother when we were little. Nineteen hundred is how many days she took us to school before I started driving, and twice is how many times she made me strawberry jam roly-polies when a girl broke my heart.

Tessa Jones is not a number. She’s not the plays she acted or the meals she made or the advice she gave. She’s my mum.

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You know how bad the odds are on long-distance relationships? It’s like 56%. I’m not gonna do it.

December 21st is the best day of the year to be in love in London. With 2,380,000 Christmas lights illuminating the city, and hundreds of cups of hot chocolate steaming in cold hands, it is the fourth most popular day for an engagement proposal. Four hundred and twenty-two couples will get married, 39 will celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary, and thousands of strangers will meet eyes for the very first time.

But of all the couples who are falling in love on this lovely day, it’s the story of only one that really matters.

Well, did you know that one in every 50 relationships starts at an airport? Well, actually, approximately 8% of couples meet because of a missed connection.

The statistical probability of love at first sight. Hadley Sullivan and Oliver Jones will kiss 12,872 times in their life together. They’ll be married 58 years, have 1,462 arguments, and make love 5,787 times. Hadley will hold Oliver’s hand when Tessa takes her last breath. Oliver will hold Hadley’s when she takes hers.

And they will both hold their daughter’s hand the day she’s born and marvel at her tiny fingers and how none of it would have been possible were it not for a missed flight, a broken seat belt, and a choice to love each other every day.


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