30 Movies Like Lolita

30 Movies Like Lolita

Beauty never fails to capture attention and attraction. Imagine this, who can turn a blind eye to a lovely young...

Beauty never fails to capture attention and attraction. Imagine this, who can turn a blind eye to a lovely young...

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Beauty never fails to capture attention and attraction. Imagine this, who can turn a blind eye to a lovely young lady?

It is the theme explored in the film Lolita adapted from a novel of the same name. However, having many admirers may be flattering, but it can also be a curse.

A person can be a subject of obsession, leading to a string of problems ranging from stalking to infidelity. If you are curious about this type of plot, check out movies like Lolita.

It will open your eyes to the fact that one must be on their toes because temptation is everywhere.

1. Damage (1992) 

Damage is a psychological thriller about an established British Politician. The man has it all, a career, a happy marriage, and his son introduce his fiancee. Things turn murky when the man gets attracted to his son’s fiancee. The two engage in intimate forbidden acts. If these secrets are leaked to the public, they can cause severe damage.

2. The Dreamers (2003) 

The Dreamers is about a Foreign Exchange student Matthew who went to Paris, France, to study French. He befriends the twins Theo and Isabelle. The three have a common passion for films. Matthew gets invited to stay over at the twin’s place, and he discovers something peculiar. After this discovery, he gets caught up in their world. He welcomed it with open arms, but how long will it last?

3. Stealing Beauty (1996) 

Stealing Beauty is about a young girl going on a trip to Italy. She is on a mission to know more about her mother. She is also yearning to see the boy who took her first kiss. She unites with him, but the spark is not present. As she investigates her real identity, she realizes things are not what they seem. The same goes for the boy she is infatuated with.

4. Una (2016) 

Una is a film about an underage girl having a physical relationship with an older man. The man abandoned her, and the girl Una is emotionally wounded. The man is imprisoned for his deed. After his release, he moved on with his life. But Una desires a valid explanation. Her quest for answers places the other’s established life in jeopardy.

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5. Indecent Proposal (1993)

Indecent Proposal is a film about a loving couple in a financial pinch. Out of desperation, they try finding luck in gambling. The wife catches the attention of a rich man. Knowing their dilemma, the wealthy guy proposed to solve their problem by sleeping with the wife. In such a case, can a devoted couple take the bait and handle the consequences?

6. Intimate Relations (1996) 

Intimate Relations is a black comedy film that involves a complicated trio. It consists of a guest, the mother, and the daughter. The guest engages in an affair with the mother while the daughter is attracted to feelings for him. Things get complicated as their feelings turn intense. The situation escalated to a crime of passion.

7. La Seduzione (aka Seduction 1973) 

La Seduzione is an Italian film about middle-age romance. The lady has a daughter who also is interested in the guy. The man experienced numerous seductions to separate him from the older lady. He makes a stand that he chooses the older woman. But the younger lass is willing to do all means to break them up.

8. Laughter in the Dark (1969)

Laughter in the Dark is a French-British drama adapted from a novel of the same name. The story revolves around a wealthy middle-aged art critic. A young girl captures his attention. The advances of the man are reciprocated. Despite the age gap, they got involved in a parasitic love affair.

9. The Crush (1993) 

The Crush is a psychological thriller about a writer renting a guesthouse. He befriends the hosts and gets acquainted with their teenage daughter. The young girl develops a crush on him and makes a bold move to seduce the writer. The older man rejects her, but it does not stop the devious seductress from device more plans.

10. Fatal Attraction (1987)

Fatal Attraction is a psychological thriller that deals with the consequences of infidelity. A lawyer who has everything going on for him ends up having a weekend affair with a writer. He thought he could hide this secret. But the lady author develops an obsession with him and escalates to something dangerous.

11. Another Day In Paradise (1998) 

Another Day In Paradise is a crime drama film that deals with the problem of substance dependency. A teenage boy named Bobbie got involved in a petty crime gone wrong. Together with his older girlfriend Rosie, they ended up teaming up with another junkie couple. The group embraced a life of crime that got them into numerous trouble. Can they come clean or continue to spiral down?

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12. American Beauty (1999) 

American Beauty is about an advertising professional named Lester experiencing a midlife crisis. It is a black comedy-drama that explores Lester’s journey to get out of the slump. He ends up hooking up with a younger girl who is a friend of his child. This critically acclaimed film deals with issues like materialism, the different faces of love, and self-esteem.

13. Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013) 

Blue Is The Warmest Color is about a teen named Adele who is trying to define herself. She notices her lack of interest in boys and a desire for women. After a few failed attempts, she finds acceptance in another lady named Emma. Emma is an art student who has blue-colored hair. Together, the two nurture their relationship and explore the possibilities of being together.

14. Snow Angels (2007) 

Snow Angels is a drama film inspired by a novel of the same name. The dynamics of the separated couple, Annie and Glenn, are featured in the story. They have a daughter named Tara, who is Glenn’s inspiration to do better. Annie, on the other hand, got into a short-lived affair, trying to find happiness. Things go downhill when Tara goes missing, and one tragedy after another escalates.

15. Eyes Wide Shut (1999) 

Eyes Wide Shut is an erotic psychological drama. It is about a married couple, Nick and Alice, who became targets of seduction. Alice then confessed that she had fantasies about men but never acted it. Nick, who is deeply disturbed, ends up in a strange intimate escapade of his own. Can the two manage to fight the temptation, or will it bring the two of them to ruin?

16. Malena (2000)

Malena is an erotic comedy-drama about a young boy and his fascination with a beautiful young widower. The young boy Renato admires Malena from afar and witnesses her difficulties. As the war continued to intensify, Malena also became a subject of hate and jealousy. Can Renato do something with his limited capacity?

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17. Unfaithful (2002)

Unfaithful is an erotic drama film about a man discovering his wife’s infidelity. Connie Sumner, the wife, tries to end the affair due to guilt and wanting to save her family. But the other party is reluctant and continues to seduce her. The protagonist Edward Sumner confronts the man coming in between them, but things turn ugly. Filled with guilt, Edward decides to take responsibility for his wrongdoings while Connie stays by his side.

18. Shortbus (2006)

Shortbus is an erotic comedy-drama that involves a bunch of colorful characters. It includes an intimate therapist who can’t orgasm, a dissatisfied boyfriend, and a gay couple wanting some intimate excitement. They end up coming to an establishment called Shortbus. Altogether, they begin exploring ways to satisfy their fantasies. Will their attempts to find gratification be a success? Or does everyone has to go back to square one?

19. To Catch a Thief (1955) 

To Catch a Thief is a classic romantic thriller. It is about a retired burglar enjoying his life. He has pulled to action once again since someone is committing crimes copying his style. As the police are pursuing him, a young admirer helps him escape. He then decides it is up to him to stop and catch the culprit. Can he clear his name on time or be tainted forever?

20. Malizia (aka Malicious 1973)

Malicious is an erotic comedy-drama about a widower and his three sons. The whole family is attracted to their newly hired young maid. The all-male household then plans schemes to seduce the maid to fulfill their fantasies. Will one of them emerge successful?

Haven’t gotten enough? Listed below are more suggestions for movies like Lolita. It makes you think, do people feel this way? All types of fiction are a reflection of reality. If you want to explore the world without leaving the house, go ahead and watch a movie.

– Beau-pere (1981) 

– The Graduate (1967) 

– Appassionata (1974) 

– Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958) 

– Butterfield 8 (1960) 

– 9� Weeks (1986) 

– Notes on a Scandal (2006) 

– Affliction (1997) 

– The Night of the Iguana (1964)


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