TOP 20: Famous Pet Influencers to Follow on Social Media TODAY

TOP 20: Famous Pet Influencers to Follow on Social Media TODAY

We officially have a winner for this year and it’s Tuckerbudzyn, congrats to Tucker and his owners, well deserved win...

We officially have a winner for this year and it’s Tuckerbudzyn, congrats to Tucker and his owners, well deserved win...

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We officially have a winner for this year and it’s Tuckerbudzyn, congrats to Tucker and his owners, well deserved win for sure.

Who says you have to be human before you can become a social media influencer? – some animals do much more than you’d imagine. Just the same way you look forward to the content from fashion, fitness, travel, or sports influencers, these animals also have something for you to talk about. However, you must be an animal lover to appreciate those content.

People find many animals interesting because of how adorable they are. These pet animals do incredible things that leave people astonished. They rule the internet too! 

As these animals put up different kinds of content, aided by their owners, on various social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and many others, they build their audience. 

With that audience comes marketing opportunities from various companies, magazines, or shows. That way, it’s a win-win for both parties involved. 

Generally, in influencer marketing, the number of followings is important since it determines an audience. If I have 10,000 followers on Instagram, that means about 5,000 or more receive updates of my posts. 

Now, as you take a look at the 20 best and top pet influencers to follow on social media, here is something you should know: they consist mostly of dogs, cats, monkeys, and squirrels. 

20 Pet Influencers on Instagram and Twitter

1. Jiff Pom

Social profiles: instagram, facebook, tiktok, twitter, youtube


Jiffpom is currently the most-followed pet in the world, currently verified at 10M on Instagram. The dog with over 800 posts gets a minimum of 200,000 likes on each post. It also holds two Guinness World Records for speed and appearance in various videos – including the Dark Horse music video by Katy Perry. 

Jiffpom is a small Pomeranian dog that has worked with several agencies due to the number of following across different social media channels – 20.8M on TikTok, 1.3M on Facebook, 90.6K on Twitter, with 250K+ YouTube subscribers.  

Born February 26th, 2010, the dog is currently based in Los Angeles, with its owners – who are yet anonymous. 

2. Doug the Pug

Social profiles: instagram, facebook, tiktok, twitter, youtube, web


Doug the Pug is another dog on the verified Instagram pet influencers lists with about 4M followers. Collectively, this dog has over 13M followers across various social media platforms. It is often called the “Celebrity Dog” because of its number of appearances in music videos of popular artists like Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber, John Legend, Ed Sheeran, and many others. 

In 2019, Doug the Pug received the People’s Choice Award for the Animal Star category. Recently, it was featured in 2021 Sony Pictures-Netflix animation – The Mitchells vs. the Machines. The dog, born May 20th, 2012, currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and is owned by Leslie Mosier. 

3. Nala the Cat

Social profiles: instagram, facebook, tiktok, twitter, youtube, web


Nala the cat, born July 28th, 2010, in the United States, is another celebrity pet and influencer with many followers. Known as Nala_cat on Instagram with over 4M followers and 6,000 posts, it represents several brands, including Lovenalaco cat food, and has one book published.

Nala is also a Guinness World Record Holder and one of the richest cats with a net worth of approximately over $1M. This Siamese-Persian mix cat was rescued from an animal shelter by Varisiri Methachittiphan. 

According to Varisiri: “I knew Nala was my cat when she licked my face!” Nala currently lives in Los Angeles, California. 

4. Juniper Foxx

Social profiles: instagram, facebook, tiktok, twitter, youtube, web.


Juniper Foxx is another pet influencer in North America. Fox has a following of 3M on Instagram with about 2,000 posts. It is fondly called the Happiest Fox, as it has one of the world’s most contagious smiles.


The Fox, alongside her friends, Mushroom, Fig, Ferngully, Newt, Elmwood, Lark, Merch, Finch, Herbal, and Lore, are incredible media sensations. They were all born in captivity but now live happily with their adoptive family, Jessika. 

One of Juniper Foxx’s best moments is terrorizing Fig – always a funny sight to see! Jessika revealed Juniper, the fox is adorable and loves ear rubs and marshmallows. 

5. Loki the Wolfdog

Social profiles: instagram, facebook, web


Loki is that photogenic wolfdog you see on the internet. The Malamute and Husky are also some of the most-followed pet influencers with over 2M followers on Instagram. 

Loki rose to fame in 2013 when photographer Kelly Lund was taking photos of dogs. It gathered over 50,000 followers in the first year and became internet sensation years later.  

All Loki’s contents on Instagram are beautiful, with over 2,000 posts available. This is all thanks to Kelly’s photography skills. 

According to Kelly: “Loki knows what you are thinking – intelligent at that. Huskies and malamutes are difficult pets, but Loki and I have reached an understanding.”

6. Venus Two-Face Cat

Social profiles: instagram, facebook, tiktok, twitter, youtube


Venus, the Two-Faced Cat, is a tortoiseshell feline that became the internet’s sensation because of its two-faced look. This cat, known to be a Chimera, has a half black and half red tabby face with heterochromatic eyes – one green, the other blue. Indeed, it is always a beautiful sight to behold. 

Venus is an Instagram influencer with 2M followers. She was adopted in September 2009 as a stray in North Carolina. Her owners, a couple, also had four other pets at the time – Tater Tot, Roo, Ginger, and Halo, making it possible for her to be raised in a warm environment. 

7. Marnie the Dog

Social profiles: instagram, facebook, twitter, youtube, web.


Marnie, the dog, was one of the most adorable dogs living with a condition. Marnie’s head was permanently tilted to the left due to vestibular disease, which she briefly had, making her a center of attraction. In the process, she had a hearing impairment. 

Marnie the dog, however, didn’t let her condition stop her shine. She’s one of the famous social media pet influencers with over 1.5M followers on Instagram. She had a net worth of $2.4M and represented some pet brands.  

Marnie was owned by Shirley Braha. She died in 2020 after a brief illness at the age of 18. 

8. Bosco and His Big Stick

Social profiles: instagram, facebook, twitter.


Known as the King of Sticks on Instagram, Bosco is another pet influencer. The small dog based in Hampstead Heath, London Town, has been featured on many TV programs such as BBC One, Fox News, The Dodo People, GMB, ABC, and many others. 

This furry little dog always carries tree branches everywhere, making it so fun and adorable to see. This little habit of his has fetched over 100,000 followers on Instagram as well as on TikTok and Facebook. 

Bosco was born May9th 2016 (5 years) in the United Kingdom and is owned by a 23-year-old, Ana-Luccia Lannucci Rodriguez. 

9. Popeye The Foodie

Social profiles: instagram, facebook, tiktok, twitter,


Popeye is always hungry! Popeye is an adorable dog and an Instagram influencer known for his food and travel content. This small dog is always excited with food in front of him. This habit has earned him a place in people’s hearts, influencing many food brands and restaurants. He currently has over 400,000 followers on Instagram and makes $2,400 per post. 

The former stray LA pup now travels and dines at pet-friendly restaurants. The dog is owned and managed by Ivy Diep, who recently launched a line of merchandise with Popeye’s face as he bites a doughnut. 

10. Smoothiethecat

Social profiles: instagram, facebook, tiktok, youtube


The Queen of Fluff herself, Smoothie The Cat, is also another media personality. She and Milkshake are the two British Longhair cats living. Currently born and bred in the Netherlands, Smoothie has over 2.2M followers on Instagram and over 1.1M followers on Twitter. 

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According to her owner, Arvid van Boekel, Smoothie has an original name because she’s sweet, smooth, and petite. She also weighs 5 ½ pounds. 

Smoothie rose to fame in 2016 following a picture posted by Arvid that has received many pet influencers awards, including the world’s most photogenic cat. The 5-year-old cat is also stylish and owns a website. 

11. Tecuaniventura (Bulldog Blogger)

Social profiles: instagram, twitter.


Tecuaniventura is another celebrity status dog on the internet. As fondly called for having about 3 million followers on Instagram, the Russian bulldog blogger is fashionable. She is best known for dress-ups and photoshoots. 

Tecuaniventura was nominated in 2019 as the Animal Star of the Year, alongside other dogs like Jiffpom, Juniper the Fox, Nala Cat, etc. 

The Bulldog blogger was born and raised in the remote East town of Ussuriysk. Today, she has her own dog food line. 

According to the owner, Andrey Opalatenko, the average price of Tecuaniventura per guest post is $18000. She is indeed one huge pet influencer. 

12. That Little Puff

Social profiles: instagram, facebook, tiktok, youtube, web.


Taking an interest in cats means considering a pet influencer like That Little Puff. This cat has a huge following on TikTok, making it possible to get marketing opportunities from brands to promote their products. One thing about this cat is that it is special – it can bake, cut, mix, marinade, and cook. 

That Little Puff also has hundreds to millions of subscribers on YouTube. While having a good sense of humor, the cat makes a lot of cooking recommendations. The owners of this special cat are definitely chefs! They often make sure that there is enough good content for people to watch through short videos. 

13. Jill the Squirrel 

Social profiles: instagram,


Rescued from Hurricane Isaac in 2012, Jill the Squirrel is another Instagram pet influencer to look forward to. She fell out from her nest and was saved by a couple. This Squirrel, now living with her family in Louisiana, is adorable and known for funny and incredible antics.

Jill the Squirrel has over 1M followers on Instagram for various funny content, even while sometimes kept in a cage. She is sometimes given the opportunity to play around the house, which uses the garbage can as her restroom. 

This furry rodent also has several videos on YouTube, with hundreds to millions of views from different parts of the world. 

14. Cole and Marmalade

Social profiles: instagram, facebook, tiktok, twitter, youtube, web.


Cole and Marmalade are two viral rescue cats that have made the headlines and been on Ellen DéGeneres’s show. The duo always has antics up their sleeves with their human companions, sometimes called “servants” – Chris and Jess. While they entertain a large audience, they also educate them too. 

Cole and Marmalade are adopted siblings known to provide meaningful information on caring, spaying, and neutering your cats. The star cats have over 600K followers on Instagram, with over 3,000 posts and 2M likes on Facebook. It’s like most cat lovers can’t get enough of Cole and Marmalade and their content! 

15. PPTeamKler

Social profiles: instagram, facebook, twitter


One of the funniest dogs that came to the limelight in a flash was PPTeamKler. The dog with about 1.7M followers on Instagram with 200+ posts became the internet sensation after a dog sausage post. It gained massive recognition that people always looked forward to the next thing the dog would do. 

PPTeamKler is a personal blogger that claims to be adventurous and intrepid. She is also a member of the Platica Polynesia. Born and raised in a Spanish-speaking country, this dog is stylish. She is often used for photoshoots. 

PPTeamKler only follows six people on Instagram, in which they are all PPTeam members. 

16. Tuckerbudzyn 

Social profiles: instagram, facebook, tiktok, twitter, youtube, web shop.

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Another pet influencer in the record is Tuckerbudzyn, also called The Golden Retriever. The cute dog is funny and stylish. He is a real social media star. 

Tuckerbudzyn has over 3.1M followers with about 600 posts on Instagram, promoting different brands and content. He also has a YouTube channel with several contents up for viewing. 

The dog came to the limelight after a viral video of his reaction to a hair clip. He is owned and managed by Courtney, who seems to have been responsible for the hilarious reaction videos. 

Tuckerbudzyn also has other social accounts like Twitter and Facebook. It currently has over 2M likes on Facebook and represents Michigan AKC Golden Pup Bathtub. 

17. Siberian husky Jax 

Social profiles: instagram, facebook.


Jax is a handsome dog with beautiful multi-colored eyes making him lovable and adorable. He almost looks like the Arya Stark’s wolf in Game Thrones, making him even a star among other breeds of dogs. 

As the battle of content gets intense, the Siberian fussy husky Jax maintains its position as one of the top-rated influencers and creators with the “What The Fluff Challenge.” He started it! Other dogs attempted the magic-trick challenge, and all their videos were posted on Instagram. 

Jax is owned by Sandra Pettersen, and together they run his 153K followers’ account on IG.  

He was born on January 9th, 2016, in Tromso, Norway.

18. Esther, The Wonder Pig

Social profiles: instagram, facebook, twitter, youtube, web.


Esther, the Wonder Pig, is one with an inspiring story, making her a notable name in social media and influencer marketing. In 2012, she was a micro piglet who was thought to die anytime soon. However, she was adopted by Steve Jenkins, who took care of her and turned out great – weighing about 600 pounds. 

Esther, the Wonder Pig, changed Steve’s life forever, as he bought his own farm and opened a sanctuary years later due to her weight. Today, Esther and Steve, and his friend Derek take care of many other animals in need in the sanctuary. 

Esther has a book titled: “Changing the World at a Time.” She is indeed a pet influencer. 

19. George the Monkey (RIP)

Social profiles: instagram, facebook, tiktok.


George was a black capuchin monkey who gained massive recognition worldwide after a viral video on TikTok. George began to make viral videos on this platform with his Texas-based owner. 

George the Monkey joined TikTok in 2019, and in 2020, he had an Instagram account. Unfortunately, George died after a routine trip in June 2021. He was said to have had complications from anesthesia. His owners cared so much for his dental health, which sadly became the end of him. 

The 12-year-old George had over 17M followers on TikTok and about 500K followers on Instagram. He was known with the account: heresyourmonkeycontent. 

20. HamStarz

Social profiles: instagram, tiktok,


One pet that has strongly advocated for safety during the COVID-19 outbreak is HamStarz. In a viral video, he taught people how to wash their hands thoroughly to prevent contracting the virus and stop its spread. 

This hamster breaks down the various safety procedures step by step on washing your hands and using a mask. This viral video on TikTok gained hundreds of followers – about 600K fans with 17.5M likes. 

The Russian Dwarf Hamster also has other contents lined up on his TikTok page. Some of which include a visit to a mini eatery for cakes and pizzas. 


Apart from the “aww” moments, these 20 pets involved in influencer marketing are so incredible in their own little ways. There are still many others. As a matter of fact, some of them have received pet influencers awards and have been featured in several Grammy-worthy videos. 

However, you need to realize that having content that can grab an audience’s attention is all you need. Once you do, your pet can start making money online. 

So, if you plan to start this way with your pet, all you have to do is look for what makes it special and let the world see it across various social media channels. 


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