9 Pregnant Celebrities in 2022

9 Pregnant Celebrities in 2022

Another year, another list of pregnant celebrities! There are so many celebrities having babies in 2022, and many have already...

Another year, another list of pregnant celebrities! There are so many celebrities having babies in 2022, and many have already...

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Another year, another list of pregnant celebrities! There are so many celebrities having babies in 2022, and many have already publicly announced the expansion of their families. While some celebrities choose to be private about their pregnancies, other celebrities are deciding to be public and keep fans up to date on their life while pregnant.

Below, we’ve compiled 9 pregnant celebrities in 2022. From Britney Spears to Alec Baldwin, Ashley Greene to Leona Lewis, here are all the different celebrities expecting to grow their family in 2022!

Leona Lewis and Dennis Jauch

British singer Leona Lewis announced in March that she was pregnant and expecting her first baby with her husband, Dennis Jauch. Lewis announced the news on her Instagram page, sharing a shot of a maternity shoot she had done.

Her announcement was short, as she simply wrote that the baby was due sometime in the summer of 2022. Fans of Lewis’ were clearly excited for her in the comments, with many writing their good wishes and congratulations as many celebrated the news with her.

Hilaria Baldwin and Alec Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin and Alec Baldwin are having their seventh child! Baldwin broke the pregnancy news on her Instagram in March, explaining that she and her husband believed they were done expanding their family, only for this pleasant surprise to change that!

While Alec Baldwin shares one daughter with his ex Kim Basinger, this will be his seventh child with Hilaria. Hilaria has shared much about her pregnancy, and her past pregnancies and how she’s preparing for this one on her Instagram since sharing her delightful news.

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Ashley Greene and Paul Khoury

Actress Ashley Greene also recently announced she was expecting her first baby with her husband, Paul Khoury. The actress shared a post on Instagram with her husband, holding a sonogram photo of her baby and explaining in the caption how excited she was for this new step in her life.

Greene, best known for her role in the Twilight movies, has since shared posts talking about her pregnancy, though in a more casual and exciting way. Her almost two million followers on Instagram are clearly very happy for her and her husband as they go on this exciting new journey! 

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

Sources confirmed to various celebrity gossip magazines that Joe Jonas and his wife Sophie Turner were expecting their second baby together, though neither of the stars has publicly confirmed the news themselves on any of their social media platforms. 

While they haven’t talked about the pregnancy on social media, the two did attend the Oscars together. Pictures Jonas shared on his Instagram page show him with his wife and her growing baby bump! 

Michael Sheen and Anna Lundberg

Actor Michael Sheen and actress Anna Lundberg are expecting their second child together, which was announced on their social media accounts at the beginning of March. The two already share a child, 2, together.

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Sheen also has another daughter, now 23, with ex Kate Beckinsale. In announcing the pregnancy, both Sheen and Lundberg shared a photo of them, alongside their 2-year-old, cradling Lundberg’s growing belly!

Michael Buble and Luisana Lopilato

After his wife appeared in his music video visibly pregnant, Buble announced on a radio show that he and Luisana Lopilato were expecting their fourth child. Not too long after this announcement, he also shared the news on Instagram, informing his fans!

Buble is a constant poster on Instagram, a place where she shares the news with his fans, as well as posts fun videos with his three children! Fans will likely be updated on their new arrival once the little one arrives later in the year!

Adriana Lima and Andre Lemmers

Model Adriana Lima broke the news of her pregnancy early in 2022 on TikTok. This will be Lima’s first baby with her boyfriend, Andre Lemmers. Lima shares two daughters with her ex-husband Marko Jarić.

While Lima hasn’t posted as much on her Instagram page about her pregnancy, as she’s saved a lot of it for her TikTok account, she did recently post a beautiful photo with her boyfriend and her baby bump while on the red carpet!

Shay Mitchell and Matte Babel

Actress Shay Mitchell and Matte Babel announced in February that they were expecting their second child together. On Instagram, Mitchell revealed the news — only a week after losing her grandmother, whom she was incredibly close to.

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On her Instagram post revealing the happy news, Mitchell talked about how difficult the time had been for her, dealing with loss but also new life and joy. Mitchell and Babel share a two year old daughter together.

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky

Earlier this year, it was announced that Rihanna was expecting her first child with rapper ASAP Rocky. While Rihanna first debuted her pregnancy through paparazzi shots captured in New York City, she’s since confirmed the news on her Instagram page and social media accounts. 

Previous to her announcement, Rihanna talked about her desire to have more than one child in ten years. ASAP Rocky also previously expressed how happy he would be if he became a father! 

Rihanna welcomed her first child, a baby boy on May 19th 2022.


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