Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Transformation Timeline

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Transformation Timeline

Everybody knows Rebel Wilson from the show Pitch Perfect. The talented actress is famous for her humor, but today we...

Everybody knows Rebel Wilson from the show Pitch Perfect. The talented actress is famous for her humor, but today we...

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Everybody knows Rebel Wilson from the show Pitch Perfect. The talented actress is famous for her humor, but today we are not focusing on her career. Have you checked out Rebel’s recent Instagram pictures? The actress is now many people’s body goals. She is proof that you can transform your body within months. Besides, a workout mixed with consistency will give you good results.

Shooting for “Pooch Perfect,” a dog competition series, enabled Rebel to show her gorgeous body in various outfits. We would not miss a teaser picture in a costume on her IG stories. Those pictures show that she is still confident with her body and more proud to achieve her goals. However, Rebel was already confident in her skin. When did the weight journey all begin?

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss History


Rebel jumped on the healthy lifestyle wagon a couple of years back, but the body transformation that caught people’s attention was in 2020 when she lost over 20 kgs.

In 2016, Rebel lost 3 kgs after she went to The Ranch in Malibu. The Ranch is a fitness retreat focusing on luxury weight loss and wellness. After staying there for four days and seeing the difference, it inspired her to continue working out and increasing her exercises. At the end of 2016, she was proud of losing almost 14kgs.

You get that excitement when you have been working on something for so long, and finally, you get the positive outcomes. The results will inspire you to do more for you to achieve your goals. In the same way, Rebel did not stop, and in 2016 in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she spoke on how she lost more weight at the end of 2019 while filming the show “Cats.” Her cast members on “Cats” were dance freaks, and they would not stop dancing. Even when a person got injured, they would get up and keep going. All this dancing motivated her because of the weight she lost.

In January 2020, Rebel decided that the year was going to be her healthy year. She created a goal that she wanted to achieve by the end of the year. She took to her Instagram and announced her weight loss goal and journey.

It is hard to be consistent in working out, and many people fall off the wagon after a few months or even weeks. However, Rebel stuck to her decision keeping her goal in mind, and by November 2020, she had achieved her goal. Rebel had lost 75 Kgs in 11 months and was even left with an extra month to spare. She reminded everyone that the weight scale doesn’t matter. She was more focused on a healthy lifestyle, and she needed a measurable goal which was 75 kgs.

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How Did Rebel Wilson Lose Weight?

Many of us fall out of our workout routines and eating healthy habits because we don’t have a specific goal. Our idea is to look a certain way, or as a person, we know or see on social media. It’s not wrong to have a source of inspiration, but your own specified goals are what matters, and they will keep you going.

Rebel Wilson started by setting up an achievable and measurable goal of changing her lifestyle to healthier choices. She kept track of her decision by checking her weight. In January, she told her fans about the steps she had started taking to lose weight. At the time, Rebel started walking more and swapping her food with healthier choices.

What We Know About Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss Diet?


Changing your diet is all about food choices and your mental state. In January, she told her fans about the steps she had started taking to lose weight. At the time, Rebel started walking more and swapping her food with healthier choices. She reduced the amount of sugar and junk food consumption. Before Rebel would eat around 3000 calories per day when she was stressed, she swapped candies for water.

Nowadays, Rebel incorporates more high protein into her diet, including vegan protein-like protein smoothies. She also includes other proteins like salmon and chicken breast.

Rebel is also using the Mayr Method, which has also helped her lose some weight. The Mayr Method is a diet treatment that aims to improve a person’s gut health. The diet mainly focuses on nutrition, exercise, medicine, and awareness.

Rebel got into the Mayr Method when she and her friends visited the VivaMayr Australian medical detox facility. Franz Xaver Mayr M.D, an Australian physician, created the detox method because he believed that people were poisoning their digestive system with the food they consumed and how we eat them.

Rebels Workout Routine


Working out requires people to be consistent, keeping in mind that the results are long, and you will see it after some time. Jon Castano is One of Rebel’s fitness trainers. He said that two months of training is not enough to change our bodies. If we work out to see a change within a short period, we will end up being depressed. As a result, we should set short goals, try to achieve them, and create another plan.

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Rebel has been going to the gym for 6 to 7 days a week. Apart from that, she has also been taking up other activities that increase her heart rate. In the gym, Rebel lifts weights like flipping heavy tires. She is also a big fan of interval training-usually, Rebel bouts with ropes and sprints up the stairs.

Rebel also uses TRX to improve her strength and coordination. The TRX uses a person’s body weight and gravity as resistance. In turn, the person can develop core and joint stability, build strength and improve coordination, flexibility, and balance. She also doe TRX squats to build muscle and stabilize her core.

Rebel makes it a point to achieve her daily steps. One of the best methods that helped her lose weight was her old-fashioned walks that she still does. At some point, she had gotten tests done, and doctors approved that walking was one of the best ways to lose all the unnecessary body fat.

Hiking is also another intense way of achieving your step goals. Sometimes Rebel wakes up in the morning and goes for hikes. She also includes a couple of 100-meter sprints in between the hiking to elevate her heart rate.

Why Did Rebel Decide To Lose Weight?

There are two types of people that handle their food differently when it comes to stress. The first ones are those who get an eating disorder and don’t have an appetite when stressed. The other is the stress eater who eats more food when they are stressed.

In the past, the international fame Rebel gained worried her, and as we previously mentioned, she would eat around 3000 calories per day. Carbs like doughnuts were the primary calorie intake, and even so, she would still get hungry.

Rebel was not working on her mental health, but instead, she was emotionally eating to bring her comfort. Therefore, her mental health was one of the reasons that made her lose weight. She worked on her mental health by loving herself more, and she saw the physical results.

Since Rebel was turning 40 and planning to freeze her eggs, she wanted to be super healthy. Before she froze her eggs, she wanted her body to produce more healthy eggs when she was ready for the procedure.

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Rebel Wilson Before And After


Rebel Wilson did not get into the fitness journey because she was insecure about her body. She took pride in her curves like in this past image.

Rebel is not interested in getting to the point of being super skinny because she still loves her curves. Her body doesn’t look like other actresses, but her priority is her healthy lifestyle.

Rebel nowadays actively inspires people to start on their journey of self-improvement, which consists of their health and happiness. She goes on to encourage people who take small steps like in this image. Fitness has become a part of Rebel’s routine and lifestyle. She is constantly raising her heart rate even when she travels. Check out (image one and image 2).

Even after Rebel accomplished her goals, her fitness journey did not stop. She is losing more weight, and it is evident in her pictures. (image1 and image 2). Although she has lost a lot of weight, Rebel still looks good in dresses (Image1 and image 2 ). If there is one person who rocked the hot girl summer was Rebel in this image.

It is also evident that Rebel has inspired do many people on their fitness journey. You can see whenever she takes a picture in a swimsuit or even jeans, and her fans will always be the first to support her, while some ask for tips ( image one and image 2)


How Did Rebel Wilson Lose Weight?

Rebel Wilson lost weight in 2020, which was her “Year of Health” by adopting a healthier lifestyle. She adapted the Mayr Method or lifestyle and incorporated more protein while eliminating carbs. Rebel also spent more time at the gym and did more activities that burned calories, like hiking and playing tennis.

How Much Weight Did Rebel Wilson Lose?

Rebel Wilson lost more than 20 kgs after declaring that 2020 was her “Year of Health” and setting her goal. In November 2020, Rebel achieved her weight loss goal by losing 20kgs even before the year ended.

How Old Is Rebel Wilson?

Rebel Wilson is now 41 years old in 2021. She was born on 2nd March 1980 in Australia. Rebel also made a huge decision to adopt a healthy lifestyle when she was 40 years old in 2020.


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