27 Hottest Bald Men in The World Today

27 Hottest Bald Men in The World Today

Have you ever been curious as to what men look like with a shaved head? As in, completely bald? Well,...

Have you ever been curious as to what men look like with a shaved head? As in, completely bald? Well,...

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Have you ever been curious as to what men look like with a shaved head? As in, completely bald? Well, this list has it all. As you continue reading, you will find all of the sexiest bald men in the world. Not only will you find one sexy bald man that may pique your interest, but you may also find other celebrities who have been rocking the bald look for many years. This list consists of celebrities who have either had their head shaved since the beginning of their stardom or later on in life.

Now, let’s get into the list of who these sexy bald men are! 

1. Jeremy Meeks

First to grace our lists of sexiest bald men in the world is Jeremy Ray Meeks. As a fashion model from Tacoma, Washington, this man has it all. A strong jawline, blue-gray eyes, and tattoos enhance his appearance. This man is for sure one of the sexiest men on Twitter, as Meeks previously received more than 10,000 likes on a mugshot photo and even a hashtag that was created by fans called #feloncrushfriday. 

2. Jason Statham

An action-based actor with a loving smile and a look no other, Jason Statham piqued the world’s interest when he appeared on the screen. This incredibly talented man is an English actor who has played in various films such as Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw and Wild Card; this attractively handsome man has done it all with a scowl on his face and a smile to attract everyone around him. 

3. Dwayne Johnson

Typically everyone’s first crush, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, has been on the roster for many years. He has the looks and has aged nicely into his late forties. Even in his younger years, Dwayne Johnson captivated the world with his signature eyebrow and captivating looks, such as his gorgeous smile that beams across the screen for all to see. And even more appealing, Dwayne Johnson has been rocking the bald look for a very long time. 

4. Vin Diesel

An American actor widely known for portraying the protagonist of Dominic Toretto in Fast & Furious, Vin Diesel has to be at the top of the list. His masculinity, unwavering charism, and deep baritone captivate an audience when he speaks. Vin Diesel’s looks are what pull it all together, especially since his demeanor is poised and is very attractive to many fans that follow him and what he does. 

5. Tyrese Gibson

Another well-established actor and singer who is one of the sexiest bald men is Tyrese Gibson. He has been around for a long time and has always been a fine gentleman both in his looks and his personality. He’s hilarious, he’s charming, and he shows a great deal of respect to those around him, which makes him all the more attractive to anyone who is lucky enough to meet him and be in his presence. 

6. Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart – an English actor and a nominee for Golden Globes and Emmy awards – is most definitely one of the most handsome older men on this list. From his younger years, Patrick Stewart has always been a gorgeous man that has received lost attention. From movie gigs to his impeccable performances on screen, Patrick Stewart will remain high on the list for one of the many men who can rock a bald look. 

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7. Tyson Beckford

Another American model and actor who has been around for some time, Tyson Beckford, has one of the simplest of looks that is also very striking in character and beauty. His features bring together the kindness that this man radiates as he walks the runway and embraces the world with his own personal spark of contagious affection. His good character, coupled with his amazing looks, is what makes Tyson Beckford so irresistible. 

8. Kelly Slater

Another man, who is also in his fifties and is a professional surfer, graces the waves with so much tenacity and skill that this man has been appreciated time and time again for his body, athleticism, and of course, his effortless looks. Kelly Slater is a man of many talents, and when you look at his face, you can understand why so many people have come to love who Kelly Slater is. 

9. Mark Strong

Known for his role in Sherlock Holmes and Kick-Ass, Mark Strong is a British actor who can rock the bald look like no other. With a personality that is understanding yet stern and set in his ways, you will be attracted to this insatiable man for a long time without even knowing it. He radiates strong energy and embraces his own unique features with natural beauty. Remember that this actor’s name is Strong for a reason. 

10. Taye Diggs

Very well-known across America and is loved by so many men and women, Taye Diggs is a Hollywood veteran and has shown his looks to the world for many years. His smile, the hats he wears, and adorable charm has made everyone around him appreciate his work as an artist and an individual for a long time. Many viewers, fans, and loved ones all admire his simple approach to life and carefree nature – which ultimately gives Taye Diggs his own captivating charm.

11. Ed Harris

Another American actor, Ed Harris, for sure was bound to make a list. With good-looking features to compliment his performances, Ed Harris is a stunning older man who knows that his looks attract many eyes to himself. He shows up and shows out wherever he goes. Whether it is on screen, at an event, or anywhere in the world, Ed Harris is accepted almost everywhere. Of course, it is quite understandable as he is a rather lavish man. 

12. Floyd Mayweather

A professional boxer that has since retired, Floyd Mayweather is attractive in his own way. From his powerful prowess to the punches he serves as a boxer, Floyd Mayweather has still got the power of his younger self. Floyd Mayweather may be an American promoter now, but that does not take away from how strong he is in his personality, looks, and hard work ethic. 

13. Bruce Willis

An old-timer for sure, Bruce Willis is a well-respected American actor that has been on the scene for a long time and has done Broadway for a while in his youth as well. Throughout his lifetime, Bruce Willis has been admired for his character and unapologetic attitude towards himself, which makes him all the more attractive in his own skin. His ability to be himself has made his persona on and offline much more appreciated by all of his fans. 

14. Samuel L Jackson

Another well-known actor and household name, Samuel Jackson, has pulled off all the looks. From his role in many Marvel movies and his iconic role in 1408, Samuel Jackson has done it all and has managed to keep his looks fresh and clean throughout each performance. He emits an aura of timeless beauty and handsome features that pleases an audience wherever he chooses to go. Samuel L. Jackson is a well-respected man and has earned his place at the top for sure as one of the sexiest bald men in the world. 

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15. Stanley Tucci

Once again, another all-time classic, Stanley Tucci, had to appear on the list. For many years, Stanley Tucci has done it all – he is an American actor, director, producer, screenwriter, writer, and former fashion model. His role in Devil’s Wears Prada truly enriches his natural confidence as not only an actor but as an individual as well. His belief in himself is what makes Stanley Tucci a must-have on one of the sexiest bald men for sure. 

16. Prince William

The Duke of Cambridge on a list such as this one? Of course! Prince William is from a British royal family and is second to be in succession for the throne, but, in addition to that, Prince William has the looks to capture the eyes of many suitors. As such, he is a gentleman, and while he composes himself to remain respectful and strong-willed, Prince William still has an aura of confidence around him that solidifies his unique look as a good-looking man. 

17. PitBull

Mr. Worldwide needed to be on this list for one reason; he rocks the bald look without a care in the world. Pitbull’s signature look is a clean-shaven head with a smooth face, or if he wants to spice things up a bit, he’ll allow for a goatee to grow onto his face. Regardless, Pitbull has his own reputation and does not conform to anyone else but his own. He has expressive through his music and never ceases to amaze the crowd with all of his gifts. 

18. John Travolta

Known well as an American singer and actor, John Travolta has been rocking the bald look for quite some time now. With a sculpted jaw and a very distinctive look to his appearance, it is no wonder why John Travolta has made it on the list. He is gorgeous in his own way and exudes an air of high regard for how he carries himself on and off stage. But, his most recent bald look has been drawing a few more eyes to him as of late. 

19. LL Cool J

One of America’s original rappers, producers, and actors, LL Cool J is a name that many have seen before. His handsome build, timeless style and swag, and endearing fanbase have earned his place on the list. LL Cool J has been around for quite some time, gaining lots of publicity and attention from many different outlets. This has led to his rise in fame as well as his likability among those who have admired him for a long time. 

20. Damon Wayans

An incredible actor, comedian, and writer, Damon Wayans has never once missed a beat. He has all the talents to be an amazing creator and the qualities to be an amazing father. From a young age, like many of the other celebrities on this list, Damon Wayans was a good-looking man in his youth and has managed to maintain this look of glee and loving features into his early sixties, and many fans have continued to love him for who he is. 

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21. Jon Cryer

Another American actor who was born in the world of film and acting, this man is known well for his acting gig on Two and a Half Men. He is more on the quirky side of attractiveness, and this specific quality makes him who he is today. Adorable, loving, breathtaking, all of it, Jon Cryer has made a lasting impact on many supporters of his and still receives unconditional love to this day. 

22. Woody Harrelson

A respectable American actor and play writer, Woody Harrelson has played in movies such as Venom: Let There be Carnage and Now You See Me. This man has held a high standard for himself and has not once deterred away from the way that he carries himself throughout his life. After playing many roles, Woody Harrelson has received much love from fans and supporters that adored his looks and acting skills for many years. 

23. Terry Crews 

A man of many talents, Terry Crews, is a beautifully sculpted man who can do more than just flex his pecs. He’s known for his role in Everybody Hates Chris and multiple endorsements with the brand Old Spice. In truth, there’s nothing you can’t like about this man. Whether it’s his looks, his physique, his acting, or even his irresistible charisma, whichever it is, Terry Crews has the hearts of many across the world. 

24. Laurence Fishburne

No matter where you have been, you most definitely have heard his name. Laurence Fishburne demands all attention since he has played many diverse roles within his lifetime. Though seen more as an authoritative figure in the Hollywood scene, this is what has made Laurence Fishburne more attractive. He does not tolerate what he does not deserve and only aims for the best, a lesson that he has taught to many through much of his acting career. 

25. Howie Mandel

He is a Canadian comedian, shockingly enough, that never ceases to get a crowd laughing. He makes everyone smile, laugh and ultimately appreciate him for who he is. He makes those around him comfortable enough to embrace his personality and more. Howie Mandel has been a handsome man from the start and even now as he continues to age beautifully. 

26. Billy Zane

One of the many American actors on this list, Billy Zane, is well known for his role in the Titanic; Billy Zane has shown his versatility in many roles and continues to embody these characters with as much persistence as he can. Through his youth and now as an older gentleman, Billy Zane still remains an attractive man that carries many attributes to draw in any crowd of people who enjoy him and his work. 

27. Michael Jordan

And last but not least, we have retired star basketball player Michael Jordan. As a young man and as an older one, Michael Jordan has the spark to gauge all attention towards him. He can walk into a room and make a crowd stare in awe as they watch his enormous stature and impressive build sweep through the room. Michael Jordan has been a handsome young man from the start and continues to show this time and time again. 


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