40 Taurus Celebrities: Who’s Your Favorite Bull?

40 Taurus Celebrities: Who’s Your Favorite Bull?

In the Zodiac, the Taurus sign comes in the second order. Those born between 20th April and 20th May are...

In the Zodiac, the Taurus sign comes in the second order. Those born between 20th April and 20th May are...

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In the Zodiac, the Taurus sign comes in the second order. Those born between 20th April and 20th May are part of it. Represented by the Bull, Tauruses are a fun lot, known for their passion, dependence, and elegance.

Taurus is governed by Venus, the planet representing beauty, love, and money. It comes as no surprise that Tauruses have a knack for aesthetics and sensuality. In fact, they are often regarded as the most attractive among the Zodiac children.

Being an earth sign, Tauruses crave stability. They prefer consistency and tend to remain grounded. Security, therefore, becomes paramount to them. And any threat to their stable surrounding becomes a growing concern.

Among other things, they are well-known for being reliable and driven. Taurus is notorious for having an eye for everything luxurious and pleasurable. That means they are not afraid to toil hard and will get things done, come what may.

Their dedication can sometimes be misconstrued as stubbornness, and this nature can, at times, cause friction between people.

Regardless, Tauruses make for dependable friends and partners. With their dedication and penchant for opulence, it only makes sense that Hollywood is full of Taurus Celebrities!

Taurus Celebrities:

1. Dwayne Johnson


Born on 2nd May, Dwayne is a proud Taurus. If you aren’t aware, Dwayne has a tattoo of a Bull, Taurus’ symbol, which he has been enhancing. Even during his WWE days, when he was eponymously known as The Rock, his symbol was that of a bull.

Now, ever since making the transition to cinema full time, Dwayne has become one of the highest-paid actors. Some of his blockbuster movies include Hobbs and Shaw, The Scorpion King, Baywatch, etc.

Like a true Taurus, Dwayne possesses business acumen. From launching a tequila brand to co-founding a production company, Dwayne has done it all.

2. Adele


Adele was born on 5th May, making her a Taurus. And if her songs and lyrics didn’t give that away, we don’t know what else will.

As said before, Taurus is governed by the planet Venus, the enchanting planet that represents love and beauty. And Adele makes sure she incorporates them just enough in her work. Make You Feel My Love, and When We Were Young are some of the many songs from her oeuvre that perfectly encapsulate love.

Although the 15 times Grammy winner hasn’t released an album since 2015, fans are nevertheless hopeful of one soon.

3. George Clooney


Perhaps George Clooney was an obvious one on the list! Born on 6th May, the actor simply oozes Taurean elegance and class. However, that doesn’t mean he was born classy. In fact, Clooney had his fair share of struggles, to begin with.

After dropping out of college, Clooney did odd jobs ranging from selling women’s shoes to cutting tobacco. It took Clooney years before he got his breakthrough, typical of a Taurus, who has an endless reserve of tenacity and resilience.

Like all proud Taurus, Clooney is also known for his political opinions. He has done public advocacy and activism on various issues like the Darfur conflict, Armenian Genocide etc.

4. Channing Tatum


Born on 16th April, Channing Tatum is our next Taurus celebrity. Starting his career as a stripper, Tatum has gone on to establish himself as a mainstream movie star.

Of course, not everything was easy initially. But then again, Taureans are hard workers. And Tatum’s hard work is there for everyone to see, especially in dramatic roles like Foxcather and The Vow.

Tatum’s personal life was much in the media in the aftermath of his divorce with wife Jenna Dewan. Since then, he has dated Jessie J and Zoe Kravitz.

5. Jessica Alba


Ruled by the sensual planet Venus, sexiness comes to Taurus somewhat naturally. Jessica Alba, born on 28th April, is no exception. In fact, the actress has received more attention for her looks than acting skills.

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That does not mean that Alba was just a pretty face or a particularly bad actress. Some of her more dramatic roles include Sin City, Machete, and Entourage.

Sticking to her true Taurean nature, Alba has also ventured into entrepreneurship. She co-founded the goods company, The Honest Company and also launched a line of beauty products in 2015.

6. Dev Patel


Dev was born on 23rd April, making him a Taurus. Born to parents of Indian origin, Dev is blessed with an exotic, elegant look.

Since achieving international recognition with the film Slumdog Millionaire, Dev has starred in many major films. That includes movies like Lion, Hotel Mumbai, The Man Who Knew Infinity, etc.

Dev has that easy-going nature about him that is often associated with Taurus. And like all Taurean, he seems to have that aura about him that makes his fans go calm and relaxed. Dev has been in a relationship with Australian actress Tilda Cobham since 2019.

7. David Beckham


Born on 2nd May, Beckham is perhaps the biggest Taurus celebrity on our list. Thanks to his good looks and opulent lifestyle, the former footballer was one of the most popular athletes during his time.

His relationship and eventual marriage to Victoria Beckham, a former Spice Girl, catapulted the couple’s status worldwide. It was also the reason behind the friction with Alex Ferguson, which saw him leave Manchester United for Real Madrid in Spain.

As a Taurean should, Beckham is well-known for his extravagant lifestyle, yet at the same time, he remains humble. He continues to be highly involved in charity works and philanthropy, especially through UNICEF.

8. Megan Fox


Taureans are all about aesthetics! They prioritize their appearance like no other Zodiac sign. And who’s better than Megan Fox when talking about looks and appearance?

The ravishing star was born on 16th May. Known for her sex appeal, Fox has essayed roles in some high-profile movies like The Transformer and Jennifer’s Body. Like a true Taurean, Fox doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind. She has often spoken in the media about being typecast. She has since been selective about her roles.

Megan was married to Brian Austin Green, with whom she has 3 sons. After separating from him, Fox has been in a relationship with Machine Gun Kelly.

9. Rami Malek


Perseverance is one of Taurus’s most notable traits. They will keep pushing through and consider no challenge big enough. Who knows this better than Rami?

Born on 12th May, Rami began his career in the industry in the mid-2000s. His breakthrough came only in 2015 when he was cast to play Elliot Anderson in Mr. Robot. Further international recognition came after his Oscar victory for Bohemian Rhapsody.

Unlike most celebrities, Rami is outright reserved in the media. Malek rarely gives interviews and keeps his private life under the wraps. Malek has been with his Bohemian co-star Lucy Boynton since 2018.

10. Penelope Cruz


Born on 28th April, Penelope exudes Taurean sex appeal like no other. Aside from her acting prowess, the Spanish actress is well noted for her beauty and elegance.

After beginning her career at the age of 16, she achieved international recognition after starring in movies like Vanilla Sky and Blow. In 2008, she became the first Spanish actress to win an Oscar for her role in Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

True to her Taurean nature, Penelope has a proclivity for business and investment. Cruz is the owner of a clothing store in Madrid and also has designed handbags and jewelry for her sister’s brand.

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11. Jack Nicolson


Jack Nicolson was born on 22nd April, making him a Taurus. And just like most Taurus, he is among the most chilled-out and easy-going people in the industry. He has a larger-than-life persona, as one would expect from a Taurean.

In a film career spanning over 5 decades, Jack has achieved everything an actor could. Known for his acting prowess, Jack has won 3 Oscars and 6 Golden Globe Awards.

Unlike the typical Taurean proclivity for stability, Jack’s private life has been rather rickety. He’s notorious for his inability to settle down, having been together with multiple partners throughout.

12. Henry Cavill


Taurus is super dependable and reliable. And who’s more dependable than Superman? None!

Henry Cavill, aka Superman, was born on 5th May, and he is a proud Taurus through and through. He’s an earth sign, so he obviously loves nature. Henry often talks about his walks in the wood and how indispensable it is to his lifestyle.

Other than that, he enjoys gaming. He is a massive fan of the World of Warcraft franchise. Henry is a private person and hardly talks about his personal life in public. Recently, he made his relationship with Natalie Viscuso public via Instagram.

13. John Cena


Born on 23rd April, John Cena is our next Taurus celebrity. Cena is a recognizable name in the wrestling industry and beyond, having done professional wrestling, acting and also rapping.

There is no doubt regarding John’s dedication with regard to his work. He is a record 16-time World Champion and also holds the record of winning the WWE Championship a record 13 times. One of Taurus’ key traits is their stubbornness, and John has also been rather stubborn about certain things in life.

Most famously, he has maintained that he doesn’t want kids for fear of being an absentee father. That was perhaps one of the bigger reasons as to why he and Nikki Bella broke up.

14. Rosario Dawson


Born on 9th May, actress Rosario Dawson is our next Taurean. Since her debut performance in the movie Kids, Dawson has gone on to establish herself in the industry.

Some of Dawson’s most memorable performances are in Lost in America, Shattered Glass, and Trust Machine. She has worked with some top-tier directors in the industry, including Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez.

Dawson is a private person and doesn’t speak of her personal life in public. Currently, she is in a relationship with Senator Cory Booker.

15. Janet Jackson


Janet Jackson was born on 16th May. The youngest of the Jackson family, Janet is a world-renowned singer in her own right.

In fact, Janet’s career has been marked by her incorporation of many innovative styles. That includes elaborate stage performances, sexually stimulating records and socio-politically conscious lyrics.

Jackson has released 11 studio albums and is among the best-selling female artists of all time. Known to be easy-going and chill, Janet, however, is rather particular when it comes to talks about her family. In fact, one of the conditions under which she gives interviews is that there won’t be any mention of his brother, Michael Jackson.

16. Jerry Seinfeld


Seinfeld was born on 29th April, making him a Taurus. The comedian is best known for playing a fictionalized version of himself in the sitcom Seinfeld.

Like all Taurean, Seinfeld enjoys investing and pampering himself. He is an automobile enthusiast and has around 150 premium cars in his collection. He is also an espresso machine aficionado, owning multiple premium and vintage machines.

One of the highest-paid comedians, Seinfeld earns millions from syndicate deals and reruns. In fact, according to a leading magazine, his accumulated wealth from the show Seinfeld as of 2004 was around $267 million. No one lives a luxurious life, quite like a Taurus.

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17. Bono


The U2 frontman was born on 10th May, making him a noted Taurus. Bono is among the most popular figures in the music industry, and his band has sold more than 150 million records.

Known for his intense stage performances and profound lyrics, Bono has led the band since the beginning. To date, the band has released one LIVE and 14 studio albums. Being an earth sign, Bono loves stability. He has been in a stable marriage with Alison Hewson since 1982. They have four children.

As for business ventures, Bono has many, as one would expect from an entrepreneurial Taurus. He has co-founded a fashion label and co-own a 5-star hotel. Bono remains actively involved in philanthropy and political activism.

18. Uma Thurman


Uma was born on 29th April. And like a true Taurean, Thurman is a fashion icon, aside from being an acting powerhouse, of course. The Prada dress she wore for the Oscars in 1995 helped catapult the brand’s name worldwide.

Uma is famous for some of the most iconic movie roles, which include Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, and Dangerous Liaisons. The Kill Bill actress has involved herself in some high-profile relationships in the past. She was once married to fellow actors Gary Oldman and Ethan Hawke.

Uma remains involved in philanthropy and political activism, most notably supporting gun control laws and LGBT civil rights.

19. Enrique Iglesias


Enrique was born on 8th May. The Spanish singer is among the most prominent acts to successfully crossover to the English-language market. Since then, Iglesias has released a total of 11 studio albums.

The “Hero” singer was born to Julio Iglesias, one of the most successful singers in Europe. However, that should take nothing away from Enrique’s stardom, which he achieved through his own sheer hard work.

Endowed with dashing looks, it’s no surprise that Enrique is a proud Taurean. He craves stability and has been in a stable marriage with Anna Kournikova. Together they have three children.

20. Gigi Hadid


Born on 23rd April, Gigi exudes everything class and opulent about the Taurean Zodiac. A renowned model, you can count on her to serve you a “look”!

Gigi has appeared on the cover of Vogue multiple times and was also Victoria Secret’s Angel. Known for her elegance and sex appeal, Gigi is among the highest-paid models around and was also conferred the model of the year award in 2016.

Despite being in the constant limelight, Gigi prefers to keep her private life discreet. She was in a relationship with Zayn Malik, with whom she has a kid. Recently, the couple had separated in the aftermath of Malik’s altercation with Gigi’s mother.

21. George Lucas


22. Cher


23. Grace Jones


24. Willie Nelson


25. Lily Allen


26. Jason Lee


27. Mark Zuckerberg


28. Michelle Pfeiffer


29. Stevie Wonder


30. Al Pacino


31. Barbara Streisand


32. Pierce Brosnan


33. Renee Zellweger


34. Kunal Nayyar


35. Shirley Maclaine


36. Tony Hawk


37. Danny Trejo


38. Andy Murray


39. Jet Li


40. Carol Burnett



Taurus is a misunderstood sign. They are often considered to be lazy and laid-back. But the truth is that they are deeply analytical and prefer living life at a slower pace.

They like to ponder and think through things, and only when they arrive at a decision do they execute. That also makes them seem stubborn. Regardless, everyone could do well with having a Taurus in their lives.

These individuals are ever dedicated and compassionate beings who love living slow but luxurious lives. They take pleasure and comfort like no other and make for great partners, be it platonic or romantic.


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