TOP 20: Best Tiktok Fashion Influencers You Should Be Following In 2024

TOP 20: Best Tiktok Fashion Influencers You Should Be Following In 2024

Fashion is as important to some people as life itself. The idea of combining different things to make a whole...

Fashion is as important to some people as life itself. The idea of combining different things to make a whole...

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Fashion is as important to some people as life itself. The idea of combining different things to make a whole new statement that everyone would see as a bright one is a fashion in its own definition. Unfortunately, getting ideas isn’t always that easy – sometimes, you’d have to work with pre-existing ones to develop something new/modified.

If you are looking for one of the easiest and most entertaining places to find these fashion ideas or styles, TikTok is always a go-to. It is a platform that presents people with different concepts or ideas that you can choose from and form something for yourself.

Finding these people with concepts may be quite difficult, which is why this article is important. It aims to provide you with a list of 20 TikTok fashion influencers that you can follow.

Hopefully, by following them, you can pick out some interesting ideas or styles or, better still, start your own fashion influencing page or career too.

1. Nava Rose


On the top of the 20 TikTok fashion influencers’ list, there is Nova Rose. Allegedly, she calls herself “the girl with too many clothes,” which is not only a description of how fashionable she is but also the many ideas on styles she must have.

Nava Rose uses TikTok effectively to express her fashion sense based on different circumstances – movies, life, indoor, outdoor, costumes, etc. Literally, she knows how to rock any dress. Besides, she is good with colors – there is always a touch of pink on what she wears.

As @the.navarose on TikTok, she has great engagement – over 5.5M followers and 200.4M favorites on her verified page.

2. Kiitan A


Kiitan A is one of the top fashionable people to come across on TikTok. The influencer uses her sense of fashion to reach out more to a black audience – and she is doing a good job at it.

@Kiitana is great with combining clothes, especially how she makes a bold appearance on every dressing. Interestingly, she picks her dress to complement tones, which is almost a struggle for some people.

The Nigerian TikToker, based in the US, has over 6M favorites from 427.9K followers and 131 following. Apart from fashion, some of her videos are pure entertainment with friends.

3. Denise Mercedes


Not everyone must be slim to be fashionable, your size is perfect – that is a clear description of who Denis Mercedes is. The founder of #StyleNotSize, Denise is on the list of the 20 TikTok fashion influencers in the world.

With the username @denisemmercedes, she has had good engagements with a large audience – having 58.1M favorites, 3.5M followers, and 228 following.

Denise prides herself in her size, and she isn’t ashamed to post her outfits. So far, she’s suggested so many styles and started some trends, which many women picked up. She is also great with colors – Black, White, Brown.

4. Janice Glimmer


Looks are part of fashion – Janice Glimmer. This beauty goddess is a TikTok fashion influencer who invests her time into her looks and makes sure whatever she wears, she’s great on them.

Janice is an American TikToker who Bazaar describes as “one of the it girls of TikTok.” She has a personal website where she has so many useful kinds of stuff for people interested in fashion, travel, and lifestyle.

Furthermore, the fashion influencer never fails to mention how she enjoys making videos with her mom. In total, she has 17.3M likes from 682.9K followers, while she follows 70 people on TikTok.

5. Brittany Xavier


Brittany takes an interest in several things – food, entertainment, comedy- but she takes fashion more seriously.

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Brittany Xavier is one of the popular names on TikTok because she has entertaining content across different things, and her fashion sense is awesome. She makes most of the videos with her daughter and hubby.

The American TikToker has a fantastic engagement with a total of 194.8M likes – per video, she gets about 10K likes and 1.5M views. Undoubtedly, she is one of the few verified, brilliant fashion influencers on the platform. She uses IG and YouTube to discuss more of all her interests.

6. Vaishnavi Naik


Vaishnavi is an Indian TikTok influencer who has showcased her interest in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She knows how to rock any dressing or costume – including those particular to where she comes from.

Another highlight of her fashion content is suggesting styles and photo poses on her verified TikTok, i.e., @beingnavi07. She also makes videos with her friends to make it more entertaining.

She has a total of 125.3M likes from all her videos, showing how engaging her page really is. Vaishnavi has 7M followers and follows 21 people. She also uses Instagram to reach a larger audience.

7. Sterling Monett


One of the youngest fashion influencers on TikTok who is quite the inspiration is Sterling Monett. She discusses anything fashion, beauty, and even lifestyle on her TikTok page through entertaining videos, which is one of the many things that makes her popular.

On her verified @Sterlingmonett account, her engagement rate is pretty much organic. She has about 90.4M favorites from all the videos on her page. Furthermore, she has about 1.4M followers and follows about 800 people.

Overall, this US-based TikToker has great content for a fashion audience which is why she also uses YouTube and Instagram to communicate more effectively.

8. Kashees.official


Kashee is one of the verified TikTok fashion influencers with a large audience. She is a fashion designer who has developed different styles that people can use or try out.

Kashee runs her own business – Kasheesstore, where she sells some cool fashion accessories and items. She has a personal website that makes things a lot easier for her beauty and fashion brand.

Going by @kashees.official, she has several videos gaining over 77M likes on TikTok. She has 4.9M organic followers who all contribute to her engagement rate. Kashee also shows her prowess in makeup, which makes her even versatile.

9. Milan Mathew


Anything beauty and fashion, count Milan Mathew to deliver something exceptional on her TikTok page. The beauty queen makes entertaining videos with some fantastic fashionable styles that most women would love. She almost has an outfit for every occasion and teaches people how to combine to help them rock whatever they choose to wear.

Milan Mathew, as @milan.mathew on TikTok, has a growing account with over 32M likes. She also has 800K+ followers and follows about 300 people.

Her TikTok account has an email address and a YouTube link listed for people to reach out for more beauty and fashion information/inquiries.

10. Taylor Hage


No one is as consistent with daily outfits as Taylor Hage. She is a fashion icon herself, as she gives people inspiration on what to wear on different occasions. It could be in clothing or shoes.

Taylor has exciting videos on her TikTok apart from fashion, making her quite the influencer she is. The American TikToker knows how to jump on trends that have earned her over 1.6M followers over the years.

Currently, she is following less than 1o0 people on her page. Based on profile statistics, @tayhage has about 28.2M likes, which suggests she gets about 300K likes per post.

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11. Ms. Kristine


Everyone has the right to define what trendy means to them, and one of the verified TikTok influencers that have lived with that mantra is Ms. Kristine, who goes by @trendycurvy. She has a good engagement with over 800K followers on the app.

Ms. Kristine describes herself as a curvy girl living in a trendy world, and she basically makes most of her content revolve around fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

With her videos, she has inspired many women and helped them love their bodies. The American TikToker is also a business owner who has a website where she lists her products.

12. Christine Le


Not everyone is good at fashion and poses – sometimes, a little help is all needed. Christine Le is an influencer on TikTok who is interested in beauty, style, fashion, and poses. She is literally everyone’s girl for great fashion and photogenic ideas.

With the username @christineleeee on TikTok, Christine Le has over 300K followers and follows about 250 people. She’s about a rising star in the fashion influencing world, but she’s done a good job in such a short time.

Currently, she has a personal website, and another site with information on her presets that people could try out.

13. Nichole Ciotti


Nicole’s interests are just four – Fun, Family, Fashion, and Hair. It is quite easy to say that she is a family woman interested in women’s fashion and style. With her TikTok account, she has reached a great percentage of women using entertaining videos to disseminate useful information and give great suggestions.

As @Nichole.ciotti on TikTok, the beauty and fashion goddess amassed 7.3M likes from over 600K followers. On the other hand, she follows over 200 people. The TikToker based in Bay Area, California, has a link on her page for more fashion ideas and stories.

14. Keri Fay


Keri Fay is one of the popular names when it comes to fashion influence. She is into minimal/simplistic fashion, making her quite a big deal for people interested in that style.

Keri publishes great content on her TikTok on fashion styles and ideas for her audience with over 400K followers. @kerifay has gained over 5.8M likes from her videos. She gives a clear preference for IG for more stories and outfit suggestions.

Apart from fashion, Keri also posts on hair and beauty. For more information or inquiries, she has an email address and a personal website listed on TikTok.

15. Alexandra Pereira


Alexandra Pereira is a Spanish TikTok user that makes it to the list of 20 fashion influencers on the app. She pays good attention to her looks and outfits, which is why she is one of the fastest-growing personalities on TikTok.

@Alexandrapereira also likes to make her videos relatable – a quality most people look for regarding beauty and fashion ideas. She is also classy with her choice of fashion brands, so she isn’t exactly for a minimalistic audience.

Alexandra Pereira’s engagement rate is outstanding, even with 200K+ followers on her verified page. In total, she has over 2.9 likes on TikTok.

16. Sophie Suchan


One of the fastest-growing accounts on TikTok for fashion influencing is @sophieesuchan. This page, handled by Sophie Suchan herself, is entertaining with lots of surprises and entertaining content.

Sophie creates content based on real-life events and also maintains a stylish lifestyle with great fashion habits. She knows how to rock her flashy colors and is always a go-to person for classy outfit ideas, making her an influencer on the platform.

Sophie Suchan has an aggregate of 1.7M favorites on her TikTok page, with over 63K growing followers of her content. She is also a beauty expert.

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17. Leanne Everett


Fashion on TikTok would be incomplete without mentioning Leanne Everett, one of the stars who has recently made a lot of big waves on the app.

Leanne describes herself on her page as the Winner of the Best in Fashion. The confidence she has in her great fashion sense is a lovable quality about her. So far, she has helped many other women build that confidence to rock outfits for various occasions.

@Leanneeverett’s engagement is pretty much impressive, with over 600K likes from her videos. She follows 13 people and has 73K followers. She is also a designer, creator, model, and ambassador for H&M.

18. Chriselle Lim


A verified TikTok influencer to also get familiar with is Chriselle Lim.

The TikToker is one of the stylish people to meet with her videos showing how much she’s been involved in the fashion and style world. Some of her videos are her participation in runway shows and styling.

Chriselle Lim also appears in Vogue Magazine, which clearly indicates how much influence she has in that industry. There is a link to an article on her TikTok for more information.

@Chrisellelim’s engagement is also great, with over 96M likes. She has over 2.7M followers and follows about 450 people.

19. Anna O’Brien


From @anna0brien2’s page, it may be almost impossible to tell if she’s a fashion figure or not. However, after a closer look into her page and lifestyle, one would agree that she’s a minimalistic fashion influencer. She has some of the best outfit ideas for casual and domestic occasions.

Anna O’Brien is an entertaining individual who uses TikTok to have fun and express her talents. Successfully, she has inspired several people on what to wear for different occasions, which ticks the box of influencing indirectly.

Anna O’Brien, so far, has gained over 1.4M likes on TikTok. She also follows over 100 people and has 143K followers contributing to her engagement status on the app.

20. Chiara Ferragni


One terrific TikTok fashion influencer to follow for outfit ideas and suggestions is Chiara Ferragni. The verified TikToker has so much content on her page, which will benefit different people. She has over 4.6M followers and 154 following on the platform.

Chiara, who uses the handle “@chiaraferragni,” has inspired people with her videos, most of which she shares with her family.

On her TikTok profile, she lists the link to her Amazon Prime Video documentary titled: “Chiara Ferragni Unposted” for her audience to watch. From this video, people would get more insight into who she really is and how fashion has helped change her life.


The simple act of influencing is helping others achieve their goal by looking up to you. TikTok is a world-renowned platform known to help people find solutions to some of their problems – even if it is fashion-related.

With the top 20 Tiktok fashion influencers listed and reviewed above, it is easy to find styles and trends to go for or modify into something extraordinary. TikTok is also a great place to start if you’d like to become a fashion influencer yourself.

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