TOP 20: Best TikTok Makeup Artists to Check Out

TOP 20: Best TikTok Makeup Artists to Check Out

Looking for the best makeup influencers on tiktok? Look no further because we did the job for you. Makeup has...

Looking for the best makeup influencers on tiktok? Look no further because we did the job for you. Makeup has...

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Looking for the best makeup influencers on tiktok? Look no further because we did the job for you.

Makeup has been a beauty and fashion identity for several years now, and while each decade came with its trend, many people have made a living out of it.

First, there are cosmetic brands that manufacture some incredible makeup products to enhance beauty.

Secondly, some have built a beauty and makeup market to get products to consumers worldwide.

Thirdly, some make money by teaching others how to use these beauty products.

Out of the three categories of people, the third is the most popular. 

Most women want to learn how to do makeup or get better at it, and in order to do that, they watch videos or download resources that might be useful. Two of the best places to find video tutorials are YouTube and TikTok.

TikTok is a large community filled with different entertaining content. There are some incredible sets of people to follow regarding beauty and fashion that will provide materials, tips, or any other thing needed to get better with your makeup game.

In this article, you’ll see the 20 most popular TikTok makeup influencers that you can follow for makeup content.

1. @Marimariamakeup

Mari Maria is one of the top TikTok influencers in the world. The TikToker who lives in the United States started posting makeup content a few years ago with the username @marimariamakeup, and today, she is verified on the platform.

Mari Maria has over 14M followers on TikTok, making her the highest followed makeup influencer. Likewise, she has a following of over 100. Based on the quality of her content, she gets an average of 1,820,000 views and 1359 comments per video. Her engagement rate is also quite incredible.

The verified US TikToker also uses Instagram to get her makeup videos to a larger audience.

2. @Celinaspookyboo

Known for her wittiness, with her husband Adam, Celina is another top-rated makeup TikToker. She goes by the username @Celinaspookyboo.

Celina is based in Canada and owns a beauty brand, making her vast in cosmetic products and usage. She is also an author and a podcast host. She has a book published about beauty and makeup.

Celina has over 12M followers on TikTok, with a following of over 4,000. On a single video, she gets an average of 2.2M views and over 3,000 comments. The verified TikTok influencer has a great engagement rate with over 4M likes per video.

Her YouTube channel is another platform she posts some of her content.

3. @Emmycombss

Emmy Combs is also on the 20 most famous TikTok makeup influencers list. The verified TikTok celeb with the handle @emmycombss has an interesting personality and entertaining content for a large audience.

Most of her content revolves around trying out new beauty products and teaching people how to use them. The US-based TikTok user has over 6M followers and a following of about 2,000.

@Emmycombbs gets an average of 48,000 views and 1000 comments per video. She also has over 79 shares and 120,000 likes on a single video.

Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram are three other platforms where she posts her makeup videos/tutorials.

4. @Leticiafgomes

Identifying makeup as her real hustle and interest, Leticia Gomes is another person to follow on TikTok. Based in Brazil, she has one of the most interesting timelines as she creates makeup content by dancing and doing transitions.

Leticia Gomes goes by the verified username, @Leticiafgomes, and currently has over 6.8M followers on TikTok. She is following 500 people, with 133.1M likes in total. She gets about 700,000 views and 984 comments per post, making her quite the influencer.

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Furthermore, she lists other platforms to watch more of her makeup content, such as Instagram and YouTube.

5. @Pinuppixie

Bianca Blakney is another beautiful face to check out on TikTok. Known with the username @Pinuppixie, the beauty goddess has a great sense of makeup arts. She knows her cosmetics game right, which makes her quite outstanding and a must-follow for makeup content.

Bianca Blakney is a Canada-based beauty queen with a good number of followers and following – about 6M and 4K, respectively. In total, she has over 195M likes on her videos, which places her on the list of top TikTok influencers to follow.

@Pinuppixie also uses Instagram, asides TikTok, to get her beauty content to a larger audience.

6. @Asoothesizzler

Makeup and anime are two of Asoo’s many interests. The verified TikTok celebrity is known for her beauty and fashion content. Likewise, she uses great products which she strongly recommends to her viewers and subscribers on TikTok and YouTube.

Going by the username, @Asoothesizzler, she has over 5.3M followers and 127 followers on TikTok. She also has over 69M likes, i.e., an average of 15,000 likes per video. Her favorites amount to a total of 5.7M on this platform.

The Finland-based TikToker has a great engagement rate, making her worthy of being called one of the platform’s most famous makeup influencers.

7. @Kashees.official

One of the most versatile influencers on TikTok is Kashee. The Pakistani tiktoker has so many impressive skills and interests, which is why her page is a lively one to see.

First, she identifies with being a makeup artist with different videos and tutorials for viewers. Secondly, she takes an interest in hairstyling. Finally, she shows her prowess in fashion design.

Basically, her verified TikTok and YouTube pages are solely for beauty and fashion content.

Kashee, with the username, @Kashees.official currently has close to 5M followers, with 0 following. She also has 77.2M likes, from about 15 videos per day, with 6K views per video. 

8. @Aliya_hamidi

Aliya Hamidi is another TikTok sensation known for her entertaining content. She also says in her bio that she has a passion for makeup, which explains most of her videos about makeup.

Aliya Hamidi goes by the username @Aliya_hamidi on TikTok and Instagram and on Snapchat as “aliyahamidi.” She has many videos on her page, with a total of 77.7M likes.

The Indian TikTok influencer has over 3.2M followers and follows about 67 people, which is not bad. On a single video, she gets over 11,000 views and 125 comments on average. Her engagement rate is also quite impressive.

9. @Keilidhmua

Keilidh is an entertaining makeup artist on TikTok. She explores her makeup interest across different themes – cartoons, animations, movie characters or villains, and many others. She uses the handle @Keilidhmua.

Keilidh is no doubt of the top-rated, verified makeup influencers as she is verified with a high engagement rate. She uses TikTok expressively and Instagram to showcase her talents and reach a large audience.

Keilidh is an excellent Irish TikToker with over 2.8M followers and follows 259 people. She also posts at least one video per day, in which she gets 30K views and 356 comments on average.

10. @Gjuanita

Giorgina Juanita is a beauty business owner and makeup artist known on TikTok for her incredible content. She uses the handle @Gjuanita on TikTok, where she posts makeup, hair, nails, and transformation videos.

Giorgina Juanita is the owner of Gigibee Beauty and the creator of the popular Redlight Challenge on TikTok. As a successful businesswoman, she has been able to reach her audience using this platform and on YouTube and Instagram.

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Giorgina is a Netherlands-based influencer with over 2.4M followers and follows about 200 people. On her TikTok, i.e., @Gjuanita, she has over 56.7M likes in total from her videos.

11. @Maimoonashah_

Another Pakistani inspiration to many regarding makeup content on TikTok is Maimoon Ashah (@maimoonashah_). She is one of the most versatile people on that app, with interests in painting and content creation.

Maimoon Ashah is a special effects (Sfx) makeup artist who does some incredible transformations based on different characters. She also provides her audience with suggestions on various part-time opportunities, making her a top influencer on the platform and Instagram.

Currently, the verified TikToker has 2.0M followers and follows two people. She has a total of 37.4M likes with over 78K views and 500 comments per video.

12. @Pauliesfx

Paulie is a verified American TikTok makeup influencer who is listed on the top 20 most famous tiktokers for his excellent special effects skills. Many of his videos have gone viral because of how incredible they were.

Most of his makeup content is inspired by fictional characters, real-life events, etc. He is a good artist who also engages well with his followers. He is active on Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram.

Paulie, known as @Pauliesfx on TikTok, has close to 2M followers. He also gained over 21M likes in total from his videos. On average, he gets a minimum of 17K views and 200 comments per video.

Currently, his pinned makeup video has about 5M views and 494 comments.

13. @Tristanpvaldez

Tristan is literally one of the boys that wear makeup and is proud of it. His artistic skills are exemplary, making him one of the 20 most famous TikTok makeup influencers in the world.

Tristan, also known as @Tristanpvaldez on TikTok, is an American influencer who draws his inspiration from superhero and raven characters. He has close to 2.5M followers and a following of 565.

From video records, he has gained over 113M likes from his videos: each makeup video has an average of 300K views.

Tristan also loves to record dance videos for fun on his page.

14. @Imjuliekay

Anything beauty, unboxing, and reviews, count Julie Kay interested in giving quality content on TikTok.

@ImJulieKay is one of TikTok’s favorites; even though unverified, she has a good engagement rate. She is a fantastic makeup artist with different content available for people to check out on her website.

The American TikTok influencer currently has over 2M followers and follows about 400 people on the platform. She posts at least two videos every day and gets over 30K views and 100 comments per video.

Julie Kay’s best color is Pink, which explains why her page is Pink-themed.

15. @Minahilnaeem21

Minahil Naeem is among the youngest and most famous beauty TikTok influencers in makeup like a real job. The Pakistani artist has some fascinating videos on her page that have gained over 28M likes in total.

Minahil Naeem, who goes by @Minahilnaeem21 on TikTok, uses her page to teach others how to use certain products and offers new styles to try out. She even takes appointments for makeup tutorials and jobs via her IG.

However, the TikTok influencer has a good engagement rate, with over 300K views and about 2,000 comments per video.

16. @Nancyzidan

Nancy Zidan is an Egypt-based makeup artist with lots of interesting content to see. The verified TikToker draws inspiration from different concepts, such as cartoon characters, public figures, etc.

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Nancy Zidan, known as @Nancyzidan, has a great outline of impressive makeup works, which has earned her a spot on the top 20 most famous makeup influencers in the world. She has about 1.3M followers and a following of over 500 on TikTok. Furthermore, Nancy has a total of 13.3M likes from all the videos on her page.

She also uses YouTube and Instagram.

17. @Sidneycumbie

Sidney Cumbie is another US-based makeup artist who claims he is a master/commander at what he does. He regards himself as a professional makeup artist in Hollywood, CA., and some of his works are pretty much fascinating.

Sidney Cumbie (@Sidneycumbie) has amazing transformation videos with the help of makeup on his page. These videos are quite interesting to watch in that one of them gets over 800K views and 1K comments at least.

Think of any creepy or funny fictional character, and Sidney has done it on his TikTok page. He currently has over 1.5M followers and a following of 142. 

18. @Matilda_rios

Matilda Rios is an incredible, special effects makeup artist based in America. She has many videos on her page that mostly showcase her talents in making creepy, weird, and horror makeovers.

She also drops warnings on most of her videos to a sensitive audience, showing how good she makes-believes.

On a single post, @Matilda_rios gets nothing less than 23K views and 46 comments. She has more than 1.2M followers on TikTok, and a total of 37.4M likes. Truly, she is one of the best makeup artists on TikTok.

19. @Fariawanofficial

Fari is a makeup artist, blogger, and on YouTube. She sits at number 19 on the list of 20 most famous TikTok makeup influencers to follow in the world.

This beauty queen impresses her audience with incredible cosmetic suggestions and results and hosts tutorials on how to be a better artist on YouTube.

Fari, as @Fariawanofficial, has a great engagement rate, with over 1.2M followers, and follows only one person. The Pakistani TikToker has an average of 13K views and 12 comments per video.

20. @Makeup_by_milansubba

Milan Subba is a professional Nepali makeup artist on TikTok who has dedicated her time tutoring people and providing suggestions on products to use.

The popular TikToker owns Anisha Beauty Salon & Academy, which teaches people everything about beauty products and their applications. Milan receives all interested applications via her Instagram, another platform where she promotes her makeup content.

@Makeup_by_milansubba on TikTok has an incredible engagement rate, with 1.2M followers and follows 45 people. She posts one video per day, in which she gets over 96K views and 21 comments on average.


If you are thinking of creating makeup content on TikTok or opening a beauty and fashion channel on YouTube, you should check out these individuals on how they run their accounts/pages. You might find some useful information to help you reach a large audience and get your makeup content widely recognized.

On the other hand, if you want to get better at your makeup game, you might get some useful suggestions from these influencers. Besides, the whole point of TikTok is to keep you entertained and informed simultaneously.

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