20 TOP Tiktokers In The World You Should Know About In 2023

20 TOP Tiktokers In The World You Should Know About In 2023

Where would the world be without social media? It has helped some people become the best of themselves, and also...

Where would the world be without social media? It has helped some people become the best of themselves, and also...

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Where would the world be without social media? It has helped some people become the best of themselves, and also the exact opposite. Social media can influence people’s decisions, teach them new things, and provide opportunities for personal growth.

Consequently, new social network channels have emerged with more outstanding features than pre-existing ones. For instance, when Facebook arrived, it was the perfect instant messaging app for everyone and a great platform to connect with friends and family.

However, when WhatsApp and Instagram were introduced, they became better alternatives for quick messaging and connections. There is a long list of other social media platforms that have been outstanding through the years, however, TikTok has surprised many in various ways.

TikTok was launched by ByteDance in 2017 as an entertainment app to suit people’s interests. It also gained mass popularity because it was deemed compatible with iOS and Android devices. Today, TikTok is available in over 150 countries, making it one of the most successful apps in such a short time.

Some individuals have shown great prowess in their content and influencing level from this app. Thus, you’d be reading about the 20 top tiktokers in the world below.

TOP Tiktokers in The World:

1. Charli D’Amelio


The most-followed Tiktoker in the world at the moment is Charli D’Amelio. The 17-year-old TikToker has 126.4M followers, which is the largest in 2021.

Charli is an American dancer who secretly started making dance videos through her account, and in a short time, had over 11 million followers. By 2020, she overtook Loren Gray, the world’s most-followed at the time, after one of her dance choreographies went viral. She has appeared in several other events, including America’s Sweetheart music video by Chase Hudson.

With her huge following on her verified TikTok account, i.e., @charlidamelio, she has partnered with several big companies and brands. She has also experienced growth on her YouTube channel, having over 9M followers.

2. Khaby.lame


Khabane Lame, also known as @Khaby.lame on TikTok, is number 2 on TikTok most-followed with about 116.5M followers. He gained massive recognition on the platform from the concept of making funny videos without saying a word.

He was referred to as the new-generation Mr. Bean, Khaby.lame has successfully shown people how to do seemingly simple things more simply, without taking the complex approach. One of the videos that made him popular was his reaction to someone peeling off a banana in a more absurd way. Khaby showed a simple way to do it on his TikTok account, and he started having more followers.

The verified Italian TikToker has had different collaborations and partnerships, making him one of the most successful users of the platform.

3. Addison Rae


Another popular name on TikTok is Addison Rae. The American dancer rose to fame on TikTok all by her level of creativity in her dance choreography videos. She has had great success on this platform and even on YouTube.

Being the third most-followed account on TikTok with 85.2M followers, Addison has earned quite a lot – one of the highest TikTok earners. She is reported to earn $5M every year from TikTok.

She is also a youngster on the app (20-year-old) and a friend of the Kardashians. Addison is featured in an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and also has a multi-film deal with Netflix, with her first movie being: “He’s All That.”

4. Bella Poarch


One of the fastest rising stars on TikTok is Bella Poarch. The American-Filipino singer and TikToker has 84M followers, which she gained in the shortest time – within a year. She started TikTok in 2020 and is currently one of the most followed and highest earners of the platform.

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Bella Poarch’s contents are surprisingly appealing as they are mostly around comedy and gaming. She has even collaborated with brands like Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty and also featured in Cirque, a sub-urban music video.

Before TikTok, Bella served in the United States Navy, and that alone was the bragging rights she needed to jumpstart her TikTok influencing.

5. Zach King


Before TikTok, Zach King was a popular Vine star who had a lot of funny content for a large audience. With TikTok, he was able to achieve so much more and amassed many followers in short notice.

Zach King is an illusionist on TikTok with over 65.4M followers. He joined the platform in 2016 and has made sure to produce back-to-back content for his numerous followers. He also has a YouTube channel where he posts some of his tricks and how he does them for interested viewers.

Being able to raise a family of a wife and two kids and doing videos for TikTok hasn’t always been easy, but Zach always finds a balance.

6. Jason Derulo


One of America’s celebs that has risen to the top for his TikTok content is Jason Derulo. The music star found TikTok has the perfect escape, and most of his viral videos her either pranks, dance choreographies, fitness exercises, or anything comedy.

Jason is also one of the celebs that TikTok has successfully helped to promote his songs. With the app, he was able to get “Savage Love” to a larger audience and has Acapulco publicized.

He currently has over 50.2M followers on the app and has gained 1.1B likes from all his videos.

7. Celinaspookyboo


Celinaspookyboo is a fast-rising Canadian TikToker who has had huge success in her career, thanks to the app. She is known for her dad’s jokes but also uses the platform to promote her business, books, and YouTube channel.

Celina is an author, a beauty brand owner, and a podcast CEO who spends time creating content that she thinks people would be interested in. She makes her video very engaging, which is how she gained 21.9M followers in a short while.

She isn’t top on the list of the most-followed, but the verified TikToker deserves all the credit she can get having amassed 719.4M likes from all her videos.

8. Michael Le


Another dance choreographer that makes it to the top tiktokers in the world list is Michael Le. He is one of the few people that can successfully say: “TikTok helped my career.”

Michael Le started TikTok by posting his dance tutorials every day – he could post two or more just to get an audience to see what he is made of. Shortly, the 21-year-old dancer and choreographer now has over 50M followers on his account and has received a total of 1.4B likes.

He also does a bit of comedy in his dance videos, following trending events which is quite entertaining.

9. Spencer X


If anyone has ever made it big with beatboxing, Spencer X is the man. The TikToker, who calls himself, the “Mouth Music Man,” is listed as one of the top 20 tiktokers worldwide because of his special skill and talent.

Spencer X can literally make any beat with his mouth, and that has gained him about 55M followers on TikTok. He has also received 1.3B likes from his videos, showing how interested people are in his content.

He promotes his collection of beatboxing by posting a link on his account. Spencer also does a bit of comedy with his friends, which he posts on his page.

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10. Riyaz


A favorite TikToker who makes it to the list of the top most-followed, particularly not from the United States, is Riyaz. The Indian TikToker is one with many talents and interests, which has given him great recognition.

Riyaz is an actor, singer, and fashion blogger. The handsome actor has great acting skills in which he successfully uses to make funny videos. He also sings, and his favorite style is making duets with followers.

The TikToker’s fashion taste is another interesting thing about him – clearly, he has a good sense of style. Riyaz has over 44.4M followers on his verified TikTok page.

11. Loren Gray


One of the youngest celebs on TikTok who was named the highest-followed TikToker in the world until 2020 is Loren Gray. The 18-year-old TikToker had an early start with music, in which she used the app maximally to promote herself. Soon, she gained popularity, that many people were always interested in her content.

Loren Gray has over 54.1M followers on her page and has a total of 2.9B likes, which is clearly one of the highest anyone has ever received on TikTok.

She is still very much active on TikTok and currently uses her account to promote her songs, as listed on her bio.

12. Dixie D’Amelio


Like her little sister, Charli, Dixie D’Amelio is also one of the top TikTokers ever living. She gained mass popularity almost the same time as her sister and currently has about 55M followers, which is half her sister’s number.

Dixie D’Amelio posts different content about her life, making quite the famous lifestyle TikToker. Her videos are also one of the most-liked, with a total of 3.1B so far from everything she has ever posted on her page.

The 20-year-old is also a singer and a great actress, and some of her videos clearly show that. On her verified page, @dixieamelio, she posts links to her new songs.

13. Will Smith


Will is someone who could never keep himself from the media. The American celebrity who is an actor, a rapper, amongst other things, is also listed as one of the top TikTokers in the world.

Will Smith is quite the entertainer, as he has different videos with various concepts on his page. If he is not making videos with incredible edits, he gives insight into his daily lifestyle or doing comedy.

He has over 62.3M followers on his TikTok account, with a total of 392.3M likes. On average, a single video on his page gets over 3M views.

14. Brent Rivera


Brent Rivera is also another popular name from Vine. He was successful on the app and currently is the same on TikTok.

Brent is a 23-year-old influencer with a huge following across different platforms. He has over 16M subscribers on YouTube, 22M followers on Instagram, and 41.2M followers on TikTok. He makes funny videos, and he is also quite a fashion enthusiast. In total, his page @brentrivera has gained over 1.3B likes from videos.

He is also an actor and has starred in two popular films – Light as a Feather and Alexander IRL. He is said to make over $3M a year.

15. Kimberly Loazia


Another TikTok sensation not from the United States is Kimberly Loazia. The Mexican influencer is quite the deal on different social platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Kimberly has over 53M followers on TikTok, giving her a spot on the top 20 TikTokers list. As a matter of fact, she has amassed over 3B likes from all her videos showing how many people are so interested in what she has to offer.

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Currently, Kimberly is married to Juan De Dios Pantoja, with whom she has two children. Hence, some of her content also revolves around her family and personal life.

16. The Rock


Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, started his career as a WWE wrestler and then became an actor. Ever since, he has had great breakthroughs across different social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok. The American celebrity makes it to the top 20 TikTokers in the world list because of his content and a huge following. He is also the CEO of RockTok.

The Rock has 41M followers on TikTok, with over 200M likes on the videos he’s ever posted. He mostly posts his workout routines, cheat meals, and maintains his usual nice guy status alongside doing comedy on his page.

17. Jojo Siwa


Jojo Siwa is a strong media sensation who has used social networks to her advantage – such as promoting her dance videos and campaigning for LGTBQ+.

Jojo’s dance videos and funny content makes her quite the entertainer on TikTok, and she currently has over 37M people following her account. She has acquired about 1.3B likes on her videos in the short time she joined TikTok.

The app is also one of Jojo’s personal spaces because she came out as LGTBQ+ there, with her favorite quote as: “Love is Universal.”

18. Baby Ariel


Ariel Rebecca Martin, also known as Baby Ariel on TikTok, is one of the biggest influencers on TikTok. She joined TikTok when it was formerly musical.ly, and through that, she gained a lot of followers. She has a total of 35.7M people following her account and has amassed over 1.9B likes from her videos.

Baby Ariel’s videos are entertaining as she showcases her acting skills in them. She is mentioned as one of the internet’s most influential people.

19. Younes Zarou


One of the youngest acts and illusionists on TikTok is Younes Zarou. He is known for his special effects, make-believes, and colorful videos on the app. He spends a lot of time creating interesting content that will wow the audience, and so far, he has gained close to 40M followers.

He is also fond of revealing the tricks behind his videos, many people find themselves interested in his content for that. His engagement rate is perfectly great too. The verified TikToker is all about spreading good vibes, happiness, and love, which he does that through his page.

20. King Bach


King Bach is also one of the people who were successful in the days of Vine videos. Today, he is one of the most entertaining TikTokers in the world. He currently has over 23M followers on his page.

King Bach is an actor and a comedian who showcases his talents in his TikTok videos. He is also quite influential, having collaborated with popular Hollywood acts. On average, King Bach gets over 1M views per video. He has a YouTube page for more content.


Today, over 1 billion people use TikTok every month, showing how much the app has become home for so many users. The video app has promoted some people and has made many millionaires from influencing.

Above is a list of the top creators on the platform with their content description, number of followers, and other relevant details. You can check them out and see if you’d be interested in any of their content.


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