7 Underrated Animated Movies to Watch on Netflix if You Haven’t

7 Underrated Animated Movies to Watch on Netflix if You Haven’t

When thinking of animated movies, some naturally go towards the film version of their favorite comic book tales, while others...

When thinking of animated movies, some naturally go towards the film version of their favorite comic book tales, while others...

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When thinking of animated movies, some naturally go towards the film version of their favorite comic book tales, while others will automatically think of classic Disney films or other such family-friendly animations from their childhood. Some may believe that anime’s exotic appeal or the avant-garde creativity of artists outside the mainstream represents the “best” that animation has to offer. The only thing these many aspects have in common is the absence of any live-action elements; everything else is fair game. 

We have searched through the available features streaming on Netflix to bring you the best of the best with this wide choice of animated films in mind. You should get a super-fast internet connection so you can binge-watch all these movies. 

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With that done, you check this list of the best-animated movies to watch on Netflix. There is something for everyone here, including both classic and modern films animated, which together create a wonderful selection.  Read on to find more! 

I Lost My Body

I Lost My Body is one of the most beautiful and innovative pieces of animation in recent times, which depicts the bizarre but very emotional tale of a severed hand that has escaped from being kept in a lab. This is just the start of the hand’s journey to locate its body once again. By jumping back and forth in time, we come to know about the hand’s precarious story and learn how this terrible damage came about. What it turns into is a stunning narrative with wonderful animation that acquires a strange and melancholy feel that is only enhanced by its fantastic score and stellar performers.

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Vivo revolves around a kinkajou (a honey bear from the jungle) and his owner Andrés, performing music in a bustling town center. Despite not speaking the same language, they make the ideal team because they both love music. Vivo is hesitant to assist Andrés because he is content with the life they have created together till he receives a letter from Marta, the love of his life, informing him that she is retiring from music and providing him the chance to reconnect. However, after a tragedy, Vivo sets out on an amazing adventure with an exuberant preteen named Gabi to deliver a love song from Andrés to Marta. The entire family will enjoy watching Vivo because of its wonderful musical passages and gorgeous animation.

A Whisker Away

The love-and-cats-themed anime ‘A Whisker Away’ is an absolute cinematic feast that will have you beaming from ear to ear and purring with delight. It centers on little Miyo Sasaki, who pretends to be a cat in order to catch the eye of a classmate. But in the end, this is more about her personal exploration of how she wants to live her life than it is about naive love. The animation makes sure that there is joy and beauty to be found there as well, even while Miyo strives to escape the depressing emotions of her life through this change.

The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines will appeal to you if you like The LEGO Movie and/or enjoy silly science fiction. This science-fiction-infused family comedy about a road trip is a Netflix original movie that was made by Sony Pictures Animation. The story starts when the father of the movie’s lead actress, an aspiring filmmaker, disagrees with her and decides to drive her to college himself rather than allowing her to fly there in an effort to mend fences between the two of them. As it turns out, the Mitchell family, with all of its oddities and troubles, must rise to the occasion as humanity’s final hope when their road trip coincides with a full-on robot rebellion. This film is humorous, endearing, and visually gorgeous to watch. 

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Monster House

Although a haunted house has long been a staple of the horror genre, it is rarely seen in animated works. Monster House is a digitally created fright fest with some genuinely unsettling ghost stories haunting its foundation. Without giving anything away, Monster House follows a cranky old guy who looks after a creaky old house. However, when health problems force him to retire, the house itself is revealed to be a terrifying source for the area. Three young people take a risk to investigate the abandoned house and its hidden secrets. The kids won’t be too afraid because there’s enough humor, but this is one haunted home tale that gets better with age.


Due to its unique animation, Klaus stands out. From the gloomy shores and perilous piers of Smeerensburg to the desolate frozen wilderness of Klaus’ home in the woods to the eventually bright and cheery locale that the Christmas spirit brings, Pablos has created an absolutely gorgeous story that delights in environmental storytelling. Wonderful character designs include the skinny and frail Jesper, the broad and somber Klaus, the enormous and imposing Pumpkin, and Olaf. The movie’s general transition from a location of brightness to darkness to light again is expertly done, and the use of light and shadow adds levels of depth to the visual storytelling.

Flavors of Youth

The first thing you should know about “Flavors of Youth” is that CoMix Wave Films, the production company behind “Your Name”, co-produced the film. Flavors of Youth shares more similarities with CoMix Wave Film’s second feature, “5 Centimeters per Second”, even though the CGI animation and all the background graphics remain stunning. Both films are anthologies made up of three short films that share the same theme of having to leave things behind as one grows older. Flavors of Youth stands noteworthy because each of its three portions follows a different character and is not exclusively about romantic love.

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With all these movies on your watch list, rest assured that you will be having the time of your life this weekend!


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