Was Marilyn Monroe Mexican? Marilyn Monroe and her Mexican Origins

Was Marilyn Monroe Mexican? Marilyn Monroe and her Mexican Origins

Marilyn Monroe and Mexican Roots Marilyn Monroe was an All-American bombshell who made major waves in Hollywood before her untimely...

Marilyn Monroe and Mexican Roots Marilyn Monroe was an All-American bombshell who made major waves in Hollywood before her untimely...

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Marilyn Monroe and Mexican Roots

Marilyn Monroe was an All-American bombshell who made major waves in Hollywood before her untimely death back in the beginning of the sixties.

Although members of the general public know a lot about this blonde starlet’s megawatt smile and curvaceous physique, they don’t necessarily know a lot about her cultural background.

Although the late actress was born in Los Angeles, California, many people think that she may have Mexican origins.

Was Marilyn Monroe Mexican? Get the Answer

People often link Monroe’s heritage solely to the Midwestern region of the United States. While she indeed had a strong link with the Midwest in the roots department, there was another significant aspect to her origins.

Her grandparents on her mother’s side moved out of the Midwest at the end of the nineteenth century.

Della Mae Hogan was the name of her grandmother. She was a native of Bentonville in Arkansas. Otis Elmer Monroe was the name of her grandfather. He hailed from Indianapolis, Indiana.

The main goal behind the couple’s departure was to escape money difficulties and secure brand new and more promising positions elsewhere. Farm troubles were a big thing in the Midwest during that time period.

The actress’s grandfather and grandmother moved all the way to a place that’s currently called Piedras Negras, Mexico. It preciously was called Porfirio Diaz. The Coahuila city is close to the United States border. It’s close to the city of Eagle Pass in Texas as well.

The pair rapidly adjusted to life in the Norteno ranch community. They soon were bona fide Mexicans in their own right.

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It wasn’t atypical at all for American citizens to relocate to Mexico 200 years ago. This relocation explains why Tejas turned into Texas. Mexico is a country that has a history of embracing immigrants from all different corners of the globe.

Why exactly were farm troubles such a problem in the Midwest long ago? Monroe’s grandparents were negatively affected by numerous serious droughts. The lack of water understandably made making a decent living immensely difficult for hard-working grain farmers.

Gladys Pearl was the name of the lady who gave birth to Monroe in June of 1926. Pearl was born on Mexican soil 24 years earlier in 1902. That, in a nutshell, is the reason that Monroe was Mexican to a degree.

Monroe didn’t have the strongest interactions with her mom. That friction never seemed to interfere with how Monroe viewed Mexico as a place, though.

Pearl was reared speaking the Spanish language. The same thing applied to her younger sister, Marion. In spite of that, Monroe’s mother’s family didn’t remain in Mexico permanently. They relocated to Los Angeles in sunny Southern California after some time. Otis secured a job in painting with the widely known Pacific Electric Railway Company. He remained with the company for his entire life. He passed away in 1909.

It was not uncommon for American public figures of the past to deny their Hispanic roots. Monroe, though, was never one of these individuals in any sense. Despite that, film industry executives pushed the star to promote an exclusively “American” vibe. That’s probably why Monroe didn’t speak out about her Mexican roots that much. She may have worried that doing so would jeopardize her work significantly.

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Monroe in Mexico

It was clear to many people that Monroe was a huge fan of Mexico. She visited the Spanish-speaking nation with great frequency. She started doing so particularly after launching a production firm of her own. This firm was called MMP or “Marilyn Monroe Productions.” Since Monroe was at the helm of the company, she didn’t have to fear other peoples’ opinions and actions as much.

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The entertainer headed to all sorts of spots throughout Mexico. She went to locations like Mexico City, Baja California, Acapulco and Ciudad Juarez. People spotted Monroe participating in all kinds of activities during her trips. She chowed down on authentic Mexican food items such as tacos in restaurants. She enjoyed mariachi bands outside. She explored intriguing Mayan pyramids of long ago. She even showcased her bilingual side by chatting to others in the Spanish tongue. While Monroe wasn’t fluent in the Romance language, she had a rather strong grasp of conversational Spanish.

Monroe and Mexican Home Decor and Apparel

The star’s adoration of Mexico wasn’t only apparent thanks to her trips to the nation. Anyone who visited her residential property could see the proof, too. Her living space was brimming with mahogany furniture pieces straight from Mexico. That wasn’t where things ended, either. People who opened her closet may have seen her China Poblana garments. They may have seen her sweaters from Mexico as well. Monroe specifically was fond of one certain outfit that had the China Poblana style. One element was a top that featured vivid geometric or floral patterns. Another was a skirt that highlighted flowers and sequins. The last primary component was a shawl that was made out of silk. Other parts of the outfit included intricate jewelry items, satin shoes and a band. The band had the task of securing the skirt to her figure.

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Monroe and Mexican Romance

Monroe once had a discussion with a journalist at a prominent hotel located in bustling Mexico City. The reporter wanted to know whether the star could envision partaking in a romance with an actor who came from Mexico. Her response was memorable. She said that the romance didn’t have to be with a Mexican man who was employed as an actor. She said that a Mexican man on his own was sufficient.

Mexico and Past Celebrities in General

Monroe was no stranger to the Prohibition Era. That’s yet another thing that may explain her familiarity with Mexico as a nation. She frequently traveled to Mexico as a means of going to social events that permitted the serving of alcohol. These were particularly big in Ciudad Juarez. She would regularly socialize with fellow musicians, actors and actresses. Frank Sinatra was just one example.

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