Who Is Sasha Calle, Supergirl From The New Flash?

Who Is Sasha Calle, Supergirl From The New Flash?

Capturing the attention of audiences worldwide with her groundbreaking performance, Sasha Calle, the Supergirl from “The Flash” is a star...

Capturing the attention of audiences worldwide with her groundbreaking performance, Sasha Calle, the Supergirl from “The Flash” is a star...

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Capturing the attention of audiences worldwide with her groundbreaking performance, Sasha Calle, the Supergirl from “The Flash” is a star on the rise. From small soap opera roles to being a part of the DC Extended Universe superhero film, hers is a remarkable journey. Scroll down for all you need to know about the life and career of Sasha Calle, her background, notable previous works, the incredible journey that landed her the role of Supergirl, and so much more!

Who is Sasha Calle?

Born on November 7, 1995, in Boston, Massachusetts, Sasha Calle is an exceptionally talented actress who discovered her love for acting at quite a young age. With a Colombian background, she brings a rare cultural perspective to her performances that blend each of her roles with authenticity and depth. Her passion for her craft made her pursue formal training at the renowned American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City at the age of 17. She graduated from the academy in 2017 and obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree – and that’s what laid the foundations of what was in store for her!

Some of Her Previous Roles in Movies or Tv Shows

Before bagging the role of Supergirl, Sasha had already started making a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Despite short screen times, Calle’s talent, versatility and potential as an actress always showed through her previous roles.

Calle’s journey began with soap operas and she made her television debut in 2018 on the long-running CBS show “The Young and the Restless”, wherein she portrayed the character of Lola Rosales. Her portrayal of Lola, a strong-willed and independent woman with a passion for cooking garnered critical acclaim and quickly gained her recognition. Her nuanced performance brought depth and authenticity to her characters which didn’t fail to capture the attention of viewers.


Calle also stepped into the world of short films while she was working on The Young and Restless. In 2019, she did a short film titled “Jules of Light and Dark,” and played the role of a young woman, Lila navigating the complexities of love, friendship, and self-discovery. Her performance showcased her ability to bring out subtlety and vulnerability on screen with utmost perfection and established her range as a performer.

She appeared in the comedy series “Socially Awkward” and took the cake with her impeccable comic timing and natural charm by portraying a witty and endearing character. In 2020, her work on The Young and Restless was appreciated with a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Young Performer in a Drama Series. Apart from acting, Calle is also a talented singer and keeps sharing various covers and performances on social media platforms, captivating the audience with her voice.

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While her previous roles have showcased her range and skills, being Supergirl in “The Flash” is a groundbreaking milestone in her career as being cast as a superhero character with such a rich legacy testifies her potential like never before. 

How Did She Get to Play a Supergirl in New Flash

Sasha Calle’s journey to landing the role of Supergirl in “The Flash” is not only a testament to her talent and determination, but also shows the faith that the casting crew had in her abilities. In January 2021, it was declared that “The Flash” would feature Supergirl, which kickstarted the search for an actress who could portray the iconic superheroine. Sasha auditioned for the same and her tape caught the attention of director Andy Muschietti and casting director Carmen Cuba, who were impressed by her screen presence and amazing performance.

According to the casting team, what made Calle’s audition stand out was how she brought a unique combination of strength, vulnerability, and charisma to the role. And the groundbreaking decision to cast Calle as Supergirl was taken, thereby making her the first Latina actress to portray the character in a big motion picture, celebrating inclusivity and diversity in the superhero genre.

The surprising part is that up until that moment, Sasha Calle was only aware that she had auditioned for an unnamed character on an unspecified Warner Bros. film – she discovered that she was Supergirl right when she learned that the part even existed. Upon receiving the news that she will be playing Supergirl, Sasha shared her emotional reaction on social media and expressed gratitude for the opportunity and her goal to make the character proud. Calle’s casting in “The Flash” is a significant moment in her career, serving as a launchpad for her to showcase her talent to a broader audience and emerge as a star.

From soap operas to earning an Emmy nomination, to now portraying Supergirl, Sasha’s remarkable journey is a great example of the power of dedication, perseverance, and seizing opportunities. Stepping into the boots of Supergirl, Sasha is poised to make her mark on the world of superhero movies. 

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Her Opinions About the Movie

Sasha Calle is very vocal when it comes to sharing her opinions on the movie in her interviews, while expressing excitement and gratitude for the chance to portray such an iconic character. She shares her deep admiration for Supergirl and finds herself very committed to honoring the legacy of this character. Sasha says that she feels the weight of the responsibility which makes her embrace the challenge wholeheartedly, further aiming to inspire audiences with Supergirl’s unwavering belief in justice and hope.

Working with the immensely talented cast and crew, including Ezra Miller, who stars as Barry Allen/The Flash is one aspect that particularly excites Sasha. Her enthusiasm for the project combined with her passion for collaborating and storytelling promises an unforgettable cinematic experience for fans.

In her interview with Entertainment Tonight, Sasha mentioned that she loves her character and wishes to delve deeper into Kara’s emotions, everyday life and struggles. She shared hoe excited she feels in envisioning Kara’s wardrobe and the glasses she would choose. thereby showcasing a fan-like dedication towards her role. Calle believes that portraying Kara in regular, human clothes would make it easier to explore different aspects of the character, further making the audience connect to Supergirl even better.

Reflecting on her experience working on “The Flash,” Calle described the collaboration as an amazing environment, further acknowledging the dedication and hard work of the whole team, right from the costume and visual effects departments to the massive stunt team. She embraced that she got to learn from expert professionals and described herself as a sponge that was eagerly absorbing every aspect of the production.

Speaking of the movie itself, Sasha talked about the film’s heart and the complex emotions portrayed by each character, while highlighting themes of grief, loss, love, hope, and strength that weave through the narrative. She has been very excited to witness the plethora of emotions that the audience will experience while watching the film, ranging from comedy to anger, and from strength to joy.

She even opened up about the different challenges she faced during the shoot, specifically the silo scene – despite enjoying performing her own stunts, Calle revealed the intense physical toll it took on her body. She recalls how she felt the need for extensive recovery and took 30-minute salt baths at night to aid in healing. However, Calle only cherishes the experience and expresses gratitude for the support she received from her colleagues, sending special cheers to her stunt coordinator Eunice Huthart, Jade Tazmin Robertson, and Talila Craig.

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Does She Have Any Gossips About Her

Just like everyone else in the entertainment industry -with Sasha Calle’s star on a continuous rise, gossips and rumors are likely to be a part and parcel of her life. While there may be occasional rumors curculating about her, Sasha remains focused on her work with constant resilience and a strong commitment to her artistic journey. 

In fact. she has managed to keep her personal life quite private that didn’t really give birth to any major controversies surrounding the Supergirl. She mostly keeps a low-key public image and has stayed professional rather than seeking attention through tabloid headlines. Channeling her energy into her work makes Sasha’s talent speak louder than any unverified gossip.

On the workfront, The Flash might have been her first feature film, but it will surely not be her last as the actress currently is part of On Swift Horses’ star-studded cast of young actors. Sasha will play Sandra alongside Daisy Edgar-Jones, Will Poulter, Jacob Elordi from Euphoria, and Diego Calva in this love triangle inspired by a book with the same name. Whether a DC return happens or not, Sasha’s role as Supergirl in The Flash is bound to open many doors for the actress.


It won’t be an overstatement to call Sasha Calle’s journey from her early roles to the portrayal of Supergirl in “The Flash” absolutely glorious. With each performance, she has hit all the right chords and captivated audiences by breathing life into diverse characters. Her groundbreaking casting as the first Latina Supergirl has made fans applaud the movie even more and Sasha’s undeniable screen presence led to an unforgettable portrayal of Supergirl. Leaving a mark on the superhero landscape, Sasha is captivating audiences round the globe and is destined to climb new heights with her passion for storytelling and dedication to her craft.


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