Best Fly Fishing Movies

Best Fly Fishing Movies

Fly fishing transcends the mere act of catching fish, evolving into an art form that connects anglers deeply with the...

Fly fishing transcends the mere act of catching fish, evolving into an art form that connects anglers deeply with the...

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Fly fishing transcends the mere act of catching fish, evolving into an art form that connects anglers deeply with the rhythms of nature.

The following list of films explores this unique blend of sport, art, and conservation through various lenses—from the introspective journey of self-discovery in “A River Runs Through It” to the environmental advocacy in “Red Gold”.

These movies, whether they are documentaries highlighting the beauty and challenges of fly fishing destinations or narratives that weave the sport into larger human stories, all capture the essence of fly fishing’s allure and its profound impact on individuals and communities alike.

A River Runs Through It

Directed by Robert Redford, this film is a beautiful adaptation of Norman Maclean’s autobiographical novella. It explores the lives of two brothers growing up in Montana under the strict guidance of their minister father, finding solace and conflict in fly fishing. The movie is renowned for its stunning cinematography and philosophical musings on family, nature, and the art of fly fishing.

The River Why

Based on the novel by David James Duncan, “The River Why” is a coming-of-age story about a young man who isolates himself in a cabin on the banks of a river to find himself through fly fishing. His journey becomes one of self-discovery, love, and a deeper understanding of life’s mysteries.


This documentary takes viewers around the world to some of the most exotic fly fishing locations. It’s a visually stunning journey that showcases the passion, lifestyle, and environmental concerns of fly fishermen as they pursue their passion across various cultures and breathtaking landscapes.

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Eastern Rises

An adventurous fly fishing film that takes viewers to the far reaches of Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula. The movie is a thrilling mix of humor, breathtaking scenery, and the pursuit of the elusive salmon, highlighting the extreme lengths anglers go to for their passion.

Once in a Blue Moon

The film tells the extraordinary story of a once-in-a-lifetime event where a freak occurrence makes the impossible possible for fly fishermen. It’s a tale of chance, skill, and the magic that happens when everything aligns in the world of fly fishing.

The Hatch

This documentary focuses on the annual hatch of mayflies in the western U.S. and its significance to both the ecosystem and the fly fishing community. It delves into the science, the sport, and the spirituality connected to this natural phenomenon, offering insights into the lives it touches.

Kiss the Water

A documentary about the life of Megan Boyd, a woman in Scotland who became internationally renowned for her exquisite handmade fishing flies. The film weaves together interviews, animations, and the Scottish landscape to tell the story of Boyd’s dedication to her craft and the art of fly fishing.

Low & Clear

During a winter fly fishing trip, two old friends find their friendship tested as they take different approaches to the sport. The documentary contrasts their philosophies of fly fishing and life, set against the backdrop of stunning landscapes and challenging fishing conditions.

Red Gold

A documentary that focuses on the proposed Pebble Mine in Alaska’s Bristol Bay, exploring its potential impact on the world’s largest sockeye salmon run. Through interviews with locals, the film delves into the environmental, cultural, and economic implications of the project.

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Running Down the Man

Set on the sandy beaches of Baja, Mexico, this film follows a group of fly fishermen as they target the powerful roosterfish from the shore. It’s a unique look at a lesser-known aspect of fly fishing, filled with adrenaline-pumping action and stunning visuals.

Only the River Knows

A fly fishing film that blends fiction and documentary to explore the obsession with fly fishing. The story follows an angler who discovers the journal of a mysterious fisherman, leading him on a journey across the world in search of legendary rivers and fish.


Shot in the 1970s in Key West, this documentary captures the early days of fly fishing for tarpon. It features stunning underwater photography and appearances by literary legends like Richard Brautigan and Jim Harrison, offering a nostalgic look at the sport’s history.

Rivers of a Lost Coast

This film documents the rise and fall of fly fishing in California’s coastal rivers, telling the stories of the pioneers who developed new techniques to catch steelhead and the environmental changes that impacted these rivers.

Fly Fishing in the Anthropocene

An exploration of how fly fishing interacts with the changing world, this documentary takes viewers to Sweden’s northern wilderness in pursuit of wild trout and reflects on the impact of climate change on aquatic ecosystems and the sport itself.

The Fly Fishing Film Tour

An annual event that showcases a collection of short films from around the world, highlighting the beauty, diversity, and excitement of fly fishing. Each year’s tour features a mix of adventure, conservation, and storytelling, capturing the essence of the fly fishing lifestyle.

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