The Best Weezer Songs: It’s All About Rock

The Best Weezer Songs: It’s All About Rock

One of the best alternative rock bands of their time, Weezer has gained unprecedented success. Because of all the songs...

One of the best alternative rock bands of their time, Weezer has gained unprecedented success. Because of all the songs...

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One of the best alternative rock bands of their time, Weezer has gained unprecedented success. Because of all the songs they’ve written, they have become well-known all around the world. 

Many of their peers have left the band throughout the years. But, the trio of frontman Rivers Cuomo, drummer Patrick Wilson, and guitarist Brian Bell has remained consistent. 

They’ve had a huge amount of success and have been doing so for a long time. Over that period, they’ve amassed a big following. 

Today, we’ll compile a list of the best Weezer songs to date. We’re talking about international and commercial success.

There are a few albums they’ve released that have failed miserably. But, the ones that did make it were a huge hit.

These best Weezer songs will undoubtedly bring back memories. Believe me, we’ve got some vintage Weezer tunes on this list.

Your high-school memory associations with many of them are likely to be less limited. Nonetheless, they’re part of a body of work that’s established Rivers as a captivating songwriter in the country. 

It was difficult to pick 20 songs from the 15 studio albums they’ve released thus far. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy our rendition of the best Weezer songs in this article.

Best Weezer Songs

1. Pork and Beans

This song got released in 2008 from their album, Weezer. It came about when their producer made a remark saying it wasn’t “commercial” enough. 

They wrote this to prove that they can be mainstream and commercial too. Just not as good as when they do things their own way. 

It was a wonderful, catchy tune, and the part where the bass comes in is incredible. Pork and Beans is also Weezer’s first single without a guitar solo.

It went on to become one of the band’s most popular songs. And the chorus a massive sing-along for all their fans.

2. No Other One

This track got released in 1996 from their album, Pinkerton. In this song, he begins by detailing the toxic nature of his relationship.

It’s about a guy who isn’t crazy about his partner. Yet, he believes he has no one else to turn to if they break up. 

She deceives him, takes substances, and generally treats him horribly. Despite the fact they aren’t a good match, he continues to stay with her for some reason.

The scream and drums at the start are excellent. The verse’s simplicity and melody over the guitar riff are outstanding.

An underrated track from their album, but it’s still loved by the fans.

3. We Are All On Drugs

The track is from the album, Make Believe, and it got released in 2005.

This song, according to Rivers, isn’t about narcotics. It’s all about the enjoyment people get from what the contemporary universe has to offer.

A song about how everyone has an dependency to something: we are chasing it, obsessed about it, and doing everything we can to get it.

Its driving riff and the increasing tension throughout the track give it a somber feel. It has a catchy hook that is so easy to sing along to.

This song was one of the album’s highlights. 

4. The World Has Turned And Left Me Here

This track was from the album, Opposite Sides Of The Same Good Ol’ Fence. It got released back in 1992.

This is a song that expresses the feeling of being alone. Memories are the only thing that can bring you comfort, even if they also torture you. 

He talks about how much her presence changed his life for good. But now that she’s gone, the only thing that makes him happy is thinking about her.

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The music is peppy, yet the lyrics carry an undefined sadness.

5. The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

The track got released in 2008 from their album, Weezer.

This beautiful song is believed to be Weezer’s Bohemian Rhapsody. It moves through ten rhythmic styles but stays consistent with the central theme.

The six-minute song incorporates rap, metal, punk, show tunes, classical, and choral elements. It’s about a person who believes he’s completely unique, extraordinary, and unstoppable.

The various fusions of rhythmic skills show Rivers’ versatility. His eagerness to venture into unexplored territory just shows how comfortable he is.

Fans love this track because of how complicated yet good it sounds. 

6. My Name Is Jonas

This track is from the album Weezer (The Blue Album). It got released back in May 1994.

This song got influenced by Lois Lowry’s 1993 YA novel ‘The Giver.’ It’s a wacky, nonsensical delight and fueled by a golden heart.

He’s reduced to his inner child’s thoughts on becoming an adult. Rivers wants to go back to being the happy, innocent self he was. 

But now, it’s a matter of maturing and realizing that life isn’t always as simple as it appears.

Some fans find the lyrics perplexing, yet the vast majority likes them. It’s all the more intriguing because of its uniqueness. 

7. Say It Ain’t So

This is another track from the album, Opposite Sides Of The Same Good Ol’ Fence. It got released back in 1992.

It’s a song written by Rivers in memory of his father. He was an alcoholic who abandoned his mother and him.

Later in life, he had the same issue with his stepfather. He returned home to find a half-drunk beer in the fridge, which brought back memories of his past.

All the experiences brought back memories of moments he wished he could forget. Their drinking habits have caused him harm, and he got left behind to pick up the pieces.

8. Tired Of Sex

This track was from the album Pinkerton. It got released in 1996.

The song was to be a part of River’s space opera “Songs from the Black Hole.” It talks about the character’s lifelong relationship with Sex vs. Love.

Rivers wrote this song talking about a guy who has a lot of casual sex. But later, he realizes there’s more to life as we get older and seek a deeper connection.

It’s known for being a little grungier than the rest of its discography. The song has a dark tone to it, yet it’s meant to be humorous and ironic.

9. Undone – The Sweater Song

This song got released in 1992. It’s another song from the album, Opposite Sides Of The Same Good Ol’ Fence. 

It’s about seeing old acquaintances with whom you no longer identify. You walk away, no guilt; they see you for the human-hater you are.

The majority of fans believe it’s hilarious the way it’s written. But Rivers states that it’s a sad song.

The beauty of this song is how many different ways it’s interpreted in. We’re exposed to two sets of emotions: those of the audience and the artist himself.

10. Island In The Sun

In 2001, the song came out as part of Weezer’s second self-titled album.

This track is about fleeing society’s harsh nature and getting away from all the stress and responsibilities to discover relaxation and calm.

Rivers suggests that there is a better place out there than where we are now. When he’s there, he’s in a state of bliss.

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It’s chilled, structured around lightweight guitars and casual rhythms. The song has an appealing ‘hip-hip’ hook that’s excellent for singing along to.

This is Weezer’s most well-known song and an all-time great rock song. With him on the vocals, it’s a lot simpler to escape reality.

11. El Scorcho

This is another track from the album Pinkerton. It got released in 1996.

The song is about not being able to tell someone you love them because you lack confidence. He’s overwhelmed by her and wishes he could tell her, but he can’t.

The guy’s hoping she’ll take the initiative because he’s too terrified to make the first move. It refers to a weak condition of love where you can’t bring yourself to ask or tell the person that you love them.

It employs neat tactics to convey lust, love, confusion, and a lack of communication. 

12. California Kids

This song was from the album, The White Album. It was the lone song from a stockpile of 250 that made it onto the album.

The track celebrates the beauty of Weezer’s home state, California. It’s a rendition of “California,” a track from Scott and Rivers’ side project.

Rivers discusses his fondness for the Golden State. He wanted us to feel as if we were there with them while listening to the music.

Fans love this song because of its history, general theme, and connection to the band’s mission. The White Album was very undervalued, but this song, among a few, stood out.

13. Pink Triangle

This track hit the shelves in 1996 from their album, Pinkerton.

Rivers meets a girl and begins to fall in love with her. He thinks she’s the one and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

We find out later that she is a lesbian. This song is tense because of the unexpected turn of events.

Because of all the plot twists in the song, fans found it amusing. Rivers composed a well-thought-out tune with a level of suspense that had been lacking.

It was well-received, and for some, it’s also regarded as a classic hit.

14. Across The Sea

Across The Sea got released in 1996. This track is another one from their album, Pinkerton.

It’s about a Japanese fan who wrote Rivers a letter after hearing them on the radio. He responded to her letter by writing her this song.

Despite the fact that he’s never met her, Rivers develops an emotional attachment to her. The song he wrote about the event veers very close to the creepiness.

But, it’s unrivaled as a pan-flute-inflected pop-rock masterclass. An honest autobiographical look into the mind of a rock star,

Weezer reintroduced it to their setlist for the 2002 Japan tour in response to fan requests.

15. Surf Wax America

This track came out in 1994. It is from their self-titled album, Weezer.

This song is about enjoying life and not becoming caught in a mundane existence. 

Rivers implies “Surf Wax” as a sardonic cry to hedonism, to sing along, drink, and have a good time. He states that he despises alcohol and only uses it only when necessary.

It manages to feel like a continuation of great American rock heritage, from the cucumber-cool name to the jangling six-strings.

The song was the band’s go-to concert, Closer, during the Blue Album and Pinkerton tours. 

16. Buddy Holly

This specific track got released in 1994. It’s another one from their self-titled album, Weezer.

To give the song a 1950s feel, they chose to name it after old-school celebrities.

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It appears to be a romantic missive on the surface, but Rivers argues that it’s been well misconstrued. It’s about a platonic relationship Rivers had in high school with an Asian girl.

Rivers seemed to be implying that this was about defending her. He wanted to stand up for her, regardless of what other people thought of them.

It made it to the number two spot on their Modern Rock charts. It’s a classic hit.

17. Hash Pipe

This track is from their third self-titled album, Weezer. It got released in the year 2001.

The song is about a transvestite prostitute who is also a substance addict. What makes it, so extremely addicting is the title and the song’s hookier-than-hell lyrics.

Their record label refused to release it as the first single due to the song’s content. On it, the band fought them and triumphed.

It has gotten a lot of odd reactions from its supporters. Weezer’s a most immediate song of the twenty-first century, and it remains a fuzzed-up rocker.

This song also featured in American Pie 2 in 2001.

18. The Angel And The One

The song got released back in 2008. It’s from The Red Album, the bands’ sixth studio album.

Rivers sings with a sincere tone of grief, remorse, and deep regret from the beginning. He wants to “leave” but also expresses his desire to “remain” at the same time.

On so many levels, this is a strong and emotion-evoking song. After all the identity crisis, Rivers seems to have finally found peace with himself.

Rivers’ contemplation and faith most likely inspired this song. His perception of spirituality is well versed in this track, and the fans love it.

19. Thank God For Girls

This track got released in 2015. It’s the third and lead single from The White Album. 

This is the Californians’ most intricate recent tune, clocking in at 219 seconds.

It’d be completely awful in anyone else’s hands; it’s still a little bit disastrous in Weezer’s. Rivers expresses gratitude for the female sex in this song, albeit in a Weezer-like manner. 

The first two lines of the second verse were actually written by Rivers back in 1997. Until this song came about, he had never had the opportunity to include it.

It’s yet another track with a deliberately sardonic tone that splits the fanbase.

20. Perfect Situation

This track got released in the year 2005. It was from their album, Make Believe.

The song is about wanting to approach someone romantically but lacking the courage. Most fans relate to this because we’ve all been in a similar situation.

Rivers recalls meeting a girl at a bar and being too shy to approach her. This feeling upset him; he later went on to write this song.

Although the circumstances are sad, the song is enjoyable to sing along to.

The song has been one of the band’s most popular to date. It spent four weeks at the top of Billboard’s Modern Rock Tracks chart.


We hope these selections satisfy half of your expectations. And we certainly hope nostalgia fills you as you go through our list.

They haven’t released new music yet, but we hope they continue to do so. Because we definitely need another list of the best Weezer songs soon.

Some of these songs have gone on to become great hits. Hopefully, these tunes aren’t another song you’ll forget about, but rather one that brings back memories.

Over the years, Weezer has provided us with a lot of great songs. We hope you enjoyed our selection of the top Weezer songs.


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