Evil Dead Rise Ending Explained

Evil Dead Rise Ending Explained

Evil Dead Rise, the latest installment in Sam Raimi’s iconic horror franchise, delivers a fresh perspective to the series, moving...

Evil Dead Rise, the latest installment in Sam Raimi’s iconic horror franchise, delivers a fresh perspective to the series, moving...

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Evil Dead Rise, the latest installment in Sam Raimi’s iconic horror franchise, delivers a fresh perspective to the series, moving the action from the traditional cabin in the woods to a nearly derelict Los Angeles apartment building. The film intertwines elements of horror and comedy, maintaining the franchise’s signature gore and thrilling sequences. Here’s a detailed explanation of the film’s ending and its potential implications for the future of the Evil Dead series.

A New Setting and New Faces

Evil Dead Rise introduces us to new characters and a new setting, diverging from the familiar cabin in the woods scenario. The film is largely set in a rundown Los Angeles apartment building, where the characters encounter the demonic entities known as Deadites. The movie begins with a brief flash forward to a three-person vacation on a lake in California, hinting at a connection to the original setting, before moving back to the main storyline set in the apartment building.

Unleashing the Deadites

The story revolves around Ellie, a single mother living with her three children, and her younger sister Beth, who is visiting. The family reunion takes a dark turn when Ellie’s son, Danny, played by Morgan Davies, discovers the Necronomicon (Book of the Dead) in the building’s basement, along with vinyl recordings of passages from the book being read out. Playing these recordings unleashes the Deadites, leading to a series of grisly events and possessions, including Ellie and her two eldest children turning into Deadites.

The Battle and Escape

Beth, who has just discovered she is pregnant, and Ellie’s youngest daughter, Kassie, find themselves battling the possessed Ellie, Danny, and Bridget in the building’s basement garage. The confrontation culminates in a gruesome scene where Beth, wielding a chainsaw, manages to trap the Deadites and, with Kassie’s help, uses a wood-chipper machine to destroy them. Beth and Kassie manage to escape, presumably to face more Deadites in the future.

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The True Ending

However, the movie doesn’t conclude with Beth and Kassie’s escape. It flashes forward to another resident of the building, Jessica, who is unaware of the previous night’s events, walking into the aftermath in the parking garage. Jessica, who is set to meet friends for a weekend at a cabin by a lake, becomes possessed, linking back to the opening scene of the movie. This scene sets the stage for a potential sequel, with Jessica continuing her rampage at the lake or focusing on the survivors, Beth and Kassie, fighting more Deadites.

Potential for a Sequel

The ending of Evil Dead Rise leaves the door open for a sequel, with the Necronomicon still intact and the evil not completely vanquished. Although there is no official confirmation of a sequel, the film’s box-office success and the unresolved ending suggest the possibility of future installments. The potential sequel could explore the aftermath of the Los Angeles incident, follow the survivors, or introduce new characters and settings, expanding the Evil Dead universe.


Evil Dead Rise successfully revives the legendary franchise with a fresh setting and new characters while retaining the essence of the series. The ending, with its open-ended nature and unresolved elements, fuels speculations and hopes for future installments in the Evil Dead series. Whether it will focus on the survivors, introduce new faces, or bring back some original characters in some form, remains a thrilling mystery for the fans of the franchise.


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